Hero Of Darkness

Chapter 852 Weapon Of A King

Chapter 852 Weapon Of A King

In the main training halls of the Fenrirborne Tribe leader aka Romulus Lykaios, a blue wolfkin stood in front of his master as it was the first day of weapons training for a new weapon.

Since Kahn was already a legitimate saint in Swordsmanship when he created Dragon Strike when he was only a semi-saint…

In the past month, the red wolfkin was teaching Kahn all the skills and helped the latter in perfecting his already existing ones to a great degree. Now, all of Kahn's Swordsmanship skills were at Saint Rank.

This created room for new weapon mastery and bridged the lacking knowledge and mastery as a swordsman for Kahn. So it was time for them to move to the next one and learn it with undivided attention.

As the first weapon was… Spear.

"Take out your spear." commanded the heavenly king.


Suddenly, a black and golden spear appeared in Kahn's right hand and revealed a greatly oppressing aura that of a legitimate dragon.

Even Romulus revealed a baffled expression as soon as he sensed the quality of the spear summoned by Kahn.

It was a Legendary Rank spear made from a mythical rank dragon's horn by the saint blacksmith aka Throk Oakenshield. Named by Kahn as…



The heavenly king assessed Kahn's spear and gave an affirming nod as he too found the spear extremely well-suited for his pupil.

"Do you know why spears, halberds and tridents are rarely practiced by saints?" he questioned Kahn in his Atreus persona.

"Because they're not as effective as a sword other than the long range they provide?" Kahn questioned back.

"It is indeed one of the reasons." nodded the Apostle of Slaughter.

"But that's not all.

A sword can be used by either your prominent hand or both hands to create more force and momentum.

It can also be quick to draw and do both slashing and piercing. It saves time and can help you protect yourself at a moment's notice by deflecting an attack.

Whereas in using long-range melee weapons like spears, halberd, polearms and tridents… You must use both hands to perfectly wield it no matter which situation. It's also risky once you lose the advantage of the range and momentum.

The reaction time is also too long if you're facing a surprise attack and have a weak posture to counter it." stated the heavenly king from his experience.

"But there are two ways to get rid of those shortcomings.

One is obviously your skills. Can you guess the other?" he glanced at Kahn, testing his knowledge.

"It's your body." replied Kahn with no hesitation.

Romulus nodded, pleased with the answer.

"Correct. If your body is strong as a mountain and your agility and senses are as fast as a lightning bolt, you can make up for the shortcomings.

But it's easier said than done." he expressed in a tone of a veteran.

"You can't just be massively big or ripped to use any of these 4 long-range weapons. And you can't be too shredded or slim either.

A firm footing and arms that are not only strong but shaped in a way to wield a spear and quickly use fighting techniques related to these weapons, whether you're attacking or guarding yourself, must be developed over the course of time.

In your case, although you are already fit enough and have blessings from the War Deity… Your body needs work and some reforming in your build so we can not only make it optimal for using spears but also Gauntlets and heavy weapons such as shields, battleaxes and giantswords." spoke the master.

"In simple words… you can't be ectomorphic anymore. You need to bulk up." he declared.

"How? Should I start overeating and then train in order to change my physical build?" asked Kahn with a puzzled countenance.

"No need. I will create a diet plan as well as what exercises you need to do. Our objective is to gain more muscles, make your arms and chest bigger and maintain your lean stature at the same time.

Besides… You're 28 already. Your prime years as a human have started. So it is also a perfect time to cause some metamorphosis for the long run." he explained.

So in a way, Kahn had to leave behind his body that would make women drool like Chris Hemsworth. And now… He needed to become like Chris Bumstead aka Mr. Olympia.

"You're no longer a young boy… But a man." spoke Romulus.

To his words, Kahn vehemently replied in an elated voice.

"Alright… We go jim."


1 Week Later.

Kahn was practicing under Romulus' supervision.


He suddenly felt a sense of danger as his master summoned his own legendary rank spear.

A fiery red shaft and a golden-black blade revealing the full might of a ferocious beast.

"This red spear made from a Fenrir's fang who died thousands of years ago, named as… Draupnir." spoke Romulus.

"Swords are overrated and mainstream.

There's a reason why Spears and Tridents are called the 'Weapon of a King'.

Because once you become skillful enough in using them, you can easily face multiple swordsmen by yourself." he spoke without sugarcoating a fact that would easily trigger plenty of weebs and chuunibyous.

"Remember, unlike a sword… Spears aren't meant to be utilized as a whole.

The best way to control it is by using the shaft to create direction and momentum.

Whether you're thrusting, pulling or slashing, the blade will do the work effectively only if you've mastered your control over controlling the shaft itself.

Your grip must be firm but your palm must be flexible enough to quickly let go in order to match your stance in accordance to the momentum you've created.

And with nimble movements of your body, it's a very dangerous weapon to face in a battle.

That's also why the front line soldiers in armies are spear or polearm soldiers rather than swordsmen." he iterated.

"If you don't master them and just mindlessly slash and thrust like a rookie, then it will just create more openings for your enemies.

Remember… Never treat a spear, trident or a halberd just as a weapon.

Always treat them as an extension of your body. The kind which feels no different than your arms and legs." he imparted his wisdom again.


2 Weeks Later.

Kahn was making visible progress at a rapid speed.

And unlike before when he learned everything on his own… Romulus fixed all his mistakes, errors and doubts he was having during practice.

Learning directly from a person who was once hailed as the True Battle King, who was also an Apostle of a Deity himself was tremendously helpful than he could have ever learned from anyone else.

And finally during the arduous training Kahn was immersed in, the system gave a notification in his mind.

[Congratulations to the host for becoming a Grandmaster Spearman!!]

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