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Chapter 2937 - Chapter 2937 Twelve Stars of Love!

Chapter 2937 Twelve Stars of Love!

Chapter 2937  Twelve Stars of Love!

The youth was very handsome, and there were faint blue snake patterns on his cheeks.

Inside the cave, there was more than one youth of the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes. However, this particular youth possessed a distinctive trait compared to other members of the same species.

The eyes of ordinary Purifying Water Illusion Snakes were silver-blue, but this youth’s eyes were different. One was silver-blue, and the other was green-gold.

Despite his appearance, this young Purifying Water Illusion Snake didn’t receive any preferential treatment. On the contrary, he frequently suffered abuse from the supervisor of the Crystal Rock Illusion Snakes.

Fortunately, the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes’ recovery ability was extremely strong. Therefore, his injuries and stamina would recover very quickly.

The young Purifying Water Illusion Snake raised his hand and rubbed his strange eyes. Last night, before he slept, Jing Bai had made a wish. He was willing to use everything to change his fate and the future of the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes.

Under the suppression of the Crystal Rock Illusion Snakes, the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes had gradually lost their pride. Especially the newly-born members of the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes, who considered the current suppression of the Crystal Rock Illusion Snakes to be the norm.

Over the past thousands of years, some members of the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes were unwilling to be controlled by the Crystal Rock Illusion Snakes and fled. Most of the members who had fled had been captured. Once captured, they would be immediately executed by the Crystal Rock Illusion Snakes and would not be given a second chance.

Those members of the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes who had not been captured could indeed escape the control of the Crystal Rock Illusion Snakes, but their close relatives had to suffer on their behalf and be executed by the Crystal Rock Illusion Snakes.

Over such a long period, the close relatives of the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes would be wary of each other, fearing that their close relatives might flee and leave them to endure the consequences.

In particular, in the past few hundred years, there had been cases of close relatives reporting that their relatives had fled. This situation made Jing Bai’s heart ache as it only meant one thing, which was that the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes were gradually being enslaved by the Crystal Rock Illusion Snakes and were about to completely become their dependent species. It was a great irony because the Crystal Rock and Purifying Water Illusion Snakes lineage had once come from the same species, which was the powerful Illusion Snakes.

As long as the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes remained weaker, they would only continue to suffer. The Crystal Rock Illusion Snakes couldn’t take the initiative to give up on the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes.

Without the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes using their abilities to help the Crystal Rock Illusion Snakes collect those precious ores, it would be difficult for the latter to collect those ores. To a certain extent, the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes contributed to making the Crystal Rock Illusion Snakes stronger.

Last night, Jing Bai felt as if someone had answered his prayers and brought him to a place where the constellations shone brightly. However, before he could see the magnificent constellations clearly in his sleep, he felt like he was falling. Immediately afterward, Jing Bai woke up from his sleep.

Although the scene in the dream was abnormally real, Jing Bai did not take the dream too seriously. He simply regarded it as an illusion resulting from his anxiety about changing his current situation.

Contemplating this, Jing Bai laughed at himself. How could he possibly possess the capability to change this situation?

Because of his brother’s escape, his parents had been killed by the Crystal Rock Illusion Snakes. He was only able to survive until now as a laborer because of his eyes. However, his eyes were not considered extraordinary among the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes, rather, they marked the beginning of Jing Bai’s abuse.

The Purifying Water Illusion Snakes’ eye color had a deep connection with their bloodline. His green-gold eyes proved that his Purifying Water Illusion Snake bloodline was not pure.

In a species where people came together because of bloodlines, those with impure bloodlines would be ostracized and discriminated against. The other youths from the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes in this cave did not live with Jing Bai.

Even though it was clearly his elder brother’s betrayal that led to the tragic death of his loved ones, there was a prevailing belief circulating that Jing Bai had caused the deaths of his own relatives.

These unfair treatments had indeed left Jing Bai somewhat resentful towards the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes. However, Jing Bai still hoped that the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes could rise successfully.

Day after day, the waves in this bay relentlessly swept against the cliffs, and the Purifying Water Illusion Snakes began another working day for the Crystal Rock Illusion Snakes.

Beside him, a few men in half-body python skin armor were whipping the slow Purifying Water Illusion Snakes members with their whips.

The Purifying Water Illusion Snakes who had been thrown into the sea from the cliffs did not dare to make a sound. They could only endure the pain in their bodies and do their best to collect the ores. If they offended the supervisors of the Crystal Rock Illusion Snakes, they would be beaten to death.

Wen Yu, who was in the Spirit Lock spatial zone, had already contracted the silver-gray Hundred Questions Beast Genius had brought. After the Hundred Questions Beast was contracted, it was arranged to absorb the pure spirit qi in the Spirit Lock spatial zone to increase its strength.

In the past few decades, Wen Yu had comprehended three Willpower runes that were suitable for spirit-type feys. She chose a Willpower Rune that was most compatible with the Hundred Questions Beast and combined it.

The Hundred Questions Beast, which had fused with the Willpower Rune, did not undergo a qualitative transformation like Genius’ bloodline when it evolved to Diamond grade.

Nevertheless, Wen Yu found the Hundred Questions Beast’s Spiritual Energy Expansion was truly beneficial.

Wen Yu exclaimed, “As long as Young Master raises this Hundred Questions Beast to Sovereign/Creation, I should be able to guarantee that the Astronomical Parliament will last for more than ten minutes. If this Hundred Questions Beast can evolve to Immortal Breed, the Astronomical Parliament will be able to convene for more than 20 minutes.

“When the Astronomical Parliament breaks through, you can use the Star Vastness Peony to enhance me. It should be possible to extend the Astronomical Parliament meeting time to one hour, much longer than the time spent convening it in the main world previously. I can also recruit more people to become a member of the Astronomical Parliament.”

After contracting the Hundred Questions Beast, Wen Yu’s eyes were filled with endless anticipation.

After leaving the Spirit Lock spatial zone with Wen Yu, Lin Yuan did not stay any longer. Instead, he prepared to meet Su Yiren and Luo Lan. Lin Yuan knew that both of them had the most things to report to him in the entire Sky City.

During this period, if the Moon Empress had borne the heaviest burden, then Su Yiren and Luo Lan had borne the heaviest work.

Lin Yuan knew very well how vast the faith country was. It was one thing for Su Yiren and Luo Lan to possess the capability, but it was another thing altogether for them to bear the burden. He would not confuse the two matters.

Despite having chosen to contract a Vitality Sloth, it didn’t stop Su Yiren and Luo Lan from looking exhausted when Lin Yuan saw them. In particular, Luo Lan had dark circles under her eyes, which were a sign of prolonged physical exertion.

Luo Lan’s performance in Sky City had never been outstanding. Ever since she joined Sky City, she had been receiving help from others. Both Yin Lin and Su Yiren had assisted Luo Lan a lot, not to mention the support provided by Lin Yuan and Wen Yu.

Luo Lan, who had been growing up with the help of others, really hoped to prove herself. While Luo Lan was very ambitious, she had always suppressed her ambitions very well because she believed that it was foolish to show feelings in a place where others were generally better than herself.

During this period, Luo Lan had done her best, and she was very satisfied with the current results. Although Su Yiren was the one in charge of managing the faith country, Luo Lan was very clear about the value of her efforts. She had never harbored the intention of proving herself and only wanted to silently contribute to the construction of Sky City. This was the best repayment to her savior.

Su Yiren didn’t have as many thoughts as Luo Lan. Ever since she had left the main world and was no longer in charge of the Seven States of Darkness, and managing the Dark and Sand Island Continents, Su Yiren had been relieved of her burden.

What left the deepest impression on Su Yiren was the moment Lin Yuan found her hiding behind a pile of trash. At that moment, Su Yiren felt both uneasy and at ease.

Previously, Su Yiren had always felt that the moment Seventh Page War conquered the Seven States of Darkness was the turning point of her fate. However, the biggest turning point in her fate was actually the moment Lin Yuan found her.

When Lin Yuan found her, Su Yiren’s only thought had been survival. Recovering the Seven States of Darkness was just a wish she could only dream of.

Lin Yuan was like a dreamer who had fulfilled all of Su Yiren’s wishes. Since then, Su Yiren was very willing to use her own capabilities to manage a complicated faction. The more challenging things were, the more motivated Su Yiren became.

Both Luo Lan and Su Yiren had finally reunited with Lin Yuan after a long separation. Previously, they had not had much chance to communicate with Lin Yuan through the Fantasy Crystal Birth Stone Flower.

Lin Yuan didn’t talk about business with Su Yiren and Luo Lan right away. Instead, he handed over some spiritual ingredients that were suitable for them.

There was nothing special about Luo Lan’s feys because Luo Lan’s soul energy was weaker than ordinary people’s. This was the reason Luo Lan only successfully contracted his own sacred source lifeform when she became a spirit fire expert.

Unlike Su Yiren, who had the Absolute Love Poppy, Luo Lan was skilled at governance, and Lin Yuan only needed to provide Luo Lan with ordinary resources to enhance her strength.

Su Yiren’s situation was very different from an ordinary individual like Luo Lan. Her situation was somewhat similar to Liu Jie’s, but Elegance’s uniqueness made it so that Liu Jie could only contract one fey. The insect-species carcinoma feys that Liu Jie contracted later were all contracted by Elegance.

On the other hand, Su Yiren’s contracted feys had to be combined with her sacred source lifeform. The Absolute Love Poppy would then control all the feys under Su Yiren’s control.

“Su Yiren, I heard from Wen Yu that your Absolute Love Poppy has mutated. I wonder how it is doing?”

Upon hearing that, Su Yiren immediately summoned her sacred source lifeform, the Absolute Love Poppy. A strange touch of pink light flickered in Su Yiren’s hand, and a beautiful flower the size of two palms was gently swaying.

Even though Su Yiren was controlling the Absolute Love Poppy to prevent its aura from leaking out, it still affected Luo Lan, who was standing at the side, and made her appear intoxicated.

On the other hand, Lin Yuan was not affected by the Absolute Love Poppy. He had developed strong resistance to control, whether it be over his mind, soul, or spirit. This resistance stemmed from his connection to the Purple Afterglow and the Alluring Soul Alluring Fox bloodline in his body.

Whether it was the Purple Afterglow that had evolved to World Emperor/Divine Kingdom or the Alluring Fox bloodline in Lin Yuan’s body, their levels were not inferior to the Absolute Love Poppy.

Lin Yuan used Morbius’ True Data to investigate the Absolute Love Poppy.

[Sacred Source Name]: Absolute Love Poppy

[Sacred Source Species]: Source genus/Sacred Source species

[Sacred Source Star Grade]: 12 Stars

[Sacred Source Type]: Spiritual/Soul/Mind


[Love Desire Glass]: By using the mind, spirit, and soul, the target will feel enormous love that will strike the target’s most important parts. A piece of glass that contains love will be formed. When the glass is broken, the target will give up its energy core, and its combat power will be triggered. Once the energy core is used up, the target will die.

[14 Poppy Fruits]: Contract 14 lifeforms of the same gender as the contractor, and the Absolute Love Poppy will plant a small poppy fruit inside the 14 lifeforms. The targets will gain a small amount of the Absolute Love Poppy’s power, and their appearances will change as well. The poppy fruits inside the targets will absorb the love from the target and transfer it into the Absolute Love Poppy to increase its Stars.

[Desire Absorption]: When a target is under the Absolute Love Poppy’s complete control, the target will become its plaything. All the energy in the target’s body can be absorbed by the Absolute Love Poppy at will. The Absolute Love Poppy will brew the controlled lifeform through the special substance and poison in its body. When it matures, it can absorb the target’s energy and convert it into its own inherent energy.

[Poppy Fruit Forest]: Every target who is attracted and contributes energy to the 14 Poppy Fruits will provide the Absolute Love Poppy with an equal amount of energy. The target’s double energy supply will be borne by the target itself.

Lin Yuan discovered that the Absolute Love Poppy’s star grade had evolved to 12 Stars. He remembered that the Absolute Love Poppy was only a 6 Stars sacred source lifeform when he first observed its data.

Lin Yuan realized that whether it was the Absolute Love Poppy, Su Yiren’s feys, or Su Yiren herself, the speed at which their strength increased far exceeded others. Be it Wen Yu, Luo Lan, Liu Jie, or the others, they were all left behind by Su Yiren. This must be related to the Absolute Love Poppy’s Desire Absorption ability.

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