Farmer's Wife Has Magic Skills

Chapter 250 - Chapter 250: Strange Mansion

Chapter 250: Strange Mansion

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At the mansion of the Lord of the Northern Border.

The secret guard respectfully presented a secret letter to the Lord of the Northern Border. “Your Highness.”

The Lord of the Northern Border opened the secret letter and quickly browsed through it. His expression was dark. After reading it, he burned the letter. “Gather everyone and search for the dowry of Princess Yun Hua. Then, find the list inside.”

The secret guard cupped his fists. “Yes, Your Highness.”

The secret letter that the Lord of the Northern Border received was the same as the one that Tang Jinghong and the others read. When the king of An Huai Kingdom heard that the princess had escaped from the marriage and that the secret letter was missing, he immediately sent a new one.

After the princess escaped from the marriage, Wan Zhilin caught Yang Jingwen but didn’t pay attention to the dowry. In the end, it was taken away by someone.

The Lord of the Northern Border sat behind the desk and stared at the ground…

Wang Xingming had been saved out of the water prison. This meant that his real identity might have been leaked. He had been enjoying endless power and wealth here for several years. He didn’t want to leave just like that.

At the thought of this, he was furious. Who was the one targeting him?

He suddenly narrowed his eyes.

Wait, a pair of junior and senior brothers, Tang Jinghong and Chu Qingzhi.

Tang Jinghong and Chu Qingzhi could not be found, and that pair of senior and junior brothers appeared out of thin air…

He touched his face. In an instant, something dawned on him. That pair of junior and senior brothers must be Tang Jinghong and Chu Qingzhi. Other than that, there was no other possibility!

He did not expect that the people he wanted to get rid of the most had already come to the northern border and even turned it topsy-turvy.

The people he had tried everything to find were right under his nose. How ironic!

At the thought of this, he took out a pen and paper and wrote a letter. Then, he called the secret guard over. “Give this letter to Tang Jinghong’s men.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

The Lord of the Northern Border’s face darkened. He tapped his fingers on the table. Very good. The enemy was located. He could start making a move now.

Tang Jinghong and Chu Qingzhi, who were far away in the bamboo forest, did not know that their identities had been figured out by the Lord of the Northern Border.

Chu Qingzhi focused her divine sense in the direction of the courtyard and opened her eyes. At the same time, Wan Zhilin ran back. When he saw them, he broke down in despair.

Gong Wentang walked over and grabbed Wan Zhilin roughly. “Didn’t you want to run? Why are you back?”

Wan Zhilin looked at the masked Gong Wentang. “Who exactly are you?”

Gong Wentang patted Wan Zhilin’s face with his sword. “I covered my face because I didn’t want you to know. Do you think I’ll tell you?”

Chu Qingzhi walked over and knocked Wan Zhilin unconscious with a palm strike. Then, she knocked Gong Wentang unconscious unexpectedly. “Jinghong, find a place to hide them. I know how to walk out and even see an acquaintance.”

“Okay.” Tang Jinghong looked around and dragged the two of them behind a big rock.

Chu Qingzhi used an illusion to hide the two of them and brought Tang Jinghong to the courtyard.

On the way.

“Qingzhi, you said that you saw an acquaintance. Who did you see?” Tang Jinghong asked.

“Tong Yujie,” Chu Qingzhi said.

Tang Jinghong was surprised. “Why is he here?”

Chu Qingzhi shook her head with a puzzled expression. “He was taken here when he was unconscious. He probably doesn’t know the reason either.”

Tang Jinghong was silent for a moment. “Then let’s find him first.”

Chu Qingzhi nodded.

As they walked out of the bamboo forest, a majestic mansion gradually came into view. It covered a large area.

When Tang Jinghong saw the mansion, he was especially surprised. “1 didn’t expect there to be such a huge mansion in this deep forest!”

Chu Qingzhi observed her surroundings. “Let’s sneak in and take a look.”

The mansion looked similar to the mansion in the city. It had a vermillion door, and there were imposing lion statues on both sides of the door. There was even a plaque hanging at the door. “Qin Mansion.”

The two of them stood at the side and looked around. The door suddenly opened and a butler and two servants walked out.

The moment the three of them came out, they seemed to be looking for something…

Chu Qingzhi and Tang Jinghong hurriedly left, but they were a step too late. The butler saw them and walked towards them.

Since they saw them, there was no need to hide. The two of them walked out openly.

The butler walked up to Chu Qingzhi and Tang Jinghong and said politely, “I’m the butler of the Qin mansion. Old Madam said that the magpies are chirping today and that it’s a sign that there will be esteemed guests. Only the two of you appeared today. I think the esteemed guests are the two of you.”

They were just about to sneak in when they were taken as esteemed guests. What a sudden change.

The butler smiled and said, “Esteemed guests, please come in. Old Madam has been waiting for a long time.”

Tang Jinghong looked at Chu Qingzhi and said, “Please show the way.”

Under the butler’s lead, the two of them arrived at the living room.

A dignified old woman sat at the head of the table. She looked to be in her fifties and had an amiable expression.

There were some servant girls standing around with their heads slightly lowered. Even if someone came, they did not look around and behaved themselves.

Chu Qingzhi and Tang Jinghong bowed. “Greetings, Old Madam Qin.”

Old Madam Qin raised her hand slightly and smiled, appearing very friendly. “Young Heroes, please sit. Make yourself comfortable.”

Chu Qingzhi and Tang Jinghong looked at each other and saw vigilance in each other’s eyes.

After they sat down, the servant girl served tea. “Esteemed guests, please.”

The two of them nodded at the servant girl and took a small sip of tea as a form of respect for Old Madam Qin.

Old Madam Qin sized up the two of them and said with a smile, “We rarely have guests. Today, the two of you have added a lot of liveliness to my house.”

Actually, Tang Jinghong and Chu Qingzhi felt very awkward. They had been invited in for no reason and did not know the other party’s motive.

Tang Jinghong said calmly, “Old Madam Qin, you’re too polite. Please forgive us for accidentally entering your land.”

“Speaking of which, 1 have to say that I’m impressed. That bamboo forest is filled with traps. Not only will ordinary people not be able to walk out, but they will also lose their lives here. It’s also because of your outstanding ability that we can meet here.”

“Old Madam, you flatter us.”

“It’s almost dark. I’ve already ordered people to prepare food and drinks. In addition, the room has been prepared. If you’re not in a hurry, why don’t you rest for a night before leaving?”

Tang Jinghong cupped his hands. “Thank you, Old Madam.”

The few of them walked towards the dining room.

Chu Qingzhi walked beside Tang Jinghong. Even though she was experienced and knowledgeable, she could not understand the current situation. It was so strange.

Old Madam Qin was not lying. The table in the dining room was filled with sumptuous dishes. It was obvious that they had been carefully prepared.

“Please take a seat.”

“Thank you, Old Madam.”

After the three of them sat down, a purple-clothed young man walked in. “Mother.”

Old Madam Qin introduced him to the two of them. “Please excuse me. This is my son, Qin Fengnian.”

When Qin Fengnian saw the two of them, he was very surprised. “Greetings, Young Heroes.”

“Young Master Qin, nice to meet you…” Chu Qingzhi and Tang Jinghong introduced themselves..

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