HxH: God of Choice System

Chapter 246: Illumi

Chapter 246: Illumi

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Behind Illumi was a fat man wearing a white shirt and holding a potato chip in his hand.

It was Killua’s brother Milluki.

Allan smiled faintly: “Unexpectedly, you’re also here, Illumi.”

Seeing Allan ignoring him, Milluki said: “Hey, why are you here again? Last time you came uninvited, and even though Father treated you as a guest this time, don’t be too proud of yourself. You’re inside the Zoldyck Family, and you can’t get in and out casually.”

Allan shrugged and said: “Don’t say that. As the saying goes, once you do it once, you can do it again.

By the way, you’re Killua’s second Brother, right? I heard are good at computer science and games. But sometimes your brain will go offline =.”

Milluki was looking in triumph when he heard the first bit, but the offline comment angered him: “What do you mean offline? Believe it or not, I will bomb you.”

Allan smiled: “I believe you of course. You guys are professional Assassins, no one would doubt your level of professionalism, It’s just that…”

“It’s just that?” Milluki asked.

Allan looked at him sharply and said: “Do you think that a mere bomb can kill me? After all, I fought against your grandfather.”

Milluki remembered what happened when Allan visited last time. He witnessed the duel between the two.

And Zeno voluntarily surrendered.

Although he guessed that the two of them were evenly matched, Zeno still surrendered.

Milluki admired his grandfather, and to be able to fight equally with him, Allan was a monster and he couldn’t afford to offend him.

“I was just joking, after all, you’re Grandpa and Father’s guest, I can’t attack you.”

Seeing Milluki like that, Allan stepped down and didn’t care about him.

At this moment, Illumi looked at Allan coldly: “I heard from Gotoh that you and Gon are here for Killua?”

Allan sneered: “I didn’t come for you anyways.”

To be honest, Allan didn’t like Illumi from the start

Compared to Hisoka’s mood swings, this guy was more dangerous.

The danger here isn’t referring to Illumi’s strength but character and psychology.

Especially since he is a super Brocon through and through.

In addition to taking killing orders, he just wants to control his brother in any way.

Therefore, Allan didn’t like him.

Illumi said blankly: “Why are you looking for Killua? Do you want to take him away again?”

“What about it?” Allan stared at Illumi without any fear.

“I don’t agree with you taking Killua away…” Illumi said.

Allan smiled: “Illumi, you’re just Illumi’s big brother, not his father, whether Killua wants to go with us or not, has nothing to do with you.”

“Don’t forget where you are, you are in the Zoldyck family mansion, do you think you can take Killua away from me?”

Allan sneered: “Hehe, what are you going to do, after all, I’m a guest here.”

“I will not do anything to you,” Illumi said.

“Is that so? Didn’t you say that this is your home or something?”

Allan sneered and dared Illumi to attack or do anything to him.

Illumi understood that Allan was provoking him and didn’t take the bait.

Seeing Illumi so calm, Allan said: “Ah right, don’t you owe me a favor.”

Illumi remembered what happened in the Hunter Exam as he still owed Allan a favor and nodded.

“So today you will pay back that favor,” Allan said.

“How do you want me to pay you back? Do you want someone dead?” Illumi asked.

Allan shook his head: “No, no, I don’t need you to kill anyone.”

“Then how do you want me to repay that favor?” Illumi frowned.

Allan smiled: “It’s very simple. We are here to find Killua, whether he wants to leave with us or not depends on his choice, you can’t interfere with this.”

Hearing this, Illumi pondered for a while before he said: “I can promise that, but I have one condition.”

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