Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~

Chapter 19 Alexei Vallence

Alexei: “Fuh…”

It finally went quiet after having to continuously throw orders for the reports from my subordinates that never stop coming.

Feudal Lord: “It was tiring, right?”

Alexei: “It cannot be helped if the chaos is this big.”

It was fortunate that we quickly knew that the explosion at the guard station was only a diversion, however the chaos around the citizens is still a problem….

There was a simultaneous explosion here and there, even though they just experienced a major fire that damaged three-digit buildings half a month ago. Rather, we tried to get a lot of hands to reduce this confusion…..

Feudal Lord: “Fumu, let’s just say it’s already good that we found out it was a diversion, and as expected, the enemy’s true objective is here, don’t you think so?”

Alexei: “…most probably.”

It was a clear intention for war when the gate separating the noble district and downtown area was blasted away and the intruders went inside. There have been no reports of battle against anyone from the guard stations.

The enemy had blasted the guard stations aiming for diversion and scattering the military strength, and without a doubt, they are approaching here.

Feudal Lord: “What about the war situation?”

Alexei: “…It’s not in a favorable state either. The soldiers that we have sent are almost annihilated.”

At first I doubted the reports from my subordinates. The soldiers who protect the noble district can’t be matched with the downtown ones, that is to say, it’s an army which I have tempered thoroughly by my own hands.

That’s why, I can’t believe that they are almost wiped off this easily.

Feudal Lord: “Fumu, is this fine for you to not go as well?”

Alexei: “There’s nothing to worry about. We have asked for assistance from the adventurers through the guild. Besides, it seems that the migrants are heading to the front voluntarily.”

Feudal Lord: “I see……”

There’s another information as well that the culprit is also a migrant. Everyone calls her Genocider-chan…..was it? They have been calling her that from the start. If it’s true, then it’s reasonable, though I’m truly grateful about this information.

In this way, if I consult with my father, who is the feudal lord, about what to do after thisーーー

Soldier: “Report! The Army, adventurers, and migrants joint front is almost collapsing!”

―――my subordinate came to report while making a face that is about to cry.

I didn’t expect that she could collapse the front…this can’t be helped, if possible, I don’t want to leave my dear father’s side, but……

Alexei: “……Dear father, I’m going.”

Feudal Lord: “Yes, it’s better if you go.”

The site where I arrived at was in an awful state. It was a terrible spectacle much like a city where you can’t even think of a single compliment about as it was brimming over with corpses in every vicinity.

Rena: “……”

A woman in front of me with a slight look of surprise might be the one who created this. Just now, she avoided my secret technique even though it was her first time seeing it and she even did a counterattack as well, hence she can’t be made light of even if she’s a woman.

She brought a disaster in the first town and killed a large number of virtuous people, including my men. There’s no such thing as giving a handicap at this point of time! Rather, I will defeat her with all my might!!

Rena: “…If I look closely, are you not the son of the feudal lord?”

Alexei: “? What about it…?”

What? What’s wrong with being the son of the feudal lord?

At the same time when I said those words, her expression disappeared and everything that was in light atmosphere became heavier….

Rena: “If so, I should kill you at all cost…”

Alexei: “!!!”


Did I still belittle my opponent?

While revising my evaluation for her, I dodged the thrusts which were aimed at my neck with a minimum move and performed a counterーーー!!!

Alexei: “Shi!!”

She even dodged that and counterattacked. Her dagger obstinately aimed at my neck, hence I avoided it and sometimes swung my big sword while preventing it.

She hit my sword while I tried striking a blow from above my head and proceed on evading her backhand blow when she planned to blind me.

As a result, I tried using my blade at my opponent who lost her balance, however she bent her knees and threw a piece of glass while avoiding it.

Rena: “…this is unexpectedly hard.”

I dodged her quick movement with my own movement and dealt with the thrown dagger as well….

It’s good that I can easily understand that all of her attacks are aiming for my vital parts, but those attacks cannot be ignored as there were attacks such as throwing something for the purpose of blinding me or obstructing my action……this could become troublesome if we still stuck like this.

There were no serious injuries along the battle, but I had a few scratches on my body… How many years ago was it, the last time that I shed some blood?

Alexei: “It can’t be helped, I don’t want to use this in the city, but…”

This area had already been ruined, it won’t change any further even if it’s destroyed a lot more.

Alexei: “Not just making me use all of my strength, but making me go serious as well… You should regret what you have done.”

I was told such thing by the big shot guy. However, my opponent’s defense is too solid and I can’t quite attack and break it off, though.

Well, it’s just my idle complaint, you seeーーー

Alexei: “『Body Strengthening・Explosive Lion』”


Alexei: “『Body Strengthening・Rakshasa Kongou』”

ーーーIsn’t this?

Alexei: “『High Enchant・Glory Prominence』”


Alexei: “『Oath・A sword to avenge our enemies』”


Alexei: “『Oath・A shield to protect our people』”

When the big shot guy had done all of the reinforcement, he blew out a bluish-white flame from his whole body with a deep red violent face similar to a demon’s and all of the surrounding stone pavements were melting.

His current status isーーー

Name: 『Alexei Vallence Lv.55 《+25》』

Karma Value: 『175 《Virtue》』

Condition: 『Normal』

Class: 『Blaze Knight』 | Second Class: 『Vajra Knight』

Side Class: 『Flame Magician』


  • Explosive Lion 〚Increases STR 《Huge》〛〚Increases AGI 《Huge》〛
  • Rakshasa Kongou 〚Increases VIT 《Huge》〛〚Increases Maximum HP 《Huge》〛
  • Attribute Addition 〚Flame attribution to attack 《Huge》〛
  • Oath: Palladium〚Increases STR 《Enormous》〛〚Increases VIT 《Enormous》〛〚Reduces HP per second《3% / 1s》〛
  • 【Remarks】

  • Margrave Vallance・Eldest Child
  • Margrave Vallance・Knight Captain
  • Margrave Vallance’s Guardian Deity
  • …………….As expected, isn’t he too strong?????

    Credits to: Tappi

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