Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~

Chapter 16 Carry Out

Now then, it has been two days since the meeting with Moonlight Family’s boss and today is the day for carrying out the plan.

I had also finished the minor preparation yesterday so let’s do a final check on my status as well, yes?

Name: 『Rena』 | Gender: 『Woman』

Race: 『Human』 | Level: 『33』

Condition: 『Possessed 《Kageyama-san》』

Karma Value: 『-147 《Evil》』

Class: 『Assassin』 | Second Class: 『Tamer』

SP: 32


『Dagger Art Lv. MAX』『Dagger Art・Master Lv. 2』『Throw Lv. MAX』『Boulder Throw Lv. 4』『Walk Lv. 37』『Lightweight Lv. 27』『Medicine Lv. 29』『Surprise Attack Lv. 39』『Tame Lv. 24』『Camouflage Lv. 31』『Detection Lv. 26』『Friendship Lv. 21』『Thief Lv. MAX』『Master Thief Lv. 2』『Jump Lv. MAX』『Sky Kick Lv. 2』『Evasion Lv. MAX』『Shukuchi Lv. 5』『Martial Art Lv. MAX』『Martial Art・Master Lv. 5』『Assassination Art Lv. 36』『Fatal Blow Lv. 38』『Feint Lv. 24』『Escape Lv. MAX』『Lightning Speed Lv. 3』『Voice Change Lv. 19』『Disguise Lv. 16』『Acrobatics Lv. 17』『Encouragement Lv. MAX』『Honorary Flag Lv. 3』『Leadership Lv. MAX』『Whole Command Lv. 2』『Direction Lv. MAX』『Order Lv. 3』『Physical Resistance Lv. 18』『Magic Resistance Lv. 18』『Physical Abnormality Resistance Lv. 21』『Mental Abnormality Resistance Lv. 21』『Night Vision Lv. 17』『Stealth Lv. 23』『Silent Move Lv. 24』『Presence Detection Lv. 28』『Danger Sense Lv. 29』『Listen Lv. MAX』『Forsake Lv. 14』『Ward Off Lv. 15』『Dismantle Lv. MAX』『Dissect Lv. 18』

(TL Note: A lot of them have been revised and damn.. that was really hard…)


『Giant Killer』 – Successfully killed an enemy that is 20 or higher levels than yourself – 〚Increases damage against higher levels enemy 《Micro》〛〚Reduces damage taken 《Micro》〛

『The First Killer』 – The first person to successfully kill a person in this world – 〚Increases damage against human 《Micro》〛

『Daredevil』 – Successfully executed a person without any hesitation – 〚Increases Fear Resistance 《Micro》〛〚Increases Charm Resistance 《Micro》〛〚Increases Confuse Resistance 《Micro》〛

『Slaughterer』 – Successfully murdered a vast majority of people in a short time – 〚Adds a bonus to AGI based on the number of opponents at one time 《Max 150%》《Restricted to Humans》〛

『Demon』 – The person who has strayed off from humanity – 〚Karma value will be difficult to raise and will fall easily〛

『Plunderer』 – The person who has successfully looted more than a certain number of times from a certain number of people – 〚Increases the success rate of any looting skills 《Micro》〛

『Criminal』 – The person who has violated the law in the city – 〚Cannot get into any city by regular means〛

『God’s Enemy』 – The person who declared war or something similar towards the Order faction – 〚Increases damage against enemies with 『Virtuous』 karma value 《Small》〛〚Increases damage taken from enemies with 『Virtuous』 karma value 《Small》〛

『Fugitive・First Town』 – A wanted person in First Town – 〚Current bounty: 25.000.000 G〛

『Fugitive・Temple』 – A wanted person in Temple – 〚Current bounty: 15.000.000 G〛

『Merciless』 – The person who has no mercy – 〚Increases critical rate《Small》〛

『Human Race Killer』 – The person who has killed Humans for at least 500 people – 〚Increases damage against Humans 《Medium》〛〚Reduces damage taken from Humans 《Medium》〛


Weapons: 『Scarlet Flame Kodachi』 《Possessed・Yamada-san》

Body: 『Magician’s Tunic』

Armor: 『Steel Light Armor』 《Possessed・Inoue-san》

Arms: 『Engineer’s Gloves』

Lower Body: 『Night Sky Leggings』

Shoes: 『Gale Boots』


・ 『Heavens Cloak』 《Possessed・Azabu-san》

・ 『Supreme God’s Rosary』 《Possessed・Santa-san》

・ 『Ring of Power』

・『Silver Wolf’s Belt』

・『Anti-magic Bracelet』

I have evolved the skills that are available, consuming 5 SP each and I have also improved my equipment which I got from Yagan Family as spoils of war and Moonlight Family as presents. My potions have been prepared as well, so everything’s ready, yes?

Rena: “Shall we go?”

Yamada: 『----!』

Kageyama: 『Uuu!』

Azabu: 『……! (*Bassa bassa*!)』

Santa: 『Gaa!』

Inoue: 『Iiii!』

Everyone is motivated as well, I see?

Well then, time to depart.

Feudal Lord: “Sigh…”

I can only do nothing but sighing from my mouth. The cause of this is something from about half a month ago.

It was the day after the migrants surged in with great numbers just like the oracles said… The day when that tragedy happened.

Subordinate: “…Your excellency, why don’t you rest for a little while?”

Feudal Lord: “Muh, I can’t do something like that.”

Not good, I’ve even made my subordinate worried about me as well. As a person who is standing on top, I have to act more grandly and keep my calm even if I’m anxious about something….

Feudal Lord: “In any case, you still haven’t found the culprit yet, knight captain?”

Knight Captain: “Yes, we had been searching for the culprit with everything we have, but we only manage to found out that the culprit’s gender is a woman and has a black hair….”

Feudal Lord: “I have known about that and she even killed the bishop, Chronos-dono as well. The temple had been pressuring me really hard about this….”

(TL Note: Oh my, so the bishop was a man then…?)

Even without that, it hurts for me to see Chronos-dono got killed both individually and as a lord.

Chronos-dono was a man of character who even though he had climbed up to the Cardinal position, he still moved to this remote region and started again as a bishop to save a large number of people. I heard that there are many people in the capital who worship Chronos-dono and had been taken cared by him.

He treated everyone indiscriminately, and he was like a walking library due to his knowledge… I was also taken care of when I just inherited the feudal lord position….

And to top it all off, Bishop Chronos was the sole revival magic user in this remote region. The death of that person is synonymous with the loss of a thousand lives of the ordinary people, and that loss is immeasurable….

Knight Captain: “But, we had been working non-stop since that day. The soldiers below are also worried about Your Excellency’s health, so why not take a rest for at least a cup of tea?”

Feudal Lord: “However…. nevermind, let’s go with that.”

Knight Captain: “I see……”

When I said that I would like to rest, the Knight Captain, Alexei Vallenceーーーmy sonーーーblatantly released a sigh of relief.

This damn boy.

Feudal Lord: “You should sit down as well.”

Alexei: “But……”

Feudal Lord: “It’s fine, don’t you want to hear your miserable father’s idle complaints?”

Alexei: “That’s…… I understand, father.”

Let’s throw away the lord and retainer mask and spend time as parent and child in this short amount of time.

Feudal Lord: “So, how is it? Have you found a good partner?”

Alexei: “Father, that is……”

Feudal Lord: “If you don’t find one quickly, I will decide it for you instead, you know?”

Alexei: “Please choose someone who can give the greatest benefit to our family.”

Feudal Lord: “What’s up with that? That’s so boring…”

Even when I teased him, he still gave me a serious reply. What an uninteresting fellow. Though, it might look cute if it’s my wife, but when it comes to my son….

Alexei: “…Father, what are you thinking right now?”

Feudal Lord: “Hmmph, I’m thinking that you’re lacking an interesting side.”

Alexei: “Good grief, father doesn’t get bored on teasingー”

Messenger: “I’m very sorry for interrupting your talk! There’s an emergency call!”

Feudal Lord: “ーーーWhat happened? State the emergency.”

The parent and child’s conversation stopped there as a messenger came and brought in an emergency call while we were talking, hence we return back being the lord and the knight captain who serves me from here on.

Messenger: “Yes! Just recently, several guard stations were bombed simultaneously, and some people invaded the noble area as well at the same time!”

What did you say? What in the world is happening…? Several guard stations were bombed simultaneously and there were intruders as well? How many enemies are there exactly? It should be a lot of enemies as they can attack the guard stations at the same time, so it might be better to watch over those stations.

Alexei: “Send the ones who are safe in their guard stations to assist them immediately! After that, call those who are off duty and who are taking a break as well! The amount of enemy is still unclear, so pretend that they have the same strength as or even more than us! The guards and patrols will stand by in the rear expecting another assault and the imperial guards will intensify their patrolling!”

While I was thinking about the assault, my son… no, the knight captain was giving instructions one after another… I would like to avoid dispersing the military strength in a situation where the information is not enough, but it can’t be helped as the guard stations were attacked simultaneously and the noble district was invaded at the same time as well, huh…?

Feudal Lord: “And, tell the ones who are in the noble district to advise the residents for evacuation and don’t ever leave the house. It’s fine to use messengers, so go!”

Messenger: “Understood!”

When I gave the additional instructions, the messenger immediately went out.

Feudal Lord: “…and you as well. In the unlikely event, don’t hesitate to attack me.”

Alexei: “…..I understand.”

Unlike the tragedy half a month ago, this is clearly an act of terrorism, an assault with purposeーーーthat is, war.

I want to be spared with street fighting, you see……………but even if I said that, it’s unavoidable, I guess……….

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