Harry Potter: A Certain Ancient Rune Professor of Hogwarts (TL)

Chapter 618: Resurrection Stone

Chapter 618: Resurrection Stone

“Yeah, that’s what Harry said at the time. Remarkable person, isn’t he? I sort of admire him for that, even though I am still strongly averse to the idea of idolizing someone personally.”

Valen listened intently, not even noticing that she had dropped the little biscuit in her hand.


“After that ah … after that Dumbledore took Harry away.”

Felix spread both hands to indicate that the story was over, causing Valen to grumble, why didn’t the Great Demon King follow along! She wanted to know what happened after that! Felix himself sighed a little, it must have been hard for Harry to keep so many emotions bottled up, but it was the survival of such a person that made people look forward to his future all the more!

Felix sat down in his chair behind his desk, his eyes became calm.

He has two important tasks at hand, one is fulfilling his duties as advisor to the Minister of Magic – to some extent he has been promoted again at the Ministry of Magic, and there is still a big difference between an honorary advisor hired by the Ministry and a personal advisor to the Minister of Magic – and answering the various questions raised by Amelia Bones.

This matter dates back to a few weeks ago.

At the end of the Ancient Rune Almanac event, Ms. Bones came to the school when Felix hadn’t shown any sign of visiting her.

Similar to today’s process, Ms. Bones had witnessed the state of Voldemort first hand, and even without knowing the secret of the Horcrux, she still chose to believe in all the decisions Dumbledore made.

Since that day, Ms. Bones had been bombarding Felix with a barrage of owls at an average rate of one a day.

Frankly, he was quite happy to write back.

Despite the ‘finally throwing trouble out’ attitude that Felix displayed when confronted by Ms. Bones, that was just a negotiating technique, a way of fighting for the right to speak and to have a dominant position, as he certainly preferred to keep things under his control.

And the second task is about the study of the soul domain.

Felix shook his left hand slightly and a teacup-like container came to his hand.

Valen couldn’t restrain herself from coming over to look.

The container contained a ragged two or three-inch long piece of cloth – but on closer inspection it looked a bit like a man in a black hooded cloak, the skin of his bare hands glazed in greenish grey, eerily shining light, covered in mucus and motes, looking no different from a rotting corpse.

It is a Dementor.

“Kee! (Take it away!)”

Valen shivered, she knew what this thing is, having seen it in more than just comic books – once she even let the Great Demon show it to her out of curiosity, only to have all her joy sucked out of her and become sadder than a penniless Niffler.

The Dementor floated around the container as if some kind of black, highly poisonous jellyfish.

“Kee? (Is it dead?)” Valen asked warily.

“No. They’re not exactly a living thing, it’s a kind of ‘non-being’.” Felix said softly.

He couldn’t transform into a Dementor, and all he knew about Dementors came through experiments. Because Dementors are not magical creatures, they are not even considered living things. Their own state transcended the concept of life and death – they are never really alive, so naturally one cannot talk about death.

Valen ran over to bring her little chair over and assumed a posture of listening to a story.

Felix: “… Okay.” He was also in a bit of a spirited mood today.

“The origins of the Dementors date back to the fifteenth century. There was an unmarkable island in the North Sea that later came to know as Azkaban. Back then this island was inhabited by an evil wizard named Ekrizdis… after placing many wards and magics on the island Ekrizdis secretly captured passing sailors and subjected them to all sorts of cruel, evil dark magic experiments, from which the Dementors were born.”

“And since then they can never be eradicated.”

Felix ended the story in a low, deep voice.


“Ah, you mean this? I could indeed destroy them, but in the blink of an eye, they would once again spawn in places clouded with gloom, filth, and full of despair … Dementors are born out of human emotions, and the only way to cut their numbers is through reducing the means of their existence.”

Valen shook her head a little confused, this concept was a little beyond the scope of her knowledge.

She gestured for a while and finally pulled out her exclusive wand, and a colourful question appeared in the air: so after the guy in the cup disappears, there will be an extra dementor egg somewhere in the world?

Felix stifled a laugh by clearing his throat.

“Dementors won’t turn into eggs.”

Valen thought for a moment and wrote: Then a plant’s seed?

“Well, not really … well, stop writing, I can give you an example.” Felix stopped Valen’s fantastic association and mulled it over for a moment before saying, “Dementors are closer to Peeves in terms of their state.”

Valen’s eyes widened as she found it difficult to make any connection between the two things.

“Think about it,” Felix said, “Peeves is an aggregation of chaotic minds of young wizards, Dementors are born of a mixture of corruption, filth, and despair; Peeves cannot be seen by ordinary people, neither can Dementors; Peeves can move objects and do all sorts of mischief, Dementors have the same ability to interfere with reality; Peeves is manifested due to the little wizards of Hogwarts and cannot be destroyed, and Dementors will also remain undead forever due to human emotions …”

‘But Peeves can only stay in Hogwarts castle.’ Valen thought very hard for half a second and wrote.

“For Dementors, the whole world is a castle for them to roam.” Felix spoke softly, “In a corner of Azkaban – where Ekrizdis conducted his evil experiments back in the day – a Dementor or two is still spawned from time to time.”

“According to Ministry of Magic’s records, the number of Dementors increased dramatically during the two world wars. They even tried to break out of Azkaban as even darker, and filthiest places sprang up … It was only at the end of the war that their numbers dwindled.”

Felix held out a finger and propelled the teacup-like container with Dementor around the air, ” Well, who would ever believe that they could potentially destroy the entire world if left unchecked?”

Under Ms. Bones’ command, the Ministry of Magic has now stopped using Dementors as guards for Azkaban. At the same time, an extra room has been created in the Department of Mysteries, which is lined with Dementor capture cages, and sealed up with the most restrictive magic.

The last few currently in the wild are probably the only ones Felix has.

For a while, he had been trying to figure out how Dementors could extract souls, but having learned from the past, Felix had decided to be more cautious, fearing that he might accidentally create something unimaginable.

Felix put the dementors away and began to write a reply to Ms. Bones.

Valen also went back to her little table and started writing her diary. She now had a new target, Leonhard Bagshot, because he had blown up her snake, and although her treasure had come back as a result, Valen still held a grudge against him!

Elsewhere, Harry returned to the common room with some exuberance.

“Don’t expect me to open the door for you if you come back this late again.” The fat lady shouted at him.

“Yeah, got it.” Harry replied, humming a pleasant tune.

He had learned from Dumbledore that the Professor’s working hard to keep him alive, and it made him feel so bad for shouting and snapping at them, and he had also learned a secret, the Resurrection Stone! Headmaster Dumbledore unexpectedly owns the legendary Resurrection Stone.

This secret is not even known to Professor Hap.

Headmaster Dumbledore had strictly forbidden him from telling anyone. Thinking about all the trouble the Elder Wand had caused, Harry solemnly agreed. However, it did not stop him from wanting to secretly steal it for some time.

Of course, Harry also felt bad for Headmaster Dumbledore’s sister. Yes, Dumbledore had a sister, it was unbelievable, Harry almost dropped his jaw when he found out about it, why had he never thought about it? But she had died at a young age and hadn’t had time to attend Hogwarts.

That’s why Dumbledore had broken the rules and joined this year’s Sorting Ceremony.

That was to fulfil his sister’s wish.

“The Resurrection Stone can summon a projection of the dead from the minds of the living.” Dumbledore explained, and Harry didn’t know how to express his concern since the second of the three brothers in the fairy tale turned suicidal in the end because of the Resurrection Stone, but Harry believed Dumbledore possessed enough wisdom to deal with the complication.

Overall, Harry was in a happy mood. A huge mountain that had been weighing on his mind had suddenly disappeared and Harry could hardly wait for the new school year to begin; how much merrier a day would be without Voldemort? He wanted to rush to the girls’ dormitory now and ask Ginny out for a walk in the moonlight.

The common room was empty and Harry was so happy he wanted to sing. That’s when he heard someone talking in the corner.

That was where he usually spent time with Ron and Hermione.

“Harry hasn’t returned yet … we can’t wait any longer!”

Then Harry heard the sound of an envelope being torn open and his heart suddenly clenched hard. He rushed over to see Ron pulling a bulging wad of parchment out of the torn envelope–

“Don’t touch it!”

Harry shouted in horror, stepping forward and snatching it up, ‘Snap-‘ leaving Ron with only a small piece of parchment.

“Hey!” Ron shouted angrily. But when he saw it was Harry, he was overjoyed, “Merlin’s ragged trousers! Harry, you’re finally back!”

Harry had to struggle to push the lunging Ron out of the way and haphazardly stuff the parchment into his shirt pocket with his other hand, only after doing so did he breathe a sigh of relief, only to realize that he was already soaked to the brim in a cold sweat.

“Harry, what the hell is going on?” Hermione asked with a raised eyebrow, “Ron was rambling on endlessly about … something earlier.”

“Nothing.” Harry muttered with a red face, there is no way he would allow Ron and Hermione to know what he had written in the letter, it would be too corny. If the two ever got to read it, he’d find a place to drown himself.

“But Ron told me-” Hermione looked at him suspiciously.

“Hey, Harry!” Ron’s eyes suddenly lit up as he stared at the small slip of parchment in his hand, carefully reading the words on it. “You’re going to give me the invisibility cloak? That’s, that’s really-” he was too excited to speak.

Harry’s entire body was frozen in place.

Just as he mulled over some excuse to make up, Hermione walked up and snatched the piece of parchment out of Ron’s hand, and after reading it twice, her eyes first filled with suspicion, then shock, then panic, at that point, Harry knew he is done for.

“Hand over the letter, Harry.” Hermione stated in one quick breath.


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