Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 2509 - 2509 Captives!

2509 Captives!

Lin Yuan had never demonstrated such power before.

Although all of the Dictators that Lin Yuan had conquered were very submissive toward him, there was a big difference before and after witnessing his power.

Lin Yuan was now using his power to tell the rest of the Dictators just how powerful he was.

Hollow Earth, Mountain Furrow, and Rock Underworld were currently staring at Lin Yuan and Eternal Source and the Abyss Great Emperor next to him in shock. All three of their auras were stronger than their own, and the one in the middle who had used an unknown method to destroy the Earth Ancestral Palace was much stronger than the other two.

Given the circumstances, they were not even equipped to struggle, much less put up a fight.

But aside from fear, Mountain Furrow, Rock Underworld, and Hollow Earth also felt at ease.

The black writhing roots penetrated the Earth Ancestral Palace and pulled out one Turning Wheel Realm Dictator after another.

The three of them knew that the subterranean world’s experts would finally be saved from that ruinous flower!

The three of them were seen by everyone else as the masters of the Earth Ancestral Palace. Little did they know that they were mere puppets controlled by that flower. Once they unintentionally consumed the flower’s nectar and reached pinnacle Samsara Realm, they fell under its control, and it had been holding power over them ever since.

Otherwise, they would not have remained in the Earth Ancestral Palace for over 1,000 years without so much as taking a step out!

If the flower had not restricted Hollow Earth’s area of movement, he would definitely have scoured the subterranean world to seek out Sweet Vanquish and put an end to his life! Each day that Sweet Vanquish remained alive made Hollow Earth feel like he was useless.

When the Abyss Red Lotus used Hellfire Application to boost Lin Yuan, it was similar to when he fused with Dark Blue.

It was as though Lin Yuan could sense everything that the Abyss Red Lotus’ roots touched.

Thus, when they touched the Turning Wheel Realm Dictators, Lin Yuan could clearly sense the conditions that the Turning Wheel Realm Dictators were in.

Most of the Turning Wheel Realm Dictators were healthy, but a portion of them had fallen into a very strange state. These Turning Wheel Realm Dictators were all very weak but were not lacking in vitality, source-type power, or faith power at all.

Lin Yuan closely inspected the Turning Wheel Realm Dictators and eventually noticed they were weak because their bodies had been stripped of earth-elemental energy.

Although the subterranean lifeforms did not have much earth-elemental energy in their bodies, what they did have was very important to them. It was a type of energy necessary to their bodies because once they lost the earth-elemental energy from their bodies, they would eventually lose the earth-elemental energy that was in their roots as well.

If that happened, the subterranean dimensional lifeforms would be unable to consume minerals to replenish their energy and increase their power.

Being stripped of all the earth-elemental energy in their bodies would be a deadly flow to the subterranean dimensional lifeforms.

It was no wonder that Eternal Source said that a portion of the Turning Wheel Realm Dictators had lost the aura of their vitality!

Sweet Vanquish gathered his courage and walked over to Lin Yuan to say softly, “Lord, those three that you have strung up on the vine are the Earth Ancestral Palace’s three pinnacle Samsara Realm Dictators.

“The one with grayish-purple skin and brown hair is Hollow Earth. The one with horns on his head and four eyebrows is Mountain Furrow. The black one, whose body is continuously changing shape, is Rock Underworld. They are all your captives now.”

Sweet Vanquish had always used Hollow Earth, Rock Underworld, and Mountain Furrow’s powers as models.

But now that Lin Yuan had taken control of them so easily, Sweet Vanquish felt that this was a good opportunity to gain favor with Lin Yuan.

However, Lin Yuan ignored Sweet Vanquish as he was fully focused on the Turning Wheel Realm Dictators.

After he took control of the three pinnacle Samsara Realm Dictators, their bodies did not start to burgeon with earth-elemental energy. This meant that the three of them had not absorbed the earth-elemental energy that had disappeared from the Turning Wheel Realm Dictators.

Hence, the earth-elemental energy had to have been absorbed by another entity that had retracted its aura and was hiding.

Lin Yuan had already destroyed a large portion of the Earth Ancestral Palace’s structure but had yet to discover what this entity was.

Lin Yuan was currently saving the entire subterranean world as well as increasing his own store of power. Hence, he did not have time to bother with Sweet Vanquish’s attempt at flattery.

When one’s power increased, one’s horizons would be expanded as well.

With Green Vine’s Entire Body Medium, Lin Yuan could summon combat power that was beyond the spirit-fire level. Ever since he gained this ability, his horizons had been expanded past that of Samsara Realm Dictators.

When Lin Yuan fused with the Abyss Red Lotus, he could surpass the Samsara Realm Dictators’ power.

Lin Yuan possessed Eternal Source and the Abyss Great Emperor’s corpse. They were stronger than Mountain Furrow, Hollow Earth, and Rock Underworld, who were pinnacle Samsara Realm Dictators.

Thus, Lin Yuan did not gain much of a sense of accomplishment from defeating Samsara Realm Dictators.

When Lin Yuan ignored Sweet Vanquish, Eternal Source waved his hand and used a gust of air to push Sweet Vanquish backward.

“Don’t come out and speak unless the Lord asks you a question! You won’t be able to afford the consequences if you end up affecting him!”

Eternal Source frowned as he stared at Sweet Vanquish. When he used to be in the highest position of power, he hated those like Sweet Vanquish.

Sweet Vanquish wanted to use flattery to gain Lin Yuan’s favor. This went against the rules of competition amongst the Samsara Realm Dictators.

If there were too many people like Sweet Vanquish, those who had really put in the effort would lose the opportunity to distinguish themselves.

Eternal Source played the role of a manager by Lin Yuan’s side. As a manager, he needed to control the competition among the subordinates. Otherwise, more characters like him would arise amidst this environment of negative competition.

Luckily, Lin Yuan did not fall for Sweet Vanquish’s tricks.

Previously, Eternal Source felt that Sweet Vanquish showed some intelligence during times of crisis. But now, it seemed that he did not use his intelligence in the right places.

Lin Yuan had not responded to him, and Eternal Source had pushed him backward. This filled Sweet Vanquish with anger.

However, Sweet Vanquish dared not show his anger and silently forced it down.

Evening Crystal looked at the expression on Sweet Vanquish’s face and guessed what he was thinking.

Evening Crystal flew over to him and whispered to his ear, “Sweet Vanquish, you’ve made a mistake! You should be able to tell that this Lord Lin Yuan is completely different from Hollow Earth, who you used to serve. You shouldn’t treat them the same way.”

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