Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game

Chapter 1815 - Chapter 1815 The Test

Chapter 1815 The Test

When Lu Yanlong heard Fang Heng’s words, he couldn’t help but laugh.

He thought to himself, “I knew it.”

Mr. Fang didn’t look like someone who would give up easily!

How could he stop when there were so many ores to be mined?

No matter how he looked at it, it didn’t seem like his style!

“Hahaha, Mr. Fang has always made a wise choice. What is more important than making money? Making money will make one happy, right?”

Lu Yanlong laughed and took out the map of the mining area skillfully. He rubbed his hands nervously and said, “Mr. Fang, this is part of the area that Starfish Company has explored these days. The federal camp is in the west, so we should try to start from the east so that we won’t run into the Federation. Right, we’re competing with the Federation this time, so we have to hurry. Where do you think we should start?”


Fang Heng agreed and looked at the map. After thinking for a moment, he pointed at a location marked on the map.

“Let’s start from here.”

Lu Yanlong looked at the area Fang Heng pointed at and nodded.

The place that Mr. Fang pointed at was a little strange; it was a gathering area of wild creatures.

There was only a very small mining area nearby.

Why did he choose that place?

Lu Yanlong was thinking about the meaning behind Fang Heng’s choice when someone suddenly patted his shoulder.

He turned around and saw Fang Heng had already jumped behind the fusion Tyrant form and said, “Let’s go! Hurry up.”

“Alright, I’m coming!”

Lu Yanlong replied and swiftly climbed onto the back of the fusion Tyrant form, following Fang Heng to the mine.

The two fusion Tyrant forms ran wildly in front, followed by over 200 Lickers.

In less than an hour, the group had entered the outskirts of the forest.

They were about to enter a vast plain where many mutated creatures lived on.

Although it was already late at night, there were still many figures wandering on the plains.

Fang Heng controlled the fusion Tyrant form to stop at the edge of the forest, a layer of red light attached to his pupils.

The vampire’s ability-Night vision!

The black shadows that appeared on the plains belonged to a relatively low-level mutated creature.

The wild foxes of the plains.

They were a type of nocturnal creature that lived in groups. They usually lived on plains and had a strong sense of territory.

In the elementary and intermediate games, wild foxes of the plains often appeared, and their attributes were relatively mediocre.

However, in the advanced game, the strength of the wild foxes in the plains had increased after the mutation.

Moreover, it would be very troublesome if they gathered together.

As the wild foxes of the plains had a strong team nature, if one of them was involved in a fight, the rest of the group would also be attracted. Therefore, players usually did not choose to provoke them.

Very good, very suitable for testing the strength of the talent enhancement!

Fang Heng was slightly excited and waved his hand forward.

“Whoosh! Whoosh Whoosh!”

A large group of Lickers and over ten fusion Tyrant forms immediately rushed forward after receiving the order. They ran into the plains and attacked the wild foxes of the plains.

The wild foxes of the plains felt the killing intent coming from the intruders.

After being invaded, all the wild foxes of the plains were agitated and exploded with rage.


The howling of the wild foxes echoed in the night sky.

This was a warning given when someone invaded their territory.

The group of Lickers did not have any reaction and directly charged in!


The voice became short and hurried.

The wild foxes of the plains began to gather.

A large number of black shadows could be seen on the plains in the distance, quickly gathering in the middle of the battlefield.

So many!

In the distance, Lu Yanlong, who was following Fang Heng, could not help but shrink his neck.

He wondered why Mr. Fang would provoke these wild foxes.

“Mr. Fang, we…”

“Okay, don’t worry. You’ll find out soon.”

Fang Heng looked expectant.

The Licker at the front pounced on the wild fox, igniting the start of the battle!

The zombies and the wild foxes collided head-on!

The slaughter began!

A large number of wild foxes swarmed over from all directions.

The entire plain was filled with the cries of the wild foxes.

Suppression of numbers!

A large number of wild foxes swarmed over and almost instantly drowned the 200 Lickers in the center!

In an instant, rows of game notifications appeared in Fang Heng’s vision!

[Hint: The player’s zombie clone (Licker) has been hit by a wild fox of the plains…]

[Hint: The player’s zombie clone (fusion Tyrant form) has dealt 2,128 hammer damage to the wild fox of the plains, causing it to be sent flying…]

[Hint: The player’s zombie clone (Licker) has dealt 928 biting damage to the wild fox of the plains…]

[Hint: The mutated infection effect of the wild fox of the plains (mutant) has taken effect.]

Fang Heng looked at the game notification and observed the state of the battlefield. He had an epiphany.

So that was the case…

Other than the difference in level between the two parties, the mutant infection also had a hidden and offensive mode.

For example, if the Licker used attacks such as biting and claw attacks, once the skin was bitten and came into contact with blood, there was a 90% chance of causing the enemy to enter a mutant infection state!

After entering the mutant infection state, the enemy would also have a debuff that would continuously reduce HP every second.

Less blood loss.

It was negligible to high-level creatures with high HP. It was only an addition.

Another example was the fusion Tyrant form.

If the fusion Tyrant form attacked the enemy with a fist strike and did not cause the enemy to bleed, the mutation infection effect would rarely be triggered. Fang Heng roughly estimated that the probability of triggering it was less than 5%.

If he used a long-range beam weapon to attack, it would probably not trigger the mutant infection effect at all.

Fang Heng nodded in his heart. He analyzed the effects of passive talent enhancement and pondered how to perfectly use this move in the future, as well as the possibility of carrying various black technologies.

Lu Yanlong stood at the side and observed.

He already had some understanding of the Licker.

Although the number of wild foxes was rapidly increasing, more and more wild foxes were crowding over from all directions, tightly surrounding the zombies in the center.

However, the zombies controlled by Fang Heng were extremely durable!

They couldn’t be killed at all!

He just didn’t know what Mr. Fang wanted to do.

Farming monsters?

There was no need for that…

Fang Heng had already screened the locations beforehand.

There were two main points.

First of all, the wild foxes of the plains had not been semi-mechanized by the alien spawns, so they could be infected.

Secondly, the wild fox could only use its powerful body to attack physically, so it could not cause fatal damage to the zombie clone that had the undead effect.

This gave Fang Heng an almost infinite margin for error!

The Licker could be attacked an unlimited number of times, but it would not die!

However, the wild foxes of the plains could not do this!

It’s here!

Fang Heng narrowed his eyes, his gaze focused on a wild fox of the plains that was being attacked by the Lickers in the distance.

The wild fox of the plains was pinned down by the three Lickers and was forced to the ground, biting down until its HP was completely depleted.

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