Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2787 - Chapter 2787: Rakshasa Race

Chapter 2787: Rakshasa Race

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Accompanied by a slight dizziness, Su Zimo and the others left Blessed Heaven

World Square in the blink of an eye and descended into a completely different space.

The moment Lin Xunzhen, Wang Dong and the others descended, they released their spirit consciousnesses and formed the Myriad Sword Formation, protecting Su Zimo and Beiming Xue in the middle. They were on guard and scanned their surroundings carefully.

The ten of them were located in a valley that was surrounded by mountains on three sides. On the other side was the exit of the valley and a dark and deep forest could be seen.

The surroundings were quiet and even a little sinister. Even the air seemed moist and emitted a faint smell of blood.

This was the Evil Fiend Battlefield!

Everyone looked around and did not discover any danger. Only then did they heave a sigh of relief and their tense minds gradually relaxed.

“That way.”

Lin Xunzhen pointed in the direction of the exit of the valley and said in a deep voice.

Although Su Zimo had the highest status among the ten of them, in everyone’s opinion, Lin Xunzhen was the number one Perfected Immortal of the Sword World and should be the commander of this team.

No one had any objections to her decision.

Lin Xunzhen, Wang Dong and the others did not advance quickly. Furthermore, they maintained the Myriad Sword Formation the entire time.

Lin Xunzhen stood right at the front and was equivalent to the tip of the immortal sword. If anything happened, she would be the first to attack!

After five minutes, everyone walked out of the valley and did not encounter any danger during the entire process.

“Peak Master, Junior Sister Beiming, don’t mind us being slow.”

Wang Dong explained, “In the Evil Fiend Battlefield, it’s best to advance on the ground. Although it’s slower, it’s relatively safer and we won’t attract the attention of too many Evil Fiends and Sin Spirits.

“Of course, it’s a different story for some powerful and fearless Supreme

Perfected Spirits.”

Su Zimo nodded.

Given everyone’s methods, they could easily fly through the air and leave the valley in a couple dozens of breaths.

However, if they sped through midair, it would be easier for them to reveal their tracks and attract the attacks of a large number of Evil Fiends and Sin Spirits!

The exit of the valley was still a distance away from the dense forest in the north. In the middle was a vast plain with long grass that was half the height of a person.


Su Zimo’s expression changed and he suddenly said, “Someone’s here!

“Who is it?”

Wang Dong, Gong Sunyu and the others were stunned and could not react in time.

Throughout, they observed everything and spread out their spirit consciousnesses. However, they did not discover any abnormalities or anyone approaching.

They were all Paradise Void Perfected Immortals but they could not sense any danger. How could Su Zimo have sensed it before them?

“They’re very fast!”

Su Zimo frowned slightly and said once more, “We’re surrounded!” Wang Dong, Gong Sunyu and the others still did not notice anything amiss.

Li Xue, Shen Yue and the others exchanged glances and pouted slightly.

Although they did not say anything, they were disapproving in their hearts. It was true that Su Zimo was the Peak Master of the ninth Sword Peak and they did not dare to discuss anything openly.

However, the few of them were more or less disgruntled with Su Zimo.

He was merely a Celestial Being Perfected Immortal but he ascended to become a Peak Master with a status that’s above theirs.

The few of them were all Paradise Void Perfected Immortals and number one of the various Sword Peaks. Naturally, they felt a little upset about it.

Right now, in their opinions, Su Zimo’s warning seemed like it was an overreaction due to his nervousness.

Gong Sunyu coughed gently. “Peak Master Su, you might be too nervous. You and Junior Sister Beiming don’t have to worry. As long as you follow us closely, you won’t…”

“Everyone, be careful! There’s danger!” Before Gong Sunyu could finish, Lin Xunzhen suddenly spoke and said quickly.


Before her sentence was finished, the immortal sword on Lin Xunzhen’s back was unsheathed and landed in her palm, emitting a sword beam.

It was only then that everyone realized that danger was indeed approaching! Wang Dong, Gong Sunyu and the others summoned their immortal swords one after another and waited with rapt attention.

At that moment, Wang Dong and the others finally sensed danger.

The other party was menacing and sped over from all directions. They had already formed an encirclement and their speed was shocking!

When Wang Dong and the others first sensed the other party, they were still 50 kilometers away. In the blink of an eye, they had already entered a radius of 5 kilometers!

“What a fast movement technique!”

Wang Dong, Gong Sunyu and the others were shocked.

Apart from killing techniques, the Sword World specialized in movement techniques and speed as well.

But now, the movement technique of the other party was clearly above everyone!

In fact, the speed of that movement technique was so fast that it could escape the capture and envelopment of their spirit consciousnesses.

That was not all. As far as everyone could see, they could not catch sight of the figures of the other party at all. They could only judge by the swaying of the surrounding long grass.

The surrounding grass seemed to have encountered a huge impact and snapped and fell.

It was unknown what terrifying living beings were hidden in the grass, but ravines appeared and they approached everyone from the Sword World rapidly! Wang Dong and Gong Sunyu had nervous expressions and their palms were sweating.

None of them expected to encounter such a danger the moment they descended on the Evil Fiend Battlefield!

Lin Xunzhen had a calm expression. She closed her eyes and tried her best to sense the surroundings.


Lin Xunzhen opened her eyes and hollered, Attack!

With her as the leader, Wang Dong, Gong Sunyu and the others attacked one after another and activated their Dao Fruits. The Myriad Sword Formation was activated instantly and terrifying sword qi burst forth in all directions! The eight of them had known each other for many years and had great chemistry.

Although they had yet to see their opponent, when they heard Lin Xunzhen’s voice, everyone chose to believe her judgment and activated the Myriad Sword Formation immediately.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The Myriad Sword Formation circulated like a gigantic spiral winch, cutting through the dense long grass in the surroundings and creating large empty areas.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound of metal clashing could be heard from the grass.

As for the grass, it shattered. The other party knew that they could not hide their tracks and soared into the air one after another, finally revealing their true bodies.

When they saw the other party, the pupils of Wang Dong, Gong Sunyu and the others constricted slightly.

As for Su Zimo and Beiming Xue, a look of surprise flashed through their eyes. Most of the living beings were tall and ugly. They had green faces, fangs and dark skin and stood in midair with two pairs of gigantic flesh wings on their backs.

The ends of the wings, fingers and toes of such living beings had sharp nails that shone with a faint cold glint. Each of them wielded a gigantic curved saber like an evil ghost from Hell!

As for a small number of them, their appearances were not much different from humans. Although they had two pairs of flesh wings on their backs, they had slender figures and beautiful faces that were rather moving.

“Rakshasa race?”

When Su Zimo saw the other party, he recognized the origins of this group of living beings immediately.

The Rakshasa race was one of the Primordial Nine Races of Tianhuang Mainland.

The men of the Rakshasa race had ugly and terrifying appearances. They possessed blackbodies, vermilion hair and had green faces with fangs; they were terrifying.

On the other hand, the women were graceful and beautiful, not much different from humans.

Of course, the Rakshasa race before him was slightly different from those back in Tianhuang Mainland.

The Rakshasa race of Tianhuang Mainland only had a pair of flesh wings.. However, the living beings before him all had two pairs of wings and looked even stronger!

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