God of Fishing

Chapter 3541 - 3541 50,000 Gods Accompany Me to Transcend the Divine Tribulation (2)

3541 50,000 Gods Accompany Me to Transcend the Divine Tribulation (2)

Otherwise, if Han Fei fought so many God Slaying-level powerhouses, he might not be able to kill them even if his strength dropped to the peak of the Great Monarch realm, let alone an hour.

Without the obstruction of the God Slaying level, although the 50,000 Eternal Race gods wanted to stop Han Fei, they couldn’t at all!


Tens of thousands of lightning marks passed through these gods, but they didn’t attack them.

Han Fei’s goal was the luck of the entire Eternal Race.


As Han Fei attacked, the power of the Sea Quelling God’s blow swept across thousands of kilometers of energy ripples, crushing ordinary people below the level of billions of Eternal Race gods.

“Han Fei ~”

“A*shole, stop!”

“Villain, you’re the Human Emperor. How can you attack ordinary people?”

For a moment, the gods were angry. They had thought that Han Fei’s goal was them, but they never expected that Han Fei’s goal was those ordinary people.

Even Jiang Buyi didn’t understand. Han Fei should be in a hurry to quickly weaken the basic combat power of the Eternal Race. What was the significance of his attack on ordinary people?

Han Fei laughed out loud. “Everyone in the Eternal Race is a thief. You grow by stealing the fruits of the myriad races. Even ordinary people of your race are not qualified to survive in this world.”

Boom, Boom, Boom ~

Han Fei attacked consecutively. Wherever the range was, no one below the level of a god could escape. Before the 50,000 gods could react, ten billion people in the rear of the Eternal Race had already died under Han Fei’s madness.

At this moment, some gods of the Eternal Race finally realized what was going on and tried to rush up to block Han Fei.

However, when Han Fei killed more than 30 gods in a row with the Immortal Slaying Knife in one second, no god dared to attack again. Those were god-level powerhouses, but more than 30 of them had been killed with one slash. Even if there were indeed a lot of them, how could they withstand such a terrifying power?

More importantly, if it were other Sea Quelling Gods, they might have a chance to be resurrected, but Han Fei directly cut off the River of Life. They didn’t even have a chance to be resurrected.

At that moment, the dominator trapped by the Ten Yamas of Hell, even Jiang Buyi, didn’t hesitate to fight with all his strength.

But this was a premeditated war after all. No one in this world would have thought that Han Fei would launch a war of extermination against the Eternal Race at this moment, when all the dominators were caught in the battle.

It hadn’t even been fifty seconds since the battle began. In such a short period of time, even if Jiang Buyi and the dominator wanted to, it was difficult for them to break out of the siege of the Ten Yama Kings, Jiang Linxian, and the others.

At this moment, the power of a Sea Quelling God was completely highlighted.

Han Fei killed wantonly, regardless of the cost. This would be the most number of creatures he had killed in his life, and it might never happen again.

Among the Eternal Race below the level of gods, except for the Great Monarchs who were relatively far away from Han Fei’s attacks, the rest had no chance at all to survive the terrifying energy tide that Han Fei unleashed.

In just ten seconds, nearly 20 billion Eternal Race members had completely perished in the Creation Star Compass.

In the eyes of ordinary people, killing one person was a crime, killing ten thousand people was a hero, and killing a million people was a hero among heroes. But when this number rose to hundreds of millions, anyone’s mentality would change.

At this moment, Han Fei suddenly understood the high and mighty powerhouses, the powerhouses who regarded mortals as ants. He couldn’t even see how the Eternal Race members died, because under the energy tide, they were directly annihilated, not even leaving a body.

At that moment, Han Fei somewhat understood Cangtian.

Everyone is nothing but ants. It was not a slogan. When Cangtian transcended his tribulation, he did feel this way, which was his truest feeling.

However, Han Fei didn’t have Cangtian’s conditions. From Cangtian’s birth to his unification of the six lineages and conquering of the Sea of Stars, there were too many conditions that supported him to develop this thought of supremacy and gained the heart of a Supreme.

In the vast Sea of Stars, few people recognized Han Fei. Although he had taken pains to conquer the Central Sea Divine Realm, at this moment, he couldn’t borrow the power of the myriad races in the Sea Realm.

Therefore, Han Fei had been gambling. He bet that he could swallow the luck of the Eternal Race and find a way to break the ice in the 800-year period agreed with Senior Sister Shen Le.

After all, because Han Fei had killed too many Eternal Race members, some of the 50,000 gods finally couldn’t stand the pain of extinction.

Someone shouted, “Kill Han Fei! If he doesn’t die, the Eternal Race will be wiped out. We’ll still die. Kill!”


“I’m not afraid of death. Even if I die, I can just enter the Path of Reincarnation. I might still have a chance to reincarnate in the future.”

These people didn’t know that the Path of Reincarnation was with Han Fei, or they wouldn’t have shouted such a slogan.

However, even if some people were angry and no longer waited, trying to stop Han Fei with their lives, there were still too few people they could summon. There were only 3,000 gods who responded to this call among the 50,000 gods.

Yes, humans were selfish. The other gods all felt that at least Han Fei hadn’t attacked them yet. As for the dominator-level powerhouses, they were only temporarily trapped by those Sea Quelling Gods. As long as any dominator escaped, the situation could be changed.

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