Earth's Greatest Magus

Chapter 1991 Prodigy

The boy’s tragic origins were etched in the annals of a noble family’s massacre at the hands of corrupt court officials. Fate, however, had other plans for him. In the aftermath of the gruesome incident, he was discovered by an ancient sword clan. Under their guidance, he underwent rigorous and specialized training, honing his innate talent into a lethal skill set that would serve as killers for the clan.

His innate talent for the art of the sword was nothing short of extraordinary. Soon, his prowess caught the discerning eyes of two legendary sword masters—Broken Sword and Flying Snow. Recognizing his potential, they took him under their wing, molding him into their most promising disciple. By the age of 16, he had risen to become their number one student, a living embodiment of the sword arts.

Driven by a thirst for retribution, the young prodigy embarked to avenge his family. In a blaze of calculated fury, he dismantled the corrupt officials responsible, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Dozens of soldiers and court officials fell before his blade as he exacted his vengeance upon those who had wronged him.

However, the path of vengeance left the boy as a fugitive of the dynasty. To prevent further spiraling down a dark path, Broken Sword and Flying Snow made the difficult decision to imprison their prodigious disciple. Confined and isolated, the boy spent his days reflecting on his actions and delving deeper into the profound mysteries of the sword.

News of an upcoming tournament, a gathering of the world’s greatest warriors, compelled the two sword masters to release their prodigy. The tournament served as an eye-opening experience for the young warrior, providing him with the opportunity to witness and face off against the most formidable warrior across the land. The clashes and encounters during the tournament proved transformative, leading to a breakthrough in his skills.

“Heart of the Sword!”

The aftermath of that single, potent slash filled the arena with palpable tension. The young warrior, Ha Ron having poured his entire strength into the strike found himself instantly overcome. He crumpled to the ground, unconscious, a testament to the tremendous toll his extraordinary feat had exacted on his body and spirit. Swiftly, attendants rushed to his aid, carrying him away to a place of recovery.

Yet, despite the extraordinary display, Titus, though weakened and battered, managed to remain standing. The shattered remnants of his sword were a testament to the overwhelming force he had faced, but his indomitable will had carried him through, crowning him the winner of the tournament.

The outcome disappointed many spectators, especially those harboring animosity towards the Romans. The crowd’s resentment swelled, threatening to boil over into unrest. In response, Klea was compelled to cast another spell to quell the rising tide of discontent, restoring a semblance of order.

“That’s a great talent indeed. A 17-year-old with a glimpse of sword intent should be deemed worthy of the magus universe,” Klea declared, attempting to redirect the emissaries’ focus to the remarkable display of skill witnessed on the stage.

Magus Nathan, showing a nod of approval, remained silent, his thoughts seemingly immersed in contemplation. Emery, on the other hand, couldn’t help but recognize the potential in these young warriors. The talents they displayed were too precious to be squandered, and thoughts of leveraging his influence hoping they could enter the new academy.

“Let’s continue with the next category!” Klea said The excitement in her voice resonated, signaling the commencement of the next phase of the tournament.

The cheers echoed through the arena once more as the next wave of formidable warriors took center stage. Among the 16 Earth’s strongest, recognizable faces from different corners of the world emerged each a formidable force in their own right.

Brandt of the Vanir, the Egyptian high priest Imhotep, the esteemed Broken Sword, the Brittania female knight Gwenneth, and Glita of the fey, all stood poised for battle. Representing the Roman side were the two distinguished figures, Marc Anthony and the promising young Octavius.

However, it was with a tinge of melancholy that the absence of the old shaman and the shadow warrior Bihei was acknowledged. Their age, a reminder of the inevitable decline of mortals, had rendered them unsuitable for the rigors of such a demanding tournament.

From one of the eight arenas, Gwen engaged in a fierce confrontation with a Viking warrior. The clash of steel and the dance of combat unfolded, culminating in Gwen’s triumph, a masterful display of her combat prowess.

In a separate arena, the high priest Imhotep, a figure revered for his ancient wisdom and mystical prowess, faced an unexpected and swift elimination from the competition. The culprit behind his surprising defeat was a cheerful, simple-

looking Glita of the fey. What left the audience astounded was the joyful and seemingly effortless manner in which Glita secured her victory.

The arena buzzed with whispers and exclamations as the audience grappled with the unexpected turn of events. However, it was the clash between Marc Anthony, the renowned Roman general, and the Abbot’s top disciple that truly ignited the audience’s fervor.

Artha, a warrior monk who boasted mastery over not one but two elements: the destructive power of fire and the formidable durability of Earth.

The combat unfolded with a symphony of clashing steel, elemental forces, and swift maneuvers. Marc Anthony, drawing upon his overwhelming battle experience, showcased strategic finesse and a mastery of the art of war throughout the confrontation. Every deliberate move and deft parry showcased the depth of his tactical prowess.

However, despite Marc’s formidable efforts, the combat monk of dual elements proved to be an insurmountable challenge, leading to his defeat. The audience, initially expecting a triumphant victory from the experienced general, was taken aback by the unexpected outcome.

Marc Anthony’s journey to this moment had been marked by the absence of innate talent in battle, despite being nurtured by the formidable Kronos. The past decade had seen him grapple with the challenge of making significant strides in his combat abilities. Compounding his difficulties, the responsibilities of governing Rome in Julian’s absence consumed much of his time and attention.

Despite the loss, Marc Anthony faced mockery from the audience with remarkable composure. Undeterred by the taunts, he remained calm and composed, showcasing a resilience that spoke to his inner strength. Follow current ɴᴏᴠᴇʟs on ɴovᴇl(F)ɪre.ɴet

As the buzz of the Roman general defeat lingered, the anticipation in the arena heightened. The top 8 battles were poised to resume, promising even fiercer clashes.

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