HxH: God of Choice System

Chapter 248: Tsukuyomi World!

Chapter 248: Tsukuyomi World!

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The hall was silent. Milluki, Gotoh, and the other housekeepers were shocked.

“Master Illumi…” Gotoh was full of cold sweat as he watched Illumi sent flying.

“This is the first time I’ve seen Big Brother struggling this much. This Allan is really strong.” Milluki said absentmindedly.

The rule of the fight was totally in Illumi’s favor, but Allan still defeated him.

No, it’s not just defeat, Allan completely destroyed Illumi without the latter being able to touch him at all.

The power gap was just too wide.

Allan moved toward the downed Illumi and said: “Illumi, is this enough?”

It took Illumi a while to get up from the ground, but he didn’t answer.

Allan frowned and asked: “Why do you still want to fight?”

“Allan, although you have defeated me, I’m not convinced by your power. Therefore, the duel isn’t over yet.” Illumi wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

Allan’s eyes turned cold and said: “Do you want me to kill you? You should be very clear about the gap of strength between us. So I advise you to give up wisely, otherwise, I won’t be merciful again.”

“You won’t kill me,” Illumi said with confidence.

“Oh?” Allan sneered: “Why is that?”

“The reason is very simple, I’m Killua’s big brother, and you agreed to be Killua’s friend, so you won’t kill me. This is my intuition.”

“You’re sure?” Allan smiled coldly.

Seeing Allan’s smile, Illumi shuddered.

However, if he gave up like this, he would no longer be able to interfere with Killua’s freedom, let alone control him.

This isn’t the result Illumi wanted.

Allan seemed to read Illumi’s mind and said: “Illumi, you’re a manipulator-type Nen user, right?”

“So what?” Illumi looked at Allan, not knowing he was getting at.

“You think that by using your needles, you can control Killua like before, right?”

“What about it?”

“Hehe, then today, I will let you feel how being controlled by others feels like.” Allan sneered.

“You want to control me?” Illumi seemed as if he heard something funny.

“Yes, you want to control Killua, then I will let you feel what it is like to be controlled by others.”

“Can you do it, though?” Illumi said in doubt as he was confident in his power.

“You will see.”

In the next second, Allan’s dark eyes suddenly turned into a pair of Mangekyou Sharingan.

When Illumi glanced at those eyes, he could tell that they were very scary.

And suddenly, Illumi found himself in Tsukuyomi.

In this world, anything is controlled by the creator, including time.

“Where is this?” Looking at the blood-red surrounding, Illumi was surprised as he asked.

In this place, he couldn’t feel any aura, nor does he see anyone or anything.

He was also surprised to find himself tied to a cross with his hands nailed there.

“Illumi, welcome to Tsukuyomi.” Allan appeared in front of Illumi looking at him with a smile on his face.

“Tsukuyomi’s world?”

“Yes, this is my Illusion world. The scene you are currently looking at is a space I created.”

“So this is an illusion? So, I can get rid of it using some pain.”

Illumi tried to struggle, but unfortunately, he couldn’t move.

No way, he had tried to bite his tongue, stimulate his pain nerves and remove the illusion in front of him.

However, even if he bit his tongue, and felt pain, it still had no effect.

He found out that even with pain, he still couldn’t get rid of the illusion.

“How is this possible… What’s going on? Isn’t this an illusion?” Illumi stared at Allan and didn’t know how Allan could do this.

“It’s useless, this isn’t an ordinary illusion.”

“Even if you realize you’re inside it, it’s impossible to get out of my Tsukuyomi.”

Illumi looked at Allan’s Mangekyou Sharingan and felt fear.

“What do you want?” Illumi asked after calming down.

Allan snorted: “as you said before, I won’t kill you, but I will make you suffer. If you give up now and promise not to make any strange moves in the future, I can let you go.”

Illumi looked at him coldly: “You do whatever you want, but I won’t admit defeat.”

Seeing that Illumi wasn’t going to change his mind, Allan stopped talking.

A katana appeared in Allan’s hand from nowhere and the latter started the torture.

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