Earth's Greatest Magus

Chapter 1827 Teamwork

Chapter 1827 Teamwork

As soon as they came out of the portal, adozen Avalonian drones and three of the constructs came charging at them, with several more following close behind.

“Clear them out before more come!” Jinkan ordered, remaining composed and shielded by her five full moon bodyguards.

As their group began to dominate the battle, Emery decided to change his fighting style. He retrieved his new weapon from its sheath.

[Rampant Staff]

[Nature Staff – Tier 6]

[Length: 1.8 meters, Weight: 12 kilograms]

[Masterpiece Quality]

[Legendary soul binding]

The Rampant Staff, a true masterpiece of craftsmanship, had been meticulously forged from the ancient, enchanted woods that had witnessed the ebb and flow of countless ages. Infused with the enigmatic essence of darkness, it blended seamlessly with the inherent power of nature. This unique combination gave the staff a profound aura, making it a perfect representation of the harmony between two contrasting forces. It was an artifact of immense power, one that Emery had specifically requested and was graciously lent by the Nephilim for this important expedition.

Holding this exceptional magic staff in his hands, Emery could feel its energy coursing through him. The connection between the staff and his magic was palpable, amplifying his abilities as a nature mage. His [Jade Root] spells, a signature of his magic arsenal, became exponentially stronger under the staff’s influence. The upgraded spells were nothing short of formidable; they could now entangle and subdue even the mightiest Avalonian construct along with several accompanying drones simultaneously.

Emery’s newfound power was not to be underestimated, and his ally Mahinder seized the opportunity presented by this surge in strength. With a calculated and powerful [One hundred sacred palm] technique, Mahinder descended upon the restrained foes, delivering a devastating barrage of blows that reduced the captives to mere fragments. The combination of Emery’s enhanced spells and Mahinder’s martial prowess proved to be an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

[You destroy Avalonian drone]

[You destroy Avalonian drone]

[Your current points are: 16]

As Emery busily tended to his supporting role, he couldn’t help but take a moment to evaluate the overall strength of the group. The composition of magus in their company was quite diverse.

The five full moon magus responsible for guarding Jinkan were all at grade 1 level, which placed them a tier below the likes of Mahinder and Eeshoo, who were both formidable grade 3 half moons.

On the other side, Proxima, represented by the Centauri Kingsguard, had Lambert as their leader. Lambert, a grade 2 full moon magus, was at the helm of a group of six knights, all of whom were also grade 2 half moons. Their grade two status came from shared expertise in the mastery of the law of swords.

The squad’s seamless cooperation was further enhanced by the presence of Ignatius, a spirit master, and Zerre, a frost mage. Both Ignatius and Zerre were formidable grade 1 full moon magus in their own right, adding a wealth of versatility and magical prowess to the group’s capabilities.


[Magus Realm: Full Moon Magus]

[Battle Power 555]

[Soul force 421]

[Law of Light – 2% ]

[Law of Sword – 10%]

[Law of Metal – 30%]



[Magus Realm: Full Moon Magus]

[Battle Power 450]

[Soul force 355]

[Law of Sword – 5%]

[Law of Light -30% ]



[Magus Realm: Full Moon Magus]

[Battle Power 462]

[Soul force 402]

[Law of Ice -32% ]

[Law of Light – 8%]

However, in stark contrast to the Proxima, the Alabaster group of ten excelled in long-range spirit attacks. Most of them were spirit master disciples, and they all held the rank of half-moon. The exception was Elowen, a full moon who wielded her musical instrument as a unique weapon, and one special magus who had their own distinct talents. Their diverse range of abilities made them formidable adversaries in battles that required a more strategic and ranged approach.


[Magus Realm: Full Moon Magus]

[Battle Power 465]

[Soul force 315]

[Law of Light – 30% ]


[Uria Albatross]

[Magus Realm: Full Moon Magus]

[Battle Power 515]

[Soul force 465]

[Law information not found]

Emery couldn’t access specific information about the law the man was using, but the man’s battle prowess and his soul force level were sufficient indicators of his extraordinary abilities. It was clear that he was a true monster, a grade 3 full moon magus, at the top of his game.

While the other magus struggled in one-on-one battles against the relentless drones, this man displayed remarkable skill. He dispatched the drones with apparent ease using a seemingly simple sword constructed from spirit energy.

After a few minutes of intense combat, they managed to clear the surrounding area of drones. Jinkan made the decision to hold off on using Emery’s teleportation spell just yet. Instead, she led the group of 30 magus down a 100-mile path filled with ongoing battles against more drones. Her intention was evident: to ensure that the group became acquainted with each other’s strengths and capabilities, thereby improving their teamwork and cohesion.

Emery, still exhilarated by his newfound staff’s power, decided to call upon his [Summon Greater Nature Familiar]. As he chanted the spell, a massive lizard materialized before him. This creature was constructed from even stronger woods, boasting incredible strength. It was more than capable of engaging a construct with a battle power rating of 400, holding its own in a prolonged standoff.

Emery mounted the enormous lizard, positioning himself above it, and continued to cast support spells to aid the group.

As they pushed forward, locked in intense combat with wave after wave of drones, they managed to eliminate more than a hundred of the mechanical adversaries in just a mere 10 minutes. However, their brief victory was interrupted by an urgent warning from the golem placed near the portal, alerting them to the presence of another incoming group.

Jinkan urgently instructed Emery to create the final portal that would take them to their intended destination.

The mechanical voice reverberated in their minds:

[You have located an Avalonian Temple]

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