Eternal Thief

Chapter 888 The World Lock

Chapter 888 The World Lock

Over thousands of miles away from the island where Ace had undergone the heavenly punishment, there was another small island around three miles in diameter.

At this moment, in front of Ace were hovering a few items enshrouded in Dismantle Qi as his eyes shone with ecstasy.

‘I am finally able to dismantle the grade-6 pill!’ He thought, and right at this moment, the system’s voice sounded, and a panel opened.


-Prerequisites to Unlock (revealed) Mysterious Condition (2):

1. Sixth Realm in Marital and Soul

-Status: Complete

2. Heaven’s Stealer Dismantler Rank: 6th Grade

-Status: Complete

3. At least 49.99% Element Law Proficiency of [Despair], [Lightning], and [Wind]

-Status: Complete

[The second mysterious condition will be unlocked in 10 seconds!]

[Host, please envelop yourself with Dismantle Qi in 10 seconds!]

[Warning: There would be dire consequences if Host hadn’t enveloped himself with Dismantle Qi by the time the mysterious condition was unlocked!]


Ace was expecting this notification and quickly enveloped himself with the dismantle Qi. It’s been six months since he had a breakthrough in Heavenly Dark Soul Manifestation Realm.

Not only did he trick a powerhouse like Pen into getting information about the ascension, but he was even able to absorb one of the materials he needed to upgrade the Eternal Thief Fate Compass.

Afterward, Ace naturally fled the place while focusing on completing the other prerequisites of the second mysterious condition. After his last breakthrough, Ace directly used EXP and SP to enter stage 9, and he found that as his cultivation stage increased, his innate elements became easier to understand.

That’s how he completed the second prerequisite, and thief sense also increased to a 99-mile radius from the initial 33-mile radius.

Now, Ace was confident in killing an early-stage law awareness realm cultivator in frontal confrontation and winning against an intermediate-stage law awareness realm cultivator.

As for the late-stage law awareness realm cultivator, as long as he could increase his Element Law Proficiency to 89%, he was sure he could take them on, but for now, he could at least preserve his life.

At this moment, the system panel finally changed, and the mission panel opened.


-Heaven’s Stealer Mission: Embarking the Path of Heaven’s Stealer!

-Mysterious Condition (2): The World Lock!


1. Find the World Key of Sky!

-Status: 0/1

2. Find the World Key of Earth!

-Status: 0/1

3. Find the World Key of Connection!

-Status: 1/1

4. Find the World Lock Map!

-Status: 1/1

5. Unlock the World Lock!

-Status: Incomplete

-Thief House Members: Allowed

-Reward(s): Unknown

-Time: 15 Years

-Punishment: Painless Death

(Warning: Host can’t open this mission panel without encasing in the Dismantle Qi!)


Ace was gobsmacked when he saw the unraveled second mysterious conditions, and what made him disbelieving were the already completed requirements number 3 and 4!

“System, do you make a mistake?” He asked with uncertainty. If he had something like a world key or world lock map, he should’ve known.

“[There is no room for errors in Heaven’s Stealer Mission.]”

Ace was baffled and quickly said, “Then can you show me where is this key and map? I mean, take them out from thief’s space.”

The system didn’t delay, and the next moment, two items from the thief’s space vanished and appeared right in front of Ace.

It was a nine-inch-long ancient black crystal key and an icy blue scroll.

The moment Ace’s eyes landed on those two times, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “Isn’t that the map I stole from the Grim Ancestor and the key I got after destroying the scepter staff with lightning orb?!”

Ace could never forget these two items since both of their origins were mysterious, and both of them came from the same place in a sense, from the demon temple!

But he never expected that these two items would appear in heaven’s stealer mission of all the things. Furthermore, both of them seemed to be a part of a world-class mystery called the World Lock!

Ace took a few deep breaths to calm himself down, as all of this was simply too much for him to take.

He sternly asked the system, “System, if these two items are part of this world lock. Then, according to my findings, this map is useless without a baleful Qi-less soul, and I have no idea where the locations of this world lock are. Furthermore, the remaining two key locations are unknown. I can’t just search the entire world!”

Ace was now confused and worried about this condition. Although he got a head start, he was still clueless about where to go with this further. Both the map and key came into his possession by pure luck and coincidence.

There were still two more keys, and then there was the matter of finding a soul with no baleful Qi. This information wasn’t false, as Freya confirmed it as well.

“[The map is sealed with a powerful sealing formation, and its true secrets will be revealed once the host collects all the three world keys. Moreover, Host worry is unjust for the host had already marked the two keys in your fate map.]”

“What, when?!” Ace examined again in utter disbelief as the system dropped another bombshell.

Then suddenly, revelation dawns on him, ‘Wait… I got this key from the scepter with an elemental orb. Now the reaming two orbs are also marked in the fate map, don’t tell me…’

“Are you telling me the reaming two orbs are like the lightning orb?” Ace quickly asked with disbelief and anticipation.

System emotionlessly replied with a single word, “[Yes.]”

Ace remained stunned for a moment before he laughed out loud as he didn’t know what to feel anymore. Because this seemingly complex mission suddenly turned simple. His luck has never been that great before.

But he quickly calmed his nerves as he knew those two orbs were in the hands of powerful experts and getting them would not be so easy, especially if the opponents were like the giant demon.

Ace quickly opened the live fate map and saw the two marked arrows were still together, but surprisingly, they were no longer in the central continent.

Ace frowned, ‘Why the hell is going on? Six months ago, they were still in the direction of the central continent, but now they’re pointing in the direction of azure wind continent… I need to go after them right now, and I might be able to ambush them!’

Without hesitation, Ace quickly stood up and prepared for his voyage as now he knew where he should go. The Sky Stealer was finally on the move!

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