Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~

Chapter 1 Character Setup

『Welcome to KSO!』

It was a white space with nothing except those capital letters and my real-life figure. If I looked around closely, this place is probably the character making room.

Then, I heard a voice from behind.

Nico: 「Welcome Ichijou Reina-sama, I, Support AI No. 25, will assist your character setup. Please feel free to call me Nico-chan」

Seems like this beautiful woman (Nico-chan), who looks like a secretary with a Noh Mask, can help me with my character setup.

Reina: 「I understand, Nico-chan-san

Nico: 「Let’s immediately go into your character setup. Here you may select 10 initial skills in addition to your player name and appearance in the game. Naturally, you cannot change it later, so please be careful with your options.」

Reina: 「Okay then, let’s make it right away」

Now then, as soon as our conversation is over, a translucent screen appeared in front of me. I see, I could make my character by operating this screen.

Let’s see, the name will be… 『Rena』 which comes from my real name. It seems a bit simple, but I’m aware that I don’t have any naming sense as I have ventured nowhere.

Next is race. There are many options, but 『Human』 is the safe choice indeed. As it will probably be too hard for the appearance to be far apart from the reality, I set the height and figure as it is. Let’s keep the hair short so that it won’t stick to the shoulder and make it black with an addition of white highlight too. As I also don’t have a sense for a face, I just kept it like my real face rather than fiddling it strangely. It would probably be okay as there are no real acquaintances who plays games anyway. Would it be enough if I change the eyes’ color into wine red….

The rest is the skills……yikes, there are a lot. My play style is mostly fixed, but it will still take some time if I search for a suitable skills and think about the combination, hmmーーー

ーーーAlright, it took a while but it ended safely.

Reina: 「It’s finished」

Nico: 「Would this be good? Are there any other changes?」

Reina: 「Yes, this should be fine. Please make it like this」

The skills I have chosen are 『Dagger Art』, 『Throwing』, 『Walking』, 『Acrobatics』, 『Medicine』, 『Surprise Attack』, 『Tame』, 『Camouflage』, 『Detection』, and 『Friendship』.

Nico: 「Well then, lastly, please select your preferences」

Reina: 「? Preferences?」

Is there still something left? Or maybe I just forgot about it?

Nico: 「It’s not that difficult, first of all, your sexual guard… it’s about how far would you give your permission to be touched by the people in rangeーー」

Reina: 「Please block everything」

Nico: 「---Understood. Next is the depiction regulation setting, this is the setting whether you would prefer a game-like effect or a real-life basis when cutting your opponents down.」

Reina: 「Then, please give me the real-life basis」

Nico: 「Lastly, about the pain limitation. It’s still fine if there is a little pain however, as it is close to real pain, the system will do a force logout or make a response if it is judged to be your limit, hence there won’t be a worry. So what would youーー」

Reina: 「Please don’t limit that too」

Nico: 「……Understood. Please take care of yourself as it might be an instant death even in reality if someone aimed for your vital parts such as the neck or heart. This is the end of the preferences. Please wait a moment as we are preparing your character data.」

Now then, it took quite a while but I’m looking forward to it.

Nico: 「……Thank you for your patience. With this, the entire process has now completed. Before you get started, there’s one last piece of advice」

Reina: 「? What is it?」

Nico: 「In this world, player can gain skills and influence the world depending on the player’s own actions. Unlike players, NPCs that live in this world can not be resurrected if they die, so please be careful in advance……」

Reina: 「I see, I will take care.」

Nico: 「……Well then, I pray that your adventure would be exciting… Welcome to Karma Story Online!」

With that word, Nico-san lowered her head, and I was swallowed by the white light that filled my viewーーー

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