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Chapter 768 - Chapter 768: Wedding’s Eve!

Chapter 768: Wedding’s Eve!

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All the plans went surprisingly smoothly, and the results were even more satisfying to him.

Shen Ruojing was someone who would wholeheartedly pursue something once she set her mind to it.

If Chu Cichen died, Song Chen could suppress all inappropriate thoughts and maybe stay by Shen Ruojing’s side, but he would never win her heart in his entire life.

If he could become Chu Cichen… then everything would be his!

As for what Chu Cichen said about giving him six years of memories…

According to what Song Chen knew, Jing Zhen’s technology could only replicate someone’s memories, not erase them. So he merely gained six years of memories, becoming more like Chu Cichen, ensuring that his future disguise wouldn’t have any loopholes!

It was simply perfection to the extreme!

Chu Cichen personally made his plan complete!

Song Chen smiled.

Perhaps this was the best gift this world could give him!

Now all he had to do was patiently wait for Chu Cichen’s death and silently take his place.

He didn’t need to say anything more to avoid unnecessary complications, and he believed that Chu Cichen would be more concerned about being exposed than him…

As Song Chen thought about this, he leisurely leaned back in his chair.

With his legs crossed, he had never felt so relaxed and content in his entire life.

Five days later was Chu Cichen and Shen Ruojing’s wedding.

On the night before the wedding, Shen Ruojing moved out of the Chu Manor and returned to the Shen Manor.

After all, there would be a traditional ceremony of welcoming the bride the next day.

If Shen Ruojing left the Chu family to get married and then returned to the Chu family, it would be very inappropriate.

Thinking that she would truly marry that man tomorrow, Shen Ruojing found it hard to fall asleep.

She folded her hands behind her head, lost in thought. Her peach blossom eyes were filled with depth, devoid of the joy of a bride-to-be or the apprehension about her future life.

While pondering, a call came from Jing Zhen.

Now that he was the king of Country A, it was inconvenient for him to come to China, so he and Shen Qianhui didn’t return for the wedding.

On the phone, his tone was full of dissatisfaction, “Didn’t I say you should marry a royal husband? Why insist on having the wedding in China?”

Shen Ruojing smiled. “It’s Grandfather’s idea.”

Mentioning Shen Yansong, Jing Zhen couldn’t help but feel suppressed. He quickly changed the subject, “Tomorrow, if he comes to escort you, remember to make it more challenging for him!”

“Okay, no problem.”

Shen Ruojing readily agreed.

She then heard Jing Zhen rambling on the other end. Usually, he was always out of tune, but now he has become quite talkative, discussing various wedding customs in China.

There was also the sound of Shen Qianhui’s voice beside him, “In any case, our daughter and son-in-law will come to Country A in the future. What’s the big deal?”

“I’m not reluctant at all! 1 can’t wait for Jingjing to get married and stop disturbing our private world. And Tianye, Little Yu, and Xiaomeng, those three annoying pests, they are so bothersome!” Jing Zhen said with a hypocritical tone.

Shen Ruojing curved her lips. “Father, should I tell those three that you find them annoying?”

“Don’t, oh my, that’s not what 1 meant. Why are you like this, my daughter?” Jing Zhen quickly changed his tone. “I just miss the children too much! Now that everything is clear, you should bring the three of them to Country A to visit our family, right?”

Shen Ruojing smiled. “Hmm, after the wedding, I will bring the children to see you.”

“Don’t bring Chu Cichen! I don’t want to see him! It’s heartbreaking!” Jing Zhen said again in annoyance.

Shen Ruojing’s smile faltered slightly. She lowered her peach blossom eyes and spoke with a slightly deep and unnoticed tenderness in her voice. “Hmm, I won’t bring him.”

Jing Zhen laughed. “This time, I finally have a higher position than Chu Cichen in our daughter’s heart! Sigh!”

Unable to hold back, Jing Zhen continued, “When you returned from abroad years ago, your mental state was not good. I advised you many times, but you ignored me and remained lost in a daze all day long. 1 had no choice but to create Song Chen and send him to you. Hey, as soon as you saw him, you got better! Our daughter has grown up indeed, forgetting her father when she sees someone attractive!”

Shen Ruojing chuckled softly. “What made-up words are you using?”

“Alright, alright. Are you satisfied if our daughter never gets married and lives with you for the rest of her life?” Shen Qianhui interjected and took the phone.

Then, Shen Qianhui spoke into the phone, “Jingjing, you must be happy tomorrow. By the way, have you tried on the wedding dress? How is it?”

Although Jing Zhen and Shen Qianhui did not come over, they prepared many things for Shen Ruojing, including the wedding dress, which they had a renowned designer in Country A design and specially sent over. Even the Queen Dowager from Country A specially sent a crown.

Shen Ruojing chatted with Shen Qianhui about various topics. Perhaps the voices of her parents gradually calmed her restless heart.

When she hung up the phone, her heart was calm.

Meanwhile, in the Country A royal palace.

Jing Zhen still felt a bit reluctant as he looked at the disconnected phone. “Why did she hang up?”

Shen Qianhui said, “…Are you going to let our daughter sleep or not?”

Suddenly, Jing Zhen picked up the phone again. “Right, a few days ago, our son-in-law suddenly asked me about that technology. 1 forgot to tell Jingjing. I should inform her again so that our son-in-law doesn’t use that technology for anything bad while we are unprepared!”

After saying that, he dialed Shen Ruojing’s number again….

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