Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~

Chapter 22 Defeat 2

Feudal Lord: “…He was defeated, huh…”

I confirmed the conclusion of the battle from the manor’s balcony.

Feudal Lord: “Don’t you skip over me, you idiot son…”

People have an important order of things, the ones that are born first has to die first––––––––it’s simple but important. I couldn’t return almost anything that I got from my father… but I still kept the order and in the end I didn’t die first.

No matter how loyal the child is, if he didn’t follow the order and die before his parents, it could not be said that it’s a likeable thing even if the child was a knight captain who was being diobedient to one’s parent just for striving good conductsーーー

Feudal Lord: “――――I’ve told you…”

Rena: “What is?”

Feudal Lord: “…No, nothing. It’s just my own monologue.”

I looked back while answering the woman’s voice from behind.

Feudal Lord: “In any case, did my son leave some words to you?”

Even if he’s a big fool and unfilial son, he might still have a last request, doesn’t he? Hence, I asked her so.

Rena: “…Eeh, he said please live.”

Feudal Lord: “…I see……I see.”

It was the last word from my son that I deeply engraved as if it was chewed thoroughly… This must be done with maximum effort.

Feudal Lord: “…So? What do the winner wants from the loser?”

With a terribly complex expression, I asked the obvious question to her.

Rena: “Let’s see, first, you have to adopt Eren, the Moonlight Family leader, as your adopted child or a hidden child.”

I frowned when I heard the demand from her who became expressionless in an instant. Because I have understood how it will develop after this.

Rena: “After completing the various procedures, you will nominate Eren as the successor and retire from your lord position.”

Feudal Lord: “…How can I explain this to the central government?”

Rena: “Please tell them that Eren has won as a result of the successor’s scramble.”

Feudal Lord: “…………What if I refuse?”

At that moment, I stopped breathing due to the pressure.

Rena: “…are you going to ignore your son’s last will?”

Feudal Lord: “…I don’t mean it like that, it’s just a hypothetical story.”

This is… not good, my son have entrusted his will to her. If you look at her eyes, you will know that you won’t just die.

Rena: “Well, let’s see. If you refuse, can I have your remaining daughter do her best? If I’m correct, she’s 14 years old this year, so I’m sure she can make a child now, and I can put a goblin who is not related by blood with the feudal lord as a successor. yes?”

Just listening to this person who speaks a repulsive thing casually makes me horrified… Can someone say something like this while being conscious? Rather, would anyone think something like this in the first place?

Feudal Lord: “…I will ensure all the demands, so don’t put your hands to my daughter and wife.”

Rena: “Is that so? If so, then there’s no problem.”

In the first place, there is no choice for me since my son lost, so all I can do is to save as many lives as possible.

Feudal Lord: “…and one more thing.”

Rena: “There’s still more?”

Feudal Lord: “This is the last… promise me to never leave the fief and the people out of hand.”

Rena: “? Would that be it?”

Feudal Lord: “……yeah.”

I had thought a lot for a moment, but let’s stop. I don’t feel like it would be a decent result.

Rena: “That’s fine. Rather, it will still be the same as before except for some policies, and after you have succeeded Eren-san as the lord, please go talk to the Moonlight Family boss together with me. I only wanted a puppet.”

Feudal Lord: “…I see, well then, let’s act immediately.”

Rena: “Yes, please.”

Today marks the day where the fief of Margrave Vallence came to an endーーーーーー

Boss: “Fumu, I didn’t think you could accomplish this kind of feat.”

I alongside the feudal lord’s envoy went to meet the Moonlight Family boss on the next day and that was the first line that he said.

Rena: “You didn’t believe it?”

Boss: “Well, even if you’re not a human, you are still a single person. I had thought that it wasn’t enough to defeat the knight captain, Alexei. Did I go senile as well?”

Half in doubt, I see?

Well, you wouldn’t think that a coup would be successful with merely one little girl, yes?

Boss: “…One question, what if we don’t manage the territory like what you wanted to?”

Rena: “? I will just change the head again, though?”

Boss: “…I see, we don’t want to be as hostile as we could towards you as we won’t do anything from here.”

Rena: “That’s splendid.”

Even though I have succeeded with great pains, it’s troublesome to start over again, yes?

Though, it would be easy to do as there won’t be the knight leader next time.

Rena: “Well then, I will leave the rest to you, yes?”

Boss: “Yeah, leave it to me.”

Rena: “Now then, that will be it from me today.”

I said so and left the place, went back to the hotel, and logged out. Today was a passionate day. What a nice feeling of exhaustion.

What should I do next? Should I aim for the next city soon?

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