Farming in the Mountains: Max Level Jiaojiao Is Three Years Old

Chapter 668 - Chapter 668: Blind Forbearance?

Chapter 668: Blind Forbearance?

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Fortunately, this was a mountain, and there were trees everywhere. Usually, no one would pay much attention to how many trees there were, so it did not matter if there were new trees.

Moreover, the yellow soil had limited energy. It would scatter, reducing its energy to gather in one place for a plant to grow. Just look at the lemon tree in the valley. Even if it grew a tree, it would definitely be a small tree, not a towering tree.

Since it was at most a small tree and it was at the bottom of the slope, it would not be eye-catching and would not scare people from the sudden changes.

In fact, it should be fully grown by this time tomorrow morning. It was just one day, so they could come and pick lemons when they came tomorrow.

However, didn’t they have to pick sweet potatoes tomorrow morning?

The afternoon was also good, lest they come too early in the morning. It was not even a day, and the lemons had not fully grown yet, so Xue Dafu and the others could see the changes.

After everything was settled, Jiang Yue looked at Xue Yan. “Let’s go home.” “Mm.” Xue Yan replied calmly.

When Jiang Yue and Xue Yan returned home, their other relatives from further away had not arrived. Moreover, no one had discovered that they had gone out. The house was still extremely lively.

When it was almost noon, the other families arrived.

Xue Daxi’s name was Xue Daxi, and Xue Xiaoxi’s name was Xue Xiaoxi. They were twins, but they didn’t look alike at all. When Jiang Yue heard that they were twins, she knew that they were fraternal twins.

Jiang Yue also found out that the two aunts had married far away. They also married farmers, but they did not belong to Peace Town. Of course, they were still in Xinyuan County.

Xue Daxi usually did not return to her maternal family because she only had one daughter. Her daughter was already 15 years old, and her in-laws were naturally dissatisfied with Xue Daxi. Her husband was also a weak person and only made Xue Daxi tolerate him. If Xue Daxi always returned to her maternal family, her in-laws would definitely scold her, so Xue Daxi did not return often.

This time, when Xue Shi was one month old, Xue Daxi did not plan to come. She was also afraid to see Xue Da, her father, cry. However, Xue Daxi’s parents-in-law knew how good the lives of Xue Daxi and Shao Shuting were. It was rare for them to be so kind as to urge Xue Daxi to come.

Xue Daxi, her husband, and their 15-year-old daughter were all here.

When Xue Da saw Xue Daxi, his eyes reddened. Then, he quickly joked with others and didn’t think about those unhappy things.

The other aunt was much happier. She had three children. The eldest daughter was 15 years old, the second son was 13, and the youngest daughter was 11. They were all here.

Her husband was hardworking. Although he was not rich, he was considered one of the best in his village. He was also good to his wife.

Usually, he would urge his wife to help bring something to Xue Da if anyone passed by Locust Village.

Xue Xiaoxi’s parents-in-law were also good to her.

Before Xue Daxi and Xue Xiaoxi came, Jiang Yue had heard from her family that Xue Daxi and Xue Xiaoxi were both good people. Both of them were also people who did not say anything when they were suffering, especially Xue Daxi. No matter how bitter she was, she never said anything.

Sifu also said that he would take this opportunity today to have a private chat with Xue Daxi and Xue Xiaoxi to see if anyone was willing to work in their town’s rice noodle shop.

Jiang Yue greeted the aunts and called out to them one by one.

Xue Daxi and Xue Xiaoxi hugged her, thinking that she was cute.

Xue Xiaoxi’s younger daughter wanted to bring Jiang Yue out to play. She had no choice but to be taken aside by her Il-year-old cousin.

Fortunately, it wasn’t far away. Coupled with her amazing hearing, she could still hear her aunt and mother, Liu Guixia, talking and laughing.

As her aunt spoke, she said, “The previous one really scared me to death. It was just at the edge of our village. A while ago, I suddenly noticed a stench. Someone pulled open the grass to take a look and found an old man dead inside. Coincidentally, someone knew that old man. He was from Lingshan Town. Lingshan Town is pretty far away from our village. I don’t know how he died at the edge of our village. There were many officers here..”

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