Hokage Master

Chapter 311: Welcome Slave (18+)

Chapter 311: Welcome Slave (18+)

Tenten was still embarrassed. Even despite her inner essence, in his presence she felt like a little girl, unable to argue with her elder. Then, for their first time, he literally stole her and made her his toy. With your thing! With my personal bitch! Sex slave and whore!

Every day, Tenten said all these humiliating words, making herself come much brighter than in the past.

The collar and the slave mark on the body should put pressure on any normal person with a heavy burden, but they gave her lightness. Like a bird that has mastered the ability to catch warm currents, Tenten has gained the skill to travel faster and farther. It was difficult to convey, but for her everything changed for the better.

She couldn’t resist. As if instinct – the slave did not have the strength to argue with her master, getting excited from this even more. Such a vicious circle accumulated her lust and turned her into a fallen and humiliated female, thinking only about the Master’s penis. Tenten was frightened and fascinated at the same time.

Perhaps for this reason, she had a slight discontent. After all, without his “lessons” she could not accumulate more of her lust and reach new boundaries of pleasure. After he ignored her, she became stumped like a lost pet. Without the attention of the owner, the whole world began to fade …

But she wanted too much! Naruto knew about her problems, and therefore wanted to properly punish the selfish whore Yuta. A slave has no right to be angry, she must wait! Tenten’s greed began to contradict her Master!

She needed a little more education, and today is the best opportunity for this. Still, Tenten didn’t know why she was here at all. Worry about Hinata? Maybe… But she came anyway and didn’t even ask questions. Although, not surprisingly, yet he simply gave her an order and was not going to listen to objections. All that was required of her was to prepare her holes and body, and then only he could decide how to use them correctly.

She was here not only for him, but also for herself – this defiant fool should have been knocked out of her bitch head!

Tenten had no idea what he had prepared for her today and how embarrassing, humiliating and enjoyable it would be! As always in secret, she wished for something amazing…

What else could you expect from this pervert?

A huge anal plug trembled in the ass, a whole pack of small vibro-eggs in the pussy, a few more on the nipples and clitoris. She prepared for this meeting in full! Such a nymphomaniac did not even need lubrication – her body, mired in debauchery, was always on the verge.

Who would have thought that that martial Tenten would become like this… This exhibitionist and pervert feared Hinata as much as she wanted to appear before her in all her splendor. She did not even suspect that the Master’s wife today would not be the only one who saw her vicious side. Although, knowing the essence of this whore, such a “surprise” is likely to only turn her head more. As soon as she sees Himawari and a special guest, she will be shocked with delight. Surely… Naruto was counting on that.

However, despite all this, Tenten was still obligated to follow the basic orders of her Master, so her depraved training with sex toys is quite common. She even wore a collar in public. From all this she just dragged herself!

That’s why…

As soon as the door slammed behind Tenten’s back, she immediately fell to her knees, put her hands out in front of her and bowed at his feet:

“That worthless slave saluting the master…~

And this is Tenten? The one?

Who would have thought that in the wrong hands she would turn into this … Just something!

She stuck out her ass and stuck out her tongue. You can’t imagine a more humiliating and submissive posture. She was literally waving her oozing holes!

“That’s what I call respect,” Naruto chuckled contentedly, assessing her from top to bottom: “I wish it were so in the residence … There would be no price for them.”

He nodded and complimented.

Well done, because you are the best. Did you do what you asked?

– BUT? Y-yes! Tenten quickly reached into her cleavage, and then pulled out a small flash drive and handed it to him in her palms, as befits a faithful whore.

“Okay,” he took the card and briefly nodded, “I think Hinata has already prepared everything, and we will soon enjoy your notes.”

– BUT?! H-hinata?! Tenten panicked, ran down and didn’t know what to say!

Do you really have to do what he ordered right in front of his wife?! In front of that Hinata?! God! Will they still watch these obscene records?!

This is the end…

Smiling at her expression, Naruto nodded.

– You got it right. But believe me, I have a lot of surprises for you today. I hope you have not forgotten how you should ask, even in spite of others? They are the last thing my slave should worry about.

Tenten’s shoulders trembled, she lowered her head even lower and timidly replied:

“Yes, Master…

She’ll have to beg on her knees… What a humiliation! It’s… It’s just…


Tenten still couldn’t believe that He was her master! And she obeyed like the last bitch…

“Mhh~ I can’t help it~ I wish it was like this when I was a kid!”

Now she dreamed of crawling at his feet before … How wonderful it would be! A young slut at the feet of a peer. How well would he train her? All classmates would be shocked…

Tenten was already flowing like a complete whore.

As always, she was enjoying it. For the first time, she will have to ask in front of others, and today, her face will be revealed not only to him. Recently, they were fucking in the street, but then no one could see the truth, but today … This secret already belonged to the owner – all of her belonged to him, and he could do whatever he wanted with her!

“Ahhh~ What else will he do to me?~” Once again, this understanding delighted her. Such opposite feelings made the womb tremble!

The ass shuddered in impatience!

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