Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~

Chapter 29 North Underground Passage 5

Yuu: “This person is beyond saving…”

Along with his extremely impolite remarks, he–Yuu-san moved a step back.

Let’s see what got strengthened,…oh?

Name: 『Rena』 | Gender: 『Woman』

Race: 『Human』 | Level: 『40』

Condition: 『Possessed 《Kageyama-san》』

Granted 《STR Increase ・ Medium》

Granted 《VIT Increase ・ Medium》

Granted 《AGI Increase ・ Medium》

Granted 《Cut Strengthening ・ Medium》

Granted 《Accuracy Increase ・ Medium》

Karma Value: 『-181 《Evil》』

Class: 『Assassin』 | Second Class: 『Tamer』

Ooh, aren’t these great enhancements? It doesn’t matter if I don’t have it, though with this, it will save my time.

Hannes: “So he isn’t your comrade?!”

Myra: “…Either way, he’s an enemy.”

I threw a poison needle while she aimed her bow towards Yuu-san. Because there are a lot enemies for one person, why don’t I let her eat one of my new poison, yes?

I charged in while continuing to throw the needles. The vanguard immediately went forward and the rear-guard stepped back, but that doesn’t matter.

A longsword and an axe are approaching from both sides. I dodged the waving longsword, lifted up the axe from below with the hilt of my dagger, slipped through from their side, and swung my dagger towards the spear userーーーWhile he’s in his defensive position, I threw iron scraps at the priest girl and removed her head.

Kellin: “Shi-!!”

The axe user and the swordsman attacked from behind immediately after the surprised spear user rolled over to another spot. I threw another needle again from the flank to prevent an attack towards Yuu-sanーーーNaturally this time it was prevented with a metallic sound, but it’s okay as the purpose was to stop the attack.

I ignored the axe user who takes more time to re-establish his axe because it’s heavier than the others, thrust my dagger at the swordsman and pierced through with my dominant hand. It’s called “Kote” in Kendo, you see.

Ryne: “Guh!!”

After dropping his longsword, the head of the swordsman went flying.

I then returned to my initial position and cast both 《Holy Wall》 and 《Wind Wall》.

Eleanor: “《Exploding Flame》!”

Without a pause, I blocked the magic that was released by the magician and the axe user once again tried to attackーーー

Hannes: “You think I will let you get me once again!?! 《Earth Rhythm》!!”

――――The ground radiates with intense effect from the axe that was slammed into the ground, elevated me, and the spear user approaches the place where he could get my footing.

Kellin: “《Three-stranded Whirlwind》!!”

After having Azabu-san and Inoue-san pulled me, I avoided it backwards and threw several iron scraps and poison needles towards the rear guard.

Eleanor: “《Firewall》!”

Myra: “《Thundercloud Arrow》!”

They defended it with magic and furthermore tried to counterattack. However, I also shot it down 《Four Exploding Blades》, repelled the approaching axe, drove away the spear, and thrust my dagger into the axe user’s neck.

Hannes: “Gafuh?!”

Like so, I put explosive balls inside the headless body and threw it away to the rear guard. Whether it will explode many times or not even explode at all, it will still keep them restrained.

Kellin: “Fuh!”

I lowered my head and dodged the attack from the spear user who has recovered and bashed him with the hilt of my dagger from the side to make him lose his position.

I released a roundhouse kick immediately from his side which knocked him against the wall and attacked the rear guard again.

Eleanor: “!! 《Heat Ray》!”

Myra: “《Killer Shot》!”

I approached while avoiding the obstacles from the rear guards by running on the wall. Then, I threw an iron ball with the 《Meteor》 skill immediately to the archer who was fixing her next arrow which went through and smashed her head. Finally, I swung my dagger down while free-falling towards the miss magician, thus dividing her head into two parts.

Kellin: “Haah haah, you’ve got to be kidding me…”

Once again, the recovered spear user charged in, rolled over and attacked.

Kellin: “…I’m the only one left, huh!?”

I cast 《Gust》 and threw grains of sand at his face who was shouting while doing the same attacks.

Kellin: “Guh!!”

Like that, I lifted the spear with the hilt of my dagger, kicked his stomach, pulled him down to the ground, and then used my secret technique, The Nutcrackerーーーa technique that I used on a boy who had touched my buttocks in elementary school which led him having a utilization problemーーーRelease.

Kellin: “――――uWAA?!”

Alongside the silly “Pakyan” sound, the spear user who had a surprised look and foams on his mouth will now wait to respawn.

Rena: “…It’s over, yes?”

Yuu: “…this person is a demon.”

I returned back to Yuu-san who for some reason, became pigeon-toed and hurried our way to 『Belzenstock City』.

Yuu: “Hey, what are you doing?”

Because Yuu-san, who still seems to not recovered yet, asked such question, let’s answer it.

Rena: “I’m preparing self-made explosives along the passage.”

Yuu: “…Why? The exit is already right there, though?”

Rena: “Because the sea will be right above us, the seawater will surge in here if we blow these up, right? It would be tiring to battle immediately every time we encounter someone, hence I’m trying to buy some time for the other players to reach here.”

Like so, I set up some explosives evenly along the passage immediately after going up the stairs while responding to his questions, not only on the ceiling but also on the ground and walls.

Yuu: “…would that be alright?”

Rena: “It’s not as if they can’t go nor pass here, and to begin with, the seawater will eventually turn into crystals in this place, right? With that being said, they will be able to pass here again soon, yes?”

Yuu: “I-I see…”

Rena: “Alright, it’s done!”

The work that I’ve been doing while we were talking is complete, so let’s blow it up, that is to say, naturally with a large scale.

Rena: “Now then, we’ll now leave this place. It will explode in about three minutes.”

Yuu: “Ah, yes.

I finally get out from the long underground passage along with Yuu-san, who is having distant eyes.

Hmmm, it should be around one week, I guess? The outside air is pleasant and the blue sky is dazzling. Well, I had enjoyed it as much as I wanted in the real world, though.

While being deeply moved by the scenery, the seawater on the left side of us blew up along with a huge explosion sound rang from the underground passage exit behind us, and thus a whirlpool will be created soon afterwards.

Rena: “It seems like a success, yes?”

Yuu: “…so it seems.

By the way, if we go a little to the west, we will soon arrive at 『Belzenstock City』.

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