HxH: God of Choice System

Chapter 247: Duel

Chapter 247: Duel

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“What condition?” Allan asked with interest.

“I heard that you fought with grandfather before. If you can defeat me, I promise not to interfere with Killua’s choice.”

[Ding! Make A Choice]

[1: Accept Illumi’s condition and defeat him with absolute strength. Reward: Hiei’s Black Dragon Wave (You Yu Hakusho)]

[2: Accept Illumi’s condition and kill him. Reward: Black Spirit Pill.]

Although he didn’t like Illumi, Allan didn’t want to kill him as he is Killua’s big brother. So he had to pick the first choice.

He looked at Illumi and sneered: “Good, I will defeat you then.”

Illumi said expressionlessly: “I admit, you should be a lot stronger than me, so if it’s a fair duel, I may not be your opponent.”

“Oh? You’re aware of that.” Allan looked at him and smiled: “Then what should we do?”

Illumi thought for a bit and said: “You can only defend or dodge for the three minutes, if I fail to defeat you in that time, you can attack. Do you accept those rules?”

Allan nodded: “Okay, within three minutes, I won’t attack.”

“Are you that confident?” Illumi was surprised.

“Yes, wait, you will find out when we fight,” Allan said confidently.

“Then, I want to see how strong you are.”

Illumi was trained since he was young to become a professional Assassin, therefore, he was confident in his strength.

“Come on.” Allan hooked his finger in provocation.

Illumi didn’t talk nonsense as his figure flashed and rushed forward.

Facing Illumia’s attack, Allan abided by the additional rules and only defended and evade the former’s attacks.

Those rules benefitted Illumi greatly as he didn’t have to think about defense at all.

With those rules, he was confident that he can defeat Allan within three minutes.

An astonishing display unfolded in the lobby as Illumi displayed various assassination techniques.

However, Illumi soon discovered that no matter how he attacked, Allan could dodge easily.

It was as if he could see through his attacks and predict them in advance.

As a first-class assassin, Illumi realized that Allan’s instincts were very advanced if he could predict his moves.

Allan was using his Observation Haki to predict all of Illumi’s attacks.

In the hall, Gon, Milluki, and the housekeeper were watching the battle in surprise.

They all thought that Illumi will be able to defeat Allan within three minutes, but no matter how he attacked, he couldn’t land a hit on Allan.

Allan didn’t even need to defend as he dodged all of Illumi’s attacks which proved the difference in their strength.

“What’s the matter Illumi, is this all you got?” Allan dodged Illumi’s attack and mocked him.

Illumi’s face in a rare occurrence seemed angry.

Illumi suddenly sent out a few needles which moved toward Allan like bullets.

However, with Observation Haki, Allan dodged easily.

But the needles weren’t ordinary as they were attacked with Nen and controlled by Illumi.

Once a needle lands, the target would fall under Illumi’s control.

Manipulation Nen is weird, unpredictable, and comes with rules and conditions customized by the user.

Therefore, even Allan didn’t dare look down on Illumi’s Nen ability.

At this moment, Allan sneered: “Illumi, the three minutes are up.”

In the next second, just when Illumi realized the danger, Allan’s fist enlarged in front of Illumi’s eyes.

“Nail Fist!”

Allan’s fist slammed on Illumi’s body, who countered using Ken to defend his body.

Even so, Illumi’s ribs cracked from the force, and under the Nail fist, they broke.

In the next second, Allan punched again and this time, Illumi was sent flying like a broken kite.

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