I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 403 - 403 Absolutely Not Permitting Her Grandfather To Be Bullied! (1)

403 Absolutely Not Permitting Her Grandfather To Be Bullied! (1)

Shen Jiayi jumped in fright.

Seeing that the motorbike was speeding toward her, her mind seemed to have turned blank.

The woman on the motorbike wore a helmet, but her gaze under it would cause one to feel like they were in an ice cellar. Shen Jiayi knew that she should start the engine to dodge. But the moment she stepped on the gas pedal, she realized that she had forgotten to change the gear in her panic.

As the motorbike got closer and closer and when it was just a few inches away from slamming into her, Shen Jiayi covered her head and screamed, “Ahhhhh!”


When the motorbike was about to crash into the driver’s seat, it suddenly did a u-turn and cooly came to a stop before the car. Shen Ruojing then removed her helmet and tossed it onto the ground. After that, she jumped off her bike and walked toward Shen Jiayi.

As for Shen Jiayi, she was screaming for a long time until she realized that the motorbike didn’t slam into her. But when she lifted her head again, she saw that the bike was parked before the door, blocking her way out.

The back door was already closed, so she couldn’t retreat.

When she turned again, she discovered Shen Ruojing standing right beside her, and this caused her to jump in fright!

Shen Jiayi immediately spoke, “Shen Ruojing, w…what are you doing? Ahhh!”

Before she could finish her sentence, Shen Ruojing already grabbed her hair through the wound-down car window. She forcefully pulled backward, and her other hand was opening the car door. In one smooth action, she managed to drag Shen Jiayi down from the driver’s seat!

“Shen Ruojing, you must be crazy! Release me now! Do you know what you are doing? Even if my grandpa dotes on you, you are not allowed to hit the people from the Shen Family. You…”

“Pak!” A slap ruthlessly slammed into Shen Jiayi’s mouth. She then felt a metallic taste in her throat and coughed out a mouthful of saliva.

There was actually one of her front teeth mixed with blood in that pool of saliva!

With burning pain in her cheeks and a swollen mouth, she was in so much pain and could hardly speak. “Boohoohoo, release me! It is so painful…”

However, when she lifted her head, what she saw was Shen Ruojing’s gaze, which looked as though she could kill. “Do you know what you should say and what you should not?”

At this moment, Shen Jiayi truly felt dread.

She cried, “Release me, release me…”

However, Shen Ruojing didn’t release her grip on her hair and still forcefully pulled it. “He sacrificed so much for the Shen Family and gave up the industry he loves most. He also has no biological children and was planning to leave the Shen Family to you people…”

“Do you know how much he has invested in medical research? Do you know that he went around, begging overseas companies for the sake of procuring the raw materials used to manufacture the gene-deficient agent P+ medicine? Do you know how many connections he had to pull just to save the lives of those few thousand patients?!

“Do you know how many people his contributions to agricultural science have fed?”

“Is someone like him a person you can sully?!”

It was very rare for Shen Ruojing to say so much.

At this moment, her voice was cold, and it was quivering in anger.

She had investigated Shen Yuansong before. As she had gotten Lu Hui and Old Hong to help her with it, she had the most comprehensive information on Shen Yuansong.

And the more she investigated him, the more impressed she felt.

In his life, Shen Yuansong had given up on science and turned to business. However, he never let science down.

A grandfather like this was one that she admired the most.

This was why she would take the initiative to acknowledge him. This was why she couldn’t help but get close to him during the banquet. In her heart, she felt proud of having a maternal grandfather like him.

No one was allowed to sully her grandfather!

When Shen Ruojing was basking in rage, an aged but gratified voice drifted over from the entrance.

“Lass, stop.”

Shen Ruojing turned and saw Shen Yuansong who had a headful of white hair. He was trembling as he stood there with the support from his butler. At this moment, the old man’s face was filled with wrinkles, but they did nothing to mar his righteousness and majestic posture.

Only then did Shen Ruojing discover that her anger earlier was a little too great.

Usually, she would treat the words of others as farts.

She was too impulsive today, but she didn’t regret it.

She then glanced at Shen Jiayi, whose face was completely swollen now, before she released her grip.

After Shen Jiayi regained her freedom, she stood up and sobbed. She then looked at Shen Yuansong and complained, “Grandfather, she’s too arrogant, she…”

Before she could finish, Shen Yuansong’s gaze was like ice as she looked at her. “I’ve heard all the words you said earlier.”

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