I Became the Male Lead's Stepmother After Transmigrating

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Fate With the Male Lead

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“If it wasn’t for Xiao Huang’s cleverness, we wouldn’t have been able to get so much money from Lu Wanggui. We’ll give Xiao Huang the credit, and he can take more after the money is here. Does anyone have any objections?”

“Of course. Xiao Huang is already injured, so no one will take his share of the money.”

They laughed and discussed what to do with the money after they got it.

Lu Bei was expressionless, but his hands that were holding the nutritional supplements were tightly clenched, and blue veins appeared on his face. He really wanted to rush in and give them a good beating, but the remaining rationality in his mind told him that doing so would only let the gangsters seize the opportunity and extort money from his father again.

Taking a deep breath, Lu Bei suppressed his emotions. He silently took out his phone and pressed the record button.

After coming out of the hospital, Lu Bei looked at the pitch-black night sky and could not help but reflect on himself. Did he do something wrong?

He, a 16-year-old teenager who was wearing thin clothes, sat on the steps. He did not know whether he was right or wrong. He took out his phone and wanted to call his father. However, after hesitating for a long time, he skipped his father’s number and dialed his mother’s number.

Unfortunately, there was no answer on the other end.

Lu Bei sighed. Just as he was about to hang up, the phone was actually picked up. An unfamiliar male voice said, “I’m sorry, Yao Fei is still sleeping. Can I help you?”

The corner of Lu Bei’s mouth twitched. He calmly said that he had dialed the wrong number and then hung up the phone.

There was no point having parents.

They just gave birth to you but they don’t raise you.

In the 9th villa in Repulse Bay Villas.

Xiang Xiaoyuan was still worrying about her big plan to earn money. On the surface, she was Lu Wanggui’s wife. She was dressed well and ate well. She was bright and beautiful, but in reality, she was penniless. Ever since she transmigrated here, she had not seen Lu Wanggui give her a single cent. They had not even asked the most basic questions to each other as a couple.

Other than the phone call that she made to Lu Wanggui, there was no other communication between them. Under such circumstances, if Xiang Xiaoyuan could not see any problems between them, she would be a fool.

Although she did not know why the two of them got married, she was sure that it was definitely not because of love! Therefore, Xiang Xiaoyuan put her priority in earning money. Only money could bring her a sense of security.

Men would betray her and play with her feelings, but money would not. Money would not bring you any trouble. It would only make you happy.

Now, many girls said that they would marry the son of a rich man to ensure that they would not have to worry about food and drink in the future. There were even some girls who married a man much older than them for money, thinking that they could make a fortune after the old man died. Xiang Xiaoyuan never had such daydreams. Old man? Rich son? This kind of man, who had been in society early and received an aristocratic education, was not the silly and sweet person in a TV series who risked his life for a woman.

If she played tricks with them, she would be the one to suffer in the end.

Therefore, Xiang Xiaoyuan was very open-minded. No matter what happened after Lu Wanggui’s return, she first had to have enough money to support her life in the future. She had to have a firm foothold in this world.

She wrote down all the questions she could think of on paper for several hours. When she felt thirsty, she realized that it was already 11 o’clock at night!

Xiang Xiaoyuan stretched her stiff body and went downstairs to look for some water to drink. The watermelon she bought from the supermarket was probably already in the fridge. Thinking of the ice-cold and sweet watermelon, Xiang Xiaoyuan could not help but quicken her pace. Who knew that she would bump into Lu Bei, who had just returned from the outside, before she could even touch the fridge.

Xiang Xiaoyuan: “…”

She was fated to meet the male protagonist today.

Of course, she did not dislike dealing with the male protagonist. If she had a choice, she would rather meet the male protagonist every day than meet the male protagonist’s father, Lu Wanggui.

No matter how mature the male protagonist was, she could not change the fact that he was only a high school student. In terms of scheming, Xiang Xiaoyuan was very confident that she could crush him. After all, she was twenty-seven years old, and she had lived eleven years longer than the male protagonist. These eleven years had not been in vain, and she had seen a lot of people.

Just like now, no matter how Lu Bei tried to hide it, she could still see that he was in a bad mood, and on the verge of self-loathing. His appearance reminded Xiang Xiaoyuan of her pet being bullied outside and coming home feeling wronged.


Xiang Xiaoyuan suddenly thought of something. Lu Bei bought so many supplements to see the injured hooligans, right? Could it be that when he was visiting the hooligans, he accidentally heard something he shouldn’t have heard?

Of course, the following was purely Xiang Xiaoyuan’s guess.

After understanding the situation from Director Liu, she didn’t go straight home. Instead, she asked the driver to drive around the school.. She wasn’t an inexperienced girl, and her thoughts weren’t that simple. How could there be hooligans near a school that required tens of thousands of tuition fees and a sound security system?

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