God of Fishing

Chapter 3542 - 3542 50,000 Gods Accompany Me to Transcend the Divine Tribulation (3)

3542 50,000 Gods Accompany Me to Transcend the Divine Tribulation (3)

At this moment, waiting was more meaningful than rushing up to die.

A small number of the 3,000 gods rushed at Han Fei. These people were shrewd because they knew that they couldn’t catch up with Han Fei at all. Although they hated Han Fei very much and hoped to stop him, on the other hand, they were afraid of death but still wanted to pretend to be brave for others or even dominator-level powerhouses to see.

Most of them dispersed and took the initiative to protect the Eternal Race.

However, for Han Fei, three thousand people was too few. As for God Slaying-level powerhouses, three hundred would be enough to stop Han Fei for half an hour, or even two hundred.

However, before the gods broke through the shackles, the gap between their combat power and Han Fei was too great. Especially the gods of the Eternal Race who relied on stealing the fruits of the divine tribulation, the gap between them and Han Fei was nearly ten times.

However, this couldn’t be calculated purely by combat power. That was the difference in the level of source power. Back then, Han Fei and Qiu Wanren used more than a hundred remnant souls of gods to stop and kill a God Slaying-level powerhouse from the Central Sea Divine Realm, although Qiu Wanren was stronger than the other party.

Although the remnant souls couldn’t fight continuously, because each of them could only launch a powerful attack or show the power of a god for a moment at most, under the attack of the Sea Quelling Gods, these gods of the Eternal Race were no better than remnant souls.

Many of them could only unleash their strength once.

However, it was better to have gods take action than nothing.

Han Fei fought his way through and encountered the resistance of gods. If he wanted to kill a large number of people at once, he had to kill the gods first.

And killing those gods would at least delay him the time of one blow.

Besides, in order to protect their clansmen, these gods were relatively scattered, which would waste even more time.

A hundred seconds later.

Han Fei had already killed more than a thousand gods, but because of the resistance of the gods, Han Fei could only kill another 20 billion Eternals.

Seeing this scene, many of the remaining gods were already tempted. Even if Han Fei could maintain such an efficient combat state, he could kill at most 5,000 gods in half an hour.

In fact, they could protect the remaining 60 billion members of the Eternal Race.


Suddenly, the dominator who was besieged by the Ten Yama Kings seemed to have activated a secret technique and forcibly blasted open a corner of the Ten Directions Purgatory, seriously injuring a Yama King.

The dominator shouted, “All gods, attack. If you don’t attack now, I’ll personally kill all of you to appease the ten billion heroic spirits of the Eternal Race.”

This cry made the expressions of countless gods change.

For a moment, someone gritted his teeth and shouted, “Attack! Gather the power of our gods and resist with all our strength. As long as we block Han Fei, it will be the victory of the Eternal Race.”

Hearing that the dominator was going to kill them with his own hands, these people had no choice but to move. If they tried to stop Han Fei, at most 5,000 gods would die. But if the dominator took action, tens of thousands would die.


At this moment, the lone tomb set up by the Death God was torn apart by the power of the dominator. Han Fei couldn’t help but be distracted. He saw a figure rush out of the lone tomb. Behind him, there was a small golden tower shining with divine light.

In the end, without the suppression of the Death God, the lone tomb was penetrated in only a hundred seconds.

Just as Han Fei’s heart sank, with a bang, the Law Enforcement Divine Chain, like a divine whip, suddenly shattered that domain. As soon as the Eternal Race’s dominator rushed out, he was whipped away.

At the same time, the Primordial Eight Fierce Swords instantly intertwined into a huge sword net. Then, it froze in all directions, forming eight sword Qi chains that sealed that domain.

However, for some reason, that person still didn’t appear.


Although that person didn’t appear, Han Fei, Old Han, and the Ten Kings of Hell were all relieved.

The one in the Creation Divine Prison finally took action, which made them relieved.

At this moment, on the side of the Ten Kings of Hell, a King of Hell shouted, “Human Emperor, we can hold on for another hour at most.”

Han Fei looked at Old Han and Old Han shouted, “Son, do what you want. You don’t have to worry about us.”

Senior Brother Azure Dragon also shouted, “Little Junior Brother, on our side, none of the Sea Quelling Gods can escape.”

Han Fei knew that everyone was trying their best. However, no matter how hard they tried, a Sea Quelling God was only a Sea Quelling God, including the First Palace Master of the Time Temple and Ximen Linglan. Although they could trap the dominator for a while, this was definitely not a long-term solution.

Once they lost their combat power, even Old Han and the others probably wouldn’t be able to stop the dominator for a short period of time. At that time, the one in the Creation Divine Prison wouldn’t be able to fight four alone.

Finally, Han Fei stopped and stood proudly in the air, looking up as if stretching his body. Seeing this, the gods of the Eternal Race were uneasy. They wished that Han Fei could continue to rest like this forever.

At this moment, a rain of blood poured down on Han Fei like a waterfall. In the sky, the mourning bell was wailing. It was the mourning bell of the death of the Sea Quelling God. The bell was thunderous and shook the Sea of Stars.

Han Fei suddenly roared, “Tribulation… Come!”

Yes, this was Han Fei’s last bet. This time, he was not only here for the Demon Purification Pot’s vine, but also to bet that he could break the Supreme Technique.

At that moment, the rain of blood that filled the sky suddenly stopped. They floated in the air and then shattered into spirals of red smoke, quickly gathering and turning into boundless clouds.

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