Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 2161 - 2161 The Gift From Lin Yuan!

2161 The Gift From Lin Yuan!

Weng Queji had never been a man of many words. He had been quiet since he was young.

He had not even said much to Freezing Elephant over the years. Both of them quietly stayed by each other’s side.

But after spilling so many words that came from the heart, Weng Queji suddenly felt that he had been too quiet all these years and neglected to show care for his feys.

Weng Queji waved his hand and summoned the rest of his feys.

Warmth and hope started to fill the tent.

Weng Queji only returned his feys to his spiritual spatial zone after the moon had been hanging in the sky for many hours.

Weng Queji was in no rush to ask Lin Yuan for more pure spirit qi. He assumed that such pure spirit qi was hard to come by.

Weng Queji decided to focus on the tasks that Lin Yuan gave him before he asked Lin Yuan for more rewards.

After all, he had not made any significant contributions yet. His skin was not thick enough to ask for unfounded rewards.

Thus, Weng Queji started to concoct spirit fluids that Lin Yuan could use to nurture the Exploding Spirit Rock Flowers.

After Lin Yuan left Weng Queji’s tent, he went to see Jin Qianxun.

When Lin Yuan was speaking with Jin Qianxun, Weng Baochuan walked in with Weng Queji’s two retainers.

As the retainers of a Class 5 Creation Master, it was very likely that their main feys had reached pinnacle Immortal.

With Weng Baochuan and Weng Queji’s two retainers helping Jin Qianxun, Lin Yuan would not have to put in so much effort.

Ever since Jin Qianxun obtained the loyalty of the leaders of the secret aristocratic families, he no longer had any nerves holding him back.

After communicating with all the leaders of the secret aristocratic families, Jin Qianxun came up with a secret hit list.

The names on the list were all troublemakers who were thorns in the sides of the leaders of the secret aristocratic families as well as the naysayers against Jin Qianxun and the Jin family.

Jin Qianxun handed the compiled list to Weng Baochuan. He hoped that Weng Baochuan and Weng Queji’s two retainers would be able to kill the people on the list in secret.

Although Jin Qianxun had gained a shade of the authoritative nature of a king, he still did not have the courage to order Weng Queji’s two retainers around.

Weng Baochuan did not find anything wrong with Jin Qianxun’s request.

Bloodshed and assassinations were common when the Truth Association was in charge of the Great Lush Federation. Weng Baochuan had personally witnessed such events countless times.

Since it was assassinations, they could not be done out in the open.

On the way to the capital of the Great Lush Federation, Clean Brahma City, Weng Queji had managed to send over 90 of the Exploding Spirit Rock Flowers to Lin Yuan.

He also asked Lin Yuan if the Exploding Spirit Rock Flowers needed to be evolved to Diamond X/Legend.

Lin Yuan immediately stored the Exploding Spirit Rock Flowers in the Spirit Lock spatial zone and did not tell Weng Queji to further evolve their power and quality.

It would be much more efficient to task the army of Hundred Questions Beasts to evolve the Exploding Spirit Rock Flowers rather than using up the time of a Class 5 Creation Master.

When Lin Yuan did not tell Weng Queji to continue evolving the Exploding Spirit Rock Flowers, Weng Queji was about to ask Lin Yuan if there were any other tasks for him when he received a Diamond Item-Storing Walnut from Lin Yuan.

“Elder Weng, you have given me so many spirit fluids. The Grade 4 and 5 spirit fluids will be very useful to me. They will be perfect for nurturing some of my subordinates. The contents of the Item-Storing Walnut are my gift to you. I hope that you will be happy in the coming days as a member of Sky City’s family.

“If you have the time and energy, I would appreciate it if you could concoct different Grade 5 spirit fluids. If you need any ingredients, don’t hesitate to ask Su Yiren.”

Lin Yuan’s gesture moved Weng Queji.

Lin Yuan had already given him one of the Spirit-Mouthed Peonies. This meant that Lin Yuan had guessed that Weng Queji needed pure spirit qi.

Could there be more of the Spirit-Mouthed Peonies inside the Item-Storing Walnut?

Weng Queji could not bring himself to ask for them and preferred Lin Yuan to voluntarily hand them over. After all, Weng Queji usually only delivered resources and had never asked anyone for resources.

Weng Queji received the Item-Storing Walnut courteously and did not immediately look inside.

But once he returned to his tent, he tipped out all of the items within the Item-Storing Walnut.

Three beautifully crafted brocade boxes were revealed.

Weng Queji immediately recognized the threads as having come from the Glowing Silkworm Weaver.

When he opened the first brocade box, Weng Queji saw almost 20 of the Spirit-Mouthed Peonies lying within it.

The first Spirit-Mouthed Peony that Lin Yuan had given Weng Queji had already been immensely encouraging to him. He would never have dared to dream that he could receive 20 of the Spirit-Mouthed Peonies.

The 20 Spirit-Mouthed Peonies were the best present that Weng Queji could have ever hoped for.

Although there were not enough of the Spirit-Mouthed Peonies to fully transform Freezing Elephant’s bloodline, there were enough to heal its roots.

With Lin Yuan’s generosity, Weng Queji’s gratitude toward him multiplied.

Previously, Weng Queji was still slightly sore about having to swear his loyalty to Lin Yuan. But now he could not be gladder.

The contents of this one brocade box were already more than what Weng Queji could have hoped for.

But he was still very curious to find out what was in the other two boxes.

Weng Queji opened the second brocade box and was almost blinded by the light that flooded out of it.

It was not difficult for Class 5 Creation Masters to produce heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls.

Almost half of the Great Lush Federation was surrounded by the sea, so there was no lack of Elemental Shellfish in the Great Lush Federation.

But despite being a Class 5 Creation Master, Weng Queji had only managed to produce a few of the Over the Rail Coral elemental pearls.

It was almost just as difficult for Class 5 Creation Masters to nurture the Over the Rail Coral elemental pearls as it was for Class 4 Creation Masters to nurture the Cloud Dream Lake elemental pearls.

Yet, in this brocade box which contained hundreds of the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls, the lowest quality of the lot was Over the Rail Coral. There were even a few of the Heavenly Maiden Sleet elemental pearls.

Weng Queji had never had the chance to lay eyes on heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls of such high quality, much less own them!

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