Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~

Chapter 15 Secret Maneuvers 4

Enemy: “Boss! Please hurry up! The battle won’t wait for you!”

Yagan: “I know! I just need to do this first!”

Fuck! Even though we were doing well until now, how did this happen?! What is happening?!

Since that shitty old man tried to make Moonlight Family surrender, they have been aiming for a chance to get revenge against us.

We should have been secretly shaving away Moonlight Family’s territory little by little and abducting their members without carelessness nor gaps and successfully taking over their family! Heck, we even captured one of their leaders as well!

We were able to expand our power further with the help of the recent incident in the city. What we have to do left should only be continuing our expansion while doing skirmishes and attacking their headquarters when we see an opening!! But how come it’s not going that well?!!

Yagan: “Alright! Let’s escape!”

Is the enemy from Moonlight, or is it the lord’s vanguard who we have misjudged? I don’t know either way, but in any case, when I turned around after getting the confidential account book, documents and some precious metalsーーー

Rena: “Where are you going?”

―――A woman stood close while grabbing the head of my close aide who was on my side not too long ago.

“There are skills that have reached a certain level. Evolution is possible.”

With this, Yagan Family’s headquarter is now gone and my task will be over when their branches are destroyed in these remaining days, yes?

Rena: “Everyone as well, thank you for your hard work. Especially Azabu-san and Inoue-san who have been extremely helpful in assisting my actions indirectly, I’m very grateful to you.”

Yamada: 『----!』

Kageyama: 『Uuu!』

Azabu: 『…! (*Bassabassa*!)』

Santa: 『Gaa!』

Inoue: 『Iiii!』

Rena: “Fufu, it’s wonderful when everyone seem to be in full spirit, yes?”

Well then, let’s explore this building and look for something good before we return, and once that’s over, I will log out for today.

Now then, the promised one week has passed, yes? In that meantime, I had completely destroyed Yagan family by the end of the day. All of the top leaders’ heads that are on the list have already been salted, so with this, there won’t be any complaint from them.

Rena: “Pardon the intrusion~”

I went into the bar in the back alley where I stopped by a week ago, however… everyone was very surprised when they saw me.

Aniki: “So it’s you, huh?……This way, follow me.”

Rena: “Understood.”

He’s from before, I see?

I will be obedient and follow him just like he said.

We first went out from the back door, then we entered a building in a narrow alleyway, went up to the second floor and to the roof of the opposite building. We were in that building for a short time as we entered the same building again. When I thought that we will go up to the second floor again, we instead went downstairs to the basement where I could see a door in my vision.

Rena: “…it’s surprisingly complicated, I see?”

Aniki: “Because we have some envious things, you see.”

He opened the door and we went inside. I was then taken to the back and arrived in front of a remarkably luxurious room.

Aniki/Eren: “Boss, it’s Eren! I have brought the woman that I have told you.”

Boss: “…………Come in.”

This person is Eren-san, I see? I just realized that this is the first time that I know him.

There was reply with a refined voice after Eren-san called out to the inside of the room. Obeying so, Eren-san opened the door and went inside. I then entered the room following him.

Boss: “…Is that the woman?”

Eren: “Yes, that’s right.”

It looks like he’s appraising me but I don’t dislike it. It’s at least a proof that he’s trying to see my value, yes.

Moonlight Leader: “Hmm, you’re just scared because you have only become a leader, aren’t you? You don’t have enough guts.”

Boss: “…Is that so?”

There’s still someone who’s being noisy, but it can’t be helped as I have heard that the Yakuza people value honor. They are creatures that always try to look good towards the nobles and will die if they are not mounting them.

Moonlight Leader: “Troubling the boss and us with only a single woman, how about I kill this woman, thーーー”

Boss: “----stop it.”

Moonlight Leader: “……Boss?”

Oya? Somehow this boss-san stopped him when it was about to become a disturbing scene. Though, if he did not stop him, I will only separate that person’s head from his torso.

Boss: “Don’t try to do anything to her, she’s not human.”

Moonlight Leader: “…If the boss says so, I will obey.”

He said so and stopped what he was about to do. Apparently, the boss here is very well received by his subordinates.

Boss: “How long are you going to stand there? Sit right over there and let’s talk.”

Rena: “Well then, pardon me.”

As expected the sofa is soft and fluffy. Then, as if the time where we sit is a signal, a beautiful woman comes and leaves only to put down the tea and snacks on the table. I am impressed by how well-educated she is.

Boss: “So, what do you want to talk?”

Rena: “Have you not heard it from Eren-san?”

Boss: “I want to hear it from your mouth.”

I see, it’s no wonder, yes? If he doesn’t hear it from that person’s mouth, he’ll just pretend to know nothing.

Rena: “I think you already know that I’m someone who is currently on the wanted list. Hence, I’m suffering from the inconvenience. It doesn’t matter that I can’t walk around in the city but, it’s troublesome that I cannot use the facilities.”

Boss: “And you want us to become the feudal lord?”

Rena: “Yes, that’s right.”

Boss: “There are some things that would be impossible to handle by accepting your request. We can’t simply say that it can be dealt easily and even if we become the top, our next enemies would be the punitive forces from the kingdom, you know? What will you do about that?”

It’s a relief that he can think properly, yes? With this, there won’t be any sign of agreeing immediately here.

Rena: “First, kill all of lord’s children and his wife. After that, we will make Eren-san to be the successor by saying that he’s the lord’s illegitimate child. In short, politically speaking, it should be okay as it’s already good if he can usurp the family head title.”

Boss: “Do you think it would work that well?”

Rena: “It will be alright as I will carry out everything here. It’s already good enough if your people can provide the supplies, handle the various things after the usurpation, and plan to take the lord’s advantage. If by any chance you failed to do so, it doesn’t matter if you pretend to not know anything.”

Boss: “Fumu…”

It’s fine if you failed either way~

Even if the punitive forces come, it would only be a reward for me as I can rush into them.

It will also be interesting as well to earnestly continue to kill the commander, don’t you agree?

Boss: “…I feel like it will be even more problematic if I leave you alone. Alright, let’s cooperate.”

Rena: “Is that so? Thank you very much.”

I was able to get their cooperation safely. That’s excellent.

Boss: “…You did say that you are going to destroy Yagan Family before, right? Is that the boss’ head over there?”

Rena: “? Do you mean this?”

Having said that, I put the salted Yagan’s head on the table and everyone made a stupid facial expressions similar to the ones that died back then. Is there something wrong with this thing?

Boss: “……”

Moonlight Leader: “No way, she really…”

Eren: “My stomach hurts, where’s stomach medicine again?”

Eren-san is searching for a stomach medicine while the surroundings turn astir. Will he be alright? He said his stomach is hurting, yes? Though, he didn’t look like he’s hurting before………

Boss: “…………you stupid child.”

Eren: “Boss……”

Boss: “Yes, it’s certainly Yagan’s head. We have gotten our advance payment so we promise to cooperate with you.”

Rena: “Is that true? That’s wonderful.”

Boss: “What will you do after this?”

Rena: “I will take a temporary break for today. I will finish the minor preparation tomorrow and act the day after tomorrow.”

Boss: “You’re surprisingly impatient, huh? Alright, I understand.”

Rena: “Well then, if you’ll excuse me.”

Boss: “Eren, go escort her.”

Eren: “…………Yes.”

I was then guided by Eren-san to the road where we came from and returned to the inn after separating with him at the bar and logged out.

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