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Chapter 2698 - Chapter 2698 Epoch God Palace and the Saint!

Chapter 2698 Epoch God Palace and the Saint!

The material used to build the Tower of Falling Rainbow had come with Tower Canon when they landed in this Class 1 world.

They still possessed a small amount of it, and it was sufficient to build another Tower of Falling Rainbow.

However, the other seven might not be willing to give her the rest of the resources.

First Page Crimson was the one in charge of resource allocation in Tower Canon. Otherwise, he would not have been the first to awaken after they all fell asleep together.

She could accept the loss of the Tower of Falling Rainbow, but the loss of the Secret of the Dead would affect the fusing of the dead world with the main world. She would also not be able to leverage the Secret of the Dead’s role in absorbing the main world’s roots to claim benefits.

Fifth Page Falling Rainbow had asked to search for the Tower of Falling Rainbow and Secret of the Dead more than once, but she had been shot down by the other members of Tower Canon each time for different reasons.

This infuriated Fifth Page Falling Rainbow, and she felt that her companions were colluding against her.

It was true that she was the cause of that incident thousands of years ago, but the eight of them had made the decision together. Yet, she always took the full brunt of the blame.

Fifth Page Falling Rainbow was becoming increasingly displeased with Second Page Warbler Candle.

However, with Epoch God Palace showing signs of taking action, Fifth Page Falling Rainbow did not have the courage to leave to search for the Secret of the Dead.

“Crimson, it sounds like you want us to do nothing and allow the demon insects to grow. We already caught some demon insects with Class 3 Genetic Locks. After rehabilitating them, it can be said with certainty that these female insects are insect queens, at least!

“This world lacks resources and limits the demon insects’ development. But if we give them a month or two to build up themselves, it will become challenging for us to restrain them. These demon insects have a diet made up of dead lifeforms and death aura. They will severely delay the dead world’s roots’ consumption of this Class 2 world’s roots.”

Fifth Page Falling Rainbow brought up the most pressing problem before casting her gaze at First Page Crimson.

She was not trying to seek his opinion. He had already decided to be a silent observer.

Fifth Page Falling Rainbow just brought up one possible result, insinuating that First Page Crimson would have to take responsibility if something like that really took place.

First Page Crimson glanced at Fifth Page Falling Rainbow before saying, “Falling Rainbow, if I suggest that you be the one to kill these demon insects, will you be willing to do it?

“If Epoch God Palace is indeed taking action all of a sudden because we are using the dead world’s roots to consume this Class 2 world’s roots, trying to deal with the demon insects will give Epoch God Palace a reason to target you. But since you’re the one who posed this possibility yet is unwilling to go, who do you think should go instead?”

It went without saying that First Page Crimson would never take on such a responsibility.

Clearly, Fifth Page Falling Rainbow was unwilling to stick her neck out. Yet, she still opposed his opinion.

This made First Page Crimson livid.

Third Page Violet Light Green, who rarely spoke, cleared her throat. “It’s not the time to assign responsibilities. But we can’t keep cowering while we wait for Epoch God Palace to make their move, either.

“I think we should send someone to make contact with Epoch God Palace. If none of you are willing to do this, I’ll do it!”

Third Page Violet Light Green sighed.

Before landing in this Class 1 world, they were divided and only looked out for their interests during key moments. If they had been more united, they might have successfully combined the dead world with that Class 3 world’s roots.

After all this time, her companions had yet to learn their lesson. How pathetic!

First Page Crimson had always been the decision-maker of the group and liked to assert his status.

Yet, he was unwilling to step forward at such a moment.

Perhaps this was the reason why the rest of them could not follow his lead wholeheartedly.

Just as First Page Crimson was done speaking, Fourth Page Cavity Orchid’s hand pinched her with considerable force. Clearly, he did not want Third Page Violet Light Green to take such initiative.

First Page Crimson said, “Fine. Violet Light Green, since the idea came from you, you can be the one to represent Tower Canon to make contact with Epoch God Palace.”

Fifth Page Falling Rainbow and Second Page Warbler Candle voiced their agreement, while Sixth Page Wave Glow, Seventh Page Concubine Winding, and Eighth Page Eye Shadow remained silent, indicating that they were neither in agreement nor opposition.

When Fourth Page Cavity Orchid saw that Third Page Violet Light Green had no intention to retract her decision, he spoke up. “I’ll go with Violet Light Green to make contact with Epoch God Palace! Having two of us will show that Tower Canon is taking this matter seriously. We’ll also be able to look out for each other.”

Once he was done speaking, Fourth Page Cavity Orchid could not be bothered to linger and immediately returned to the black coffin, where he waited for Third Page Violet Light Green to come to see him.

After emerging from flying under the radar for such a long time, the four rulers of Epoch God Palace met up again at the garden at the top of Four Seasons Mountain.

Normally, their knights also listened in on the meetings conducted by the four rulers. However, only the four rulers were present in the garden today.

Each of the four rulers had a flushed face full of uncontrollable elation.

“Epoch God Palace has been waiting for such a long time. Now, we can finally be certain that Lord Saint is in this world. The prophecy was right! All our waiting was worth it!

“Lord Totem God has already entered the second form, and the totem seeds have formed. This means that Lord Saint has already developed the ability to become the master of all lifeforms.

“Given the circumstances, we can now begin searching for Lord Saint. We don’t have to worry about our actions affecting Lord Saint’s growth progress.”

The tall, slim girl with cold features and a slightly bitter voice gently shook her hand, causing the fallen flowers to fly to every corner of the mountain peak.

“I called this meeting to confirm three matters with the rest of you. The first is to decide how we will deal with Tower Canon. The second is how we plan on establishing contact with Lord Saint in a way that will convince him to accept us as his followers. The third is the matter of helping Lord Saint to open a path out of this world in advance. He is in possession of one of the six sacred mountains that represent the highest authority in the four major universes!”

The other three rulers’ faces fell.

It was indeed good that Lord Saint had awoken. However, making contact with him was a big problem. If he did not accept them as his followers, their existence would be pointless.

The elderly man with white hair but a strapping body said, “The best place to open the road from the main world to the Sky Beyond the Clouds is behind my palace. Let me handle the opening of the road! I have been growing my roots all these years. It should be enough to open the road!

“Spring and Summer can be the ones to search for Lord Saint. Autumn, many things that should appear in this world have appeared. Go and search for them and observe them.

“After I find Lord Saint and report the situation to him, he can decide what to do with them. I don’t think we need to discuss how to make contact with Lord Saint. All we need to do is maintain the sincere hearts of followers!

“We can’t control whether Lord Saint accepts us. It’s up to him. We can’t sway his thinking. What we should be discussing is how to handle Tower Canon.”

The elderly man coughed softly, and a drizzle of snow fell from his lips, covering the wildflowers on the top of the mountain.

The elderly man did not have a strong impression of Tower Canon. The only interaction they had with Tower Canon was when they barged in to try to steal the Epoch Clock that tracked the changing of epochs.

He was not concerned by these stragglers and vanquished from a dimensional world that used to be attached to a Class 3 world. The best that could be produced in a Class 3 world was intermediate faeries.

Although this elderly man was unbothered by this group, they had been identified as an unstable element. Epoch God Palace could not allow the structure of this world to be changed in case it hampered Lord Saint’s reincarnation and revival.

The elderly man could not decide if these destitute, uninvited guests were a key component that sped up Lord Saint’s reincarnation and revival.

Thus, Epoch God Palace had not annihilated this group that was biting off more than they could chew even after they attacked Epoch God Palace.

Instead, they blamed Spring for being too brutal and allowing this faction to hide for this long!

Now, Tower Canon was so much commotion immediately after awakening. There was not even a moment of peace!

Winter felt that Spring was bringing up this matter because she did not know if Tower Canon was truly linked to Lord Saint and if they were friends or foes.

Epoch God Palace came from another world and would not think on behalf of this world.

If they annihilated Tower Canon and it turned out that Tower Canon had a close relationship with Lord Saint, it would mean that they were making a mistake.

Despite being his followers, they were not helping to share his burdens but were causing trouble. This was a grave sin for all followers!

Autumn flicked his short hair, and his magnetic voice gave the air of fallen leaves floating on wind.

“I am most curious to find out how the demon insects ended up in this world. They require a large amount of pure spirit qi in order to propagate their aura. It will be difficult for even a Class 4 world to produce this concentration of spirit qi, much less a Class 2 world.

“There is definitely someone nurturing these demon insects. In my opinion, the only one capable of something like this is Lord Saint! I think that rather than searching for Lord Saint, we should follow the trail of the demon insects!

“Tower Canon has been silent ever since they attacked us. It’s clear that they fear us and are unaware of our objective. It won’t be long before they make contact with us. Given that the demon insects are fending off the dead spirits and dimensional worlds and trying to keep them from impacting this Class 2 world, it isn’t difficult to guess Lord Saint’s stance.”

Autumn paused momentarily before saying seriously, “Lord Saint is still growing. It will definitely affect his growth trajectory if we appear in front of him suddenly. I think our main objective should be discovering his identity before secretly protecting him and aiding his growth. It goes without saying that this will all change if Lord Saint initiates contact with us instead!”

All of them felt that Autumn’s analysis was reasonable. However, there were many things that could not be concluded based only on analysis!

Summer said gently, “I think Autumn and Winter make good suggestions. Spring and I will immediately begin secretly searching for Lord Saint. If Tower Canon makes contact with us, Autumn can handle them!”

This meeting on Four Seasons Mountain was very simple, and the expressions of delight did not disappear from their faces even for a moment.

While the four of them were in discussion, Lin Yuan had chosen the locations where he would place the Dead Decay Earthworms.

Lin Yuan’s lips twitched as he watched the Dead Decay Earthworm tunnel underground and begin absorbing death aura.

Liu Wencheng’s design for this selection was rather harsh.

The thousands of Dead Decay Earthworm tunneling underground and absorbing death aura seemed to be able to effectively lower the concentration of death aura in the area. But in actuality, the Dead Decay Earthworms would lose their effectiveness once the waves of dead spirits arrived.

This was because there were far too few Dead Decay Earthworms.

The Radiance Federation supplied the Dead Decay Earthworms to the Dead Spirits Wells in the tens of millions.

Additionally, there would also be dead dimensional lifeforms appearing in the test.

The dead dimensional lifeforms produced death aura that had a concentration higher than what the Dead Decay Earthworms could handle.

This was not because the Dead Decay Earthworms were incapable of absorbing the death aura but because the Dead Decay Earthworms were limited in their ability to process death aura.

One Dead Decay Earthworm could absorb the death aura from five dead spirits.

It was likely that 1,500 Dead Decay Earthworms were needed to absorb the death aura produced by one dead dimensional lifeform.

Due to this, the Radiance Federation still suffered serious losses against the waves of dead spirits despite facing the dead spirits crisis with preparations in place.

Lin Yuan didn’t underestimate A-rank spirit qi professionals. Even Xia Qing and Long Tao would find it challenging to withstand attacks from the dead spirits and dead dimensional lifeforms for an extended period. This difficulty remained, even when they used their feys with the Barren bloodline.

Their task was made even harder as they had to protect others and prevent the participants of the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection from succumbing to the dead spirits’ attacks and getting infected by the death aura.

After investigating the environment, Lin Yuan now knew what he was going to do later.

It was likely that Liu Jie had also made his own decision.

Thirty minutes passed very quickly, and Liu Wencheng finished his speech in Radiance Sacred Hall.

The young elites participating in the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection entered Star Web’s test ground, just like Lin Yuan had done a year ago.

Immediately after entering, many members of the younger generation felt stifled while drawing breath.

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