Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~

Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – Krebskulm Liberation Front – Broken Army

Things had likely been planned long before the meeting, as it was more of a final confirmation. As for details such as how they would cause the chaos, we were not told. We were just collaborators and outsiders.

Well, my role was just to kill two of their best, so I didn’t really need to be told anything.

“This concludes today’s meeting. Dismissed!”

Sage Ron declared, and all of the people that had gathered began to leave the room.

During the meeting, they had decided that since I had the Leadership and Encouragement skill, that I was to give a speech…? These skills not only strengthened your allies, but also affected the NPCs and quests as well, which was quite interesting.

“Hmm. What should I do?”

“Did you say something, Rena?”

“No, it’s just that they asked me to give a speech, right? But my voice isn’t really loud enough to reach the whole town…”

Yuu reacted to my mutterings, and so I just told him the truth.

“Ah, then I can help you! There’s a skill that management put in as a joke! It’s party magic called <Mic>.”

“… Can I ask you why you have such a skill?”

Really, why did he have a skill like that? I didn’t even know of its existence.

“Uh, I… wanted to inspect…”


I had forgotten about it, but Yuu was a part of a group known as the ‘verification team.’ Did they inspect mystery skills and the utility of lesser known skills? Well, it was commendable work…

“While it wasn’t all the way, it’s rather impressive that you were on the frontlines while solo.”

“Well… I was constantly casting powerful buffs on myself. Besides, even skills like these can be useful when combined with other skills. I suppose you could say it was with brute force…”

… I see. As someone who inspected them, he knew a lot about their features… Well, in any case, it would help greatly.

“Alright, I’ll be expecting your support tomorrow.”

“Yes! You can count on me! This time, I will be more useful!”

Why was he so enthusiastic? I hadn’t said anything about him being useless… Did something happen?

Well, it hardly mattered. It was time to prepare for tomorrow.


It looked like the advance party had simultaneously attacked the guard house and the slave market. I was currently in a park that was between the outside gate and the town square. Surprisingly, there were a lot of underground entrances and exits that led into the town. From what I heard, they were made over several generations, before the landowner last changed. And now the armed former slaves were using them to gather together… Hehe. Could I be blamed for getting excited?

Well, I was to now stand on a stage and say various things… But I really wasn’t used to doing this…

This morning, Nia had asked me to stay behind. But I promised them that I would do my best for their sake. And so I will. I intend to keep that promise.

“Alright, Yuu. If you will be so kind.”

“Yes, leave it to me. I’ll use the <Party Magic: Mic> and the <Dumbass magic: Din> to carry your voice throughout the town.”

… That really was a strange lineup, huh? Oh, well. More importantly, what should I talk about…

When I look around, I see groups of people who have the mark on their left cheek… They had suddenly popped out all over the town, which had been a surprise… The residents were looking at them with fear… that was it.

I decided what to say and got up onto the stage. I then looked at the eyes of the slaves… no, former slaves.

“… All of you. Look around.”

I wasn’t used to this, so momentum and brute force through the skills would have to do.

“… Through the work of your comrades, the town is now in chaos.”

A speech? The closest thing I’ve experienced is introducing myself as a new student in school. It could not be helped.

“… I will say it again. Look around. With what kind of eyes are the people looking at you?”

Oh? The old man was here? The one who gave me candy during our first day on the boat. He was looking at me with shock.

“… Are they looking at you as objects or tools? Do they still not see you as humans…? No, look at their expressions of fear and surprise!”

The attack from the advance party and the sudden appearance of these people with the mark on their left cheek… in other words, slaves… This was a rebellion on a large scale, and the residents saw them as a threat.

“They don’t see you as tools that are rebelling… but as people. People who are a threat!!”

Old man. Sorry, but I’m going to use you now… Besides, that candy was disgusting.

“…Old man. You were kind to me when I first came to this town. And yet even you saw slaves as objects. Yet what about now? That is not the same look in his eyes!”

Don’t look at the ground so much, old man. Look up and burn this into your memory… The moment that the tools bit back…! Hehe. This is so exciting…!!

“… You are all people!”

Shout what they’d want to hear and make exaggerated gestures. That’s how you do it, right?

“… The residents here have admitted it without knowing!”

Ahh, it was starting to get harder.

“This fight is not a war or a rebellion or even revenge! It is a fight to take back your dignity as humans!!”

To be honest, I didn’t even read what was written on the official website. I didn’t have all the enthusiast knowledge that Yuu did. Nor did I know anything about the history or culture of this town. And yet here I was, shouting in an exaggerated way. It was hard to prevent myself from laughing, really…

“… Listen to me.”

And so it was time to wrap things up. Obviously, it was nothing compared to their long history of being abused, but I couldn’t last any longer. I had to end things forcefully.

And so I unsheathed the blade on my waist and carved the mark into my own left cheek…the mark that used to mean slavery.


At that moment, everyone present looked on in shock. Some had their mouths hanging open with dumbfounded expressions… Why are you screaming, Yuu?

“… This mark is not about slavery, but about freedom across the sea!”

Then I spread out my arms.

“… This mark is about being so fast that no storm can stop us!”

Here, I held my hands together in front of my chest.

“And it’s a symbol of freedom!!”

Ah, I can see that some have started to cry. It seems that my <Acting> skill that evolved from my <Camouflage> skill, and the <Encouragement> skill are really doing their job… I’m relieved, as this has all been very embarrassing.

“Some of your comrades are already fighting for your freedom! In order for us to be free, we need to follow them and make it happen in a short amount of time!!”

This notion that their comrades were out there bleeding had the right effect. Those who were shocked or crying snapped out of it and their faces became serious.

“The time is now! It’s the moment for the decisive battle!”

It was time for the climax.

“Now, run! Run like the…”

What I said after that, was it the Tartars… currently known as Mongolians… who used to say it? Run faster than an arrow! Well, it was what I wanted to say, but doubted it would get through to these NPCs. Besides, I had something else that was well-suited…

“… Krebskulm on your left cheek!!”

It was here that I raised my right fist to the side of my face while bringing my left hand to my stomach.


When I did, the town was filled with the sounds of shouting. My ears hurt so much that for a moment I wanted to kill them all… Yes, I’m aware that I’m the one who caused it.

The Krebskulm was part of their faith. And so I said ‘…like’ instead of ‘…faster than.’ And it seemed to be effective… Well, I’m just going to say it was. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been worth the embarrassment…

“Huh? Rena, your ears look red…”

Such were the rude words that came from Yuu’s mouth as I came down from the stage. And so I punched him in the stomach before running through the crowd and towards the town square.

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