Hero Of Darkness

Chapter 1013 Talking with Myself

Chapter 1013  Talking with Myself

A silence ensued in a completely white plane of existence aka Kahn's inner world as the Future Kahn faced the Present Kahn who was now staring at him with a feeling of trepidation. Both of them were now in their soul forms and given the density of their auras, the future Kahn seemed more stronger and firmer by at least 2 times than the current Kahn.

And now, the current Kahn's countenance turned serious as he asked…

"Tell me about everything that happened in the future."

The future Kahn then summoned a couple of comfortable luxurious thrones while the Dragon behind him rested on the supposed white floor.

"Have a seat... It's gonna take a while." said future Kahn.

After both of them sat, casually leaning off against the throne and folded their right leg over the other and rested their face on the right palm while relying on the armrest for support, completely mirroring each other…

"I guess some habits are common regardless of the timeline." said future Kahn.

Soon, he summoned a red archaic rune in between them that hovered in the air, resembling that of a fluttering lotus while multiple branching runes kept spreading and retracting on their own.

"This is the Transcendent Rune of Reminiscence. It has been the reason why I was able to come to the past and it has been on your back ever since God of Darkness sent you to Vantrea." iterated future Kahn with a casual smile.

"It is one of the 5 Transcendent Runes created by Gods. This one is particularly created by God of Time himself. Back in the original timeline, God of Time gave an archaic incantation to Hero of Time which would help him come back in time in case he failed to kill the Demon God.

"But the problem was that using the transcendent rune came with conditions. That it couldn't be activated until I came in contact with Hero of Time, the original host of the divine key where the Rune was imprinted in the past. So it would only activate when the Hero of Time made physical contact with me… I mean us." he iterated solemnly.

"And then, I chose the time of my summoning right before God of Darkness and Kravel entered the World Boundary. I told them what happened in the future and how the future versions of ourselves planned to negate the danger of Hero of Time coming back since his primary goal was to kill me with the knowledge of the future events.

Also, I explained a few events and how things were changed to both of them." revealed the Martial Emperor. After hearing his words, the current Kahn was not only stunned but absolutely gobsmacked.

"So you were with me… watching me since the moment I was summoned in this world?" he asked with a bewildered countenance.

"Yes. But not only that… I have been living this new life as well. Because in the end, you and I are the same person with the same soul." explained the future Kahn.

"The only difference is that you were the one in charge of our every action and decision we made in this timeline while I was simply a spectator who could not do anything to help you or influence your mind in any way." iterated the future Kahn in a stern voice.

"Then how come I never noticed your existence?" asked current Kahn.

"Because two of the same person from different timelines cannot exist or control the body at the same time. And since I was sealed inside the transcendent rune, I had no other choice but to watch until the Hero of Time came for us." explained the Martial Emperor.

"Oh, but I did take over the body once and saved us from certain death." spoke the future Kahn with a prideful smirk.

"What?! When?!" asked Kahn, simply stupefied from disbelief.

To his befuddled countenance and the question, the future Kahn revealed when he had appeared for the first time in the new timeline…

"When that Undead Lich killed you inside the Bromnir Dungeon."

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