Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~

Chapter 21 Defeat


I vomited some blood and kneeled on the ground. I thought I still have some time left but my body is now shaking and does not listen to what I say. I can see that my body is rapidly losing its energy……

Why did I lose? It’s embarrassing to say that I don’t even understand it….. Alongside that question, I glared with overflowing hatred at the woman who is in front of my eyes and currently sitting on the ground.

Rena: “…Fuuh, I have won the bet, yes? It was truly dangerous this time.”

I asked the woman who got up using a lot of potions and such that I can’t quite sure the amount that she had been carrying.

Alexei: “……How come?”

Rena: “? What do you mean?”

Alexei: “………I should have had 10 seconds left. With that amount of time, I could have pierced your neck.”

Rena: “Ahh……”

I have a slight intuition about this, however I can not help but ask. The woman explained what happened right after she understood what I was talking about.

Rena: “…Well, you see. It’s not that difficult, so I will tell you everything about it.”

The woman said so and proceed to tell me from the beginning until the time when I realized that my hand was struck to the ground like this.

Rena: “First, my dagger is smeared with deadly poison from the start, you see. You had received a number of scratches, though it was before you strengthened yourself. I was a little flustered as I thought that it didn’t have any effect at all, however I felt relieved as it turns out that it worked.”

Alexei: “But I didn’t feel like my condition was poisoned, though?”

Rena: “It’s easy, the explosive ball itself has a weak poison effect as a side effect, and the poison smoke bomb is not just a poison, instead it also has an effect that amplifies the effect when the poison that I have smeared on the knife is mixed with your body…….I guess.”

Alexei: “…you guess?”

Rena: “I merely read the text, so I was also skeptical whether it is true or not, you know? In addition, I also used dark magic 《Weakness》to lower your resistance against abnormal condition just to make sure. As a result, your HP ran out faster than usual. Do you understand now?”

Alexei: “………Aa~ah, this is frustrating.”

It was truly frustrating…..It’s disappointing yet embarrassing as well that I couldn’t manage to bring down the monster who had ruined my hometown, and also the enemy of my dear father and the Order faction.

Rena: “Now then, do you have any last word?”

Alexei: “Nothing……No, my father… please spare him. At any rate, you’re going there, aren’t you?”

Rena: “………That’s true, but to your father… yes?”

Alexei: “Yeah, would that be no good?”

Rena: “………..No, it’s fine.”

Although she showed a slight hesitation, she eventually accepted it. I do not know the reason, but probably she has a feud with my father….

Rena: “Well then, this is farewell. It was a lot of fun.”

Alexei: “…I also wanted to meet you at a different situation than this, you know?”

Aa~ah, it’s really frustrating…..fighting with this fellow who is the enemy of my dear father and the Order faction and a monster who had ruined my hometownーーーwas fun.

Rena: “Well then.”

Her dagger slowly penetrated my throat. It felt as if a foreign object is invading my body and I could feel the heat that is similar like a warm blaze that made me scowled in an instant. However, I immediately lost my senses and could feel nothing around me.

At last, I felt the sense of iron clod passing through my napeーーー

I burned her beautiful face into my memory and finally, my consciousness ceased to exist.

I managed to win against the knight captain, yes?

It was somewhat a narrow victory as it was a terribly hard fight indeed. Let’s reflect on this and put it to good use as a reference in the future.

Rena: “Now then, what should I do?”

The majority of players had already returned to the dead, and the NPCs had been making a resignation look since the knight captain kneeled on the ground.

Among them, there’s still one party that is glaring straight right here to this very moment.

Hannes: “……”

Ryne: “Hannes, if you want to do this, I will go with you until the end.”

Eleanor: “Yeah, our opponent is also exhausted as well.”

Cherry: “I-I will do my best to support!”

Myra: “…This time for sure, pierce her.”

Kellin: “Ehh~? Are you serious? It can’t~ be helped~ then~!”

Hoho? It’s the party that always pick a fight, yes? I don’t mind it, though.

They immediately readied up their weapon….

Hannes: “… No, let’s just stop.”

Ryne: “Hannes?”

Hannes: “It’s not good for our current situation, and even if we know what her objective is, we could only hold out at best.”

Ryne: “……”

Hannes: “But don’t you misunderstand this, okay? It’s just a temporary withdrawal from our fight!”

Ryne: “So that’s what you mean…”

Eleanor: “Can’t be helped at all, huh…”

Hannes: “We will become strong someday and crush you so be preparedーーー”

Rena: “ーーーit’s okay if it’s just a tedious talk, though.”

They are passionately talking to each other for some reason. But, even though it’s bad, I have to rush ahead and run through the central area quickly.

Hannes: “ーーーAs I thought, I hate everything about you.”

Rena: “? Is that so?”

I then killed roughly the remaining party members with a surprise attack and left the place.

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