Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~

Chapter 14 Secret Maneuvers 3

Now then, this should be good enough, yes?

Since then, I have been raising the level of my Medicine skill for the past two days but, should I go and kill Yagan Family now? I had already made a promise as well.

Rena: “Now then, I’ll be going now.”

Shopkeeper: “Yesh…”

The shopkeeper who has no front teeth left, saw me off when I said my greetings. He’s very pitiful to look at, indeed.

The reason for this is that I had a day when he didn’t return my greetings, so I pulled out all of his front teeth.

In any case, let’s head to the back alley.

Now then, according to the messenger from Moonlight Family who I happened to meet when I was in the middle of raising my level, it seems that the headquarters of Yagan Family is through this corner right over here.

Rena: “Ah, I’m sorry.”

I almost collided with a person at the corner. It will be an enemy area shortly, so I have to be careful.

Thug: “Wait, little missy, the area ahead is off limits for ordinary people.”

Rena: “Is that so? That’s troublesome, indeed…”

Hmmm, what should I do now? Shoud I kill him quickly?

Thug: “If you really want to pass then… hehe, you know it, right?”

Rena: “Ah, it’s already troublesome to begin with, so let’s kill him.”

Thug: “Aah? Whatーーー”

First, I cut off his limbs and turned him into a daruma doll. And then, I jammed explosive balls that I have created using Medicine skill, into his mouth before he makes any noise.

Let’s use a potion to stop the bleeding as it’s not interesting if he died along the way.

Thug: “~~~!?”

I lifted him up by twisting his body to a certain position so he cannot do any useless resistances. Thereafter, I did an approach run and threw him away with my Throwing skill to Yagan Family’s Headquarters.

He soared as if he was drawing a parabolaーーー


――― broke through the window and exploded. It looks just like disturbing a beehive…

That is obvious, yes?

I took advantage of this confusion and broke through. I decapitated the two gatekeepers who were turning their head, kicked the gate and ran through the people who passed by me at the front yardーーーIt’s Search and Destroy.

Rena: “Sorry for intruding~”

I made a hole on the entrance by throwing an explosive ball and rushed inside. What lies beyond my sight was a large staircase that looks as if this is an entrance hall.

A lot of various people have appeared from many places, but that doesn’t matter to me. I will go to the boss room according to the floor plan that was given by the Moonlight Family.

Enemy A: “This girl! Stop!”

Enemy B: “You are underestimating us, huh?!”

I was surrounded by some spears but I avoided all of it, or rather I grabbed one of the spear and pulled it towards me.

Enemy A: “!!!”

I shoved my blade into his throat as it is, killed him, and use him as a shield for the flying arrows.

Enemy Swordsman: “Diee!!”

I turned around to evade the long sword, grabbed his wrist and smash it.

Enemy Swordsman: “GAAH?!!”

Since my opponent dropped his weapon, I took it and threw it to the archer on the upper floor. The sword then pierced the archer’s head.

After that, I decapitated the previous swordsman who was full of openings and kicked his head towards the magician who is at the back.

Enemy Magician: “Gah!!”

I approached him at once while he was faltering and sliced his throat.

Enemy B: “Surround her! She’s not an ordinary girl!”

Enemy C: “Are you Moonlight’s pawn?!”

Is that correct? or is that false? Well, I will just give them a present by throwing their comrade’s corpses instead of a reply.

Even if they try to avoid or intercept it, they still need to move, yes? Hence, I kept approaching them while doing so.

Enemy C: “Don’t underesーーー”

I pierced my dagger into the screaming large man’s mouth from his upper jaw into the back of his head, and ran up the stairs while carrying him as a shield.

On the same time, I threw the axe that the large man once had, and the head of the woman who is at the farthest placeーーーand might be a priest classーーーwas cut in half.

Enemy Archer: “D-don’t come!!”

The deranged archers sporadically shot some arrows but it was all shielded by the large man’s body. I kicked the spearman’s crotch who came charging in and pierced his philtrum.

I then crushed his head when he fell down and jumped to evade the pincer attack from the dagger users at the same time. I threw the large man’s corpse to the archer while in mid air and used the both of my freed hands to ride on the dagger user’s shoulder. I inserted my dagger into his neck from the side, rotated my hand that was grabbing his shoulder andーーーbeheaded him.

While I was falling to the ground due to gravity, I also inserted my blade into the head of another dagger user as well, twisted it and then pulled it out.

Enemy D: “…a monster……”

Enemy E: “Hiiii!”

……………Could you not see me with such eyes?

Rena: “I’m annoyed now…”

Enemy D & E: “”!!!””

I don’t want to 『Play』 with them anymore so I will just kill them.

I pierced the stiffened individual’s eyes through his brain with my fingers. While I’m at it, let’s slam him against the floor and crush his head as well.

Enemy F: “R-run away!!”

Enemy G: “WAAAH!!”

Rena: “I won’t let you escape, you know?”

I closed their escape path with Santa-san’s light magic, 《Holy Wall》, weaved their feet with Kageyama-san and the other’s shadow magic, 《Shadow Weave》, sliced their throat with Azabu-san’s wind magic, 《Wind Blade》, swung Yamada-sanーーーas a daggerーーーand annihilated my enemies.

A few minutes later, the entrance hall was smeared with only liquid that smells like a lump of meat and iron.

Rena: “…Shall I finish this quickly?”

My business here is over, thus I left the place and head towards the room where this Family’s boss is.

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