I Became the Male Lead's Stepmother After Transmigrating

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Out of Place

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On the day of the parent-teacher conference, the school would end early.

Xiang Xiaoyuan was one step behind Lu Wanggui. She stood straight and looked straight ahead. She didn’t look like Lu Wanggui’s new wife. On the contrary, she looked like a beautiful secretary.

Lu Wanggui didn’t walk fast, so Xiang Xiaoyuan could easily follow him. After walking for a while, Xiang Xiaoyuan couldn’t help but call out to him, “Wanggui…”

She could not call a stranger “hubby”. If she called him Lu Bei’s father, she felt that it was a little too intimate in the school environment. After thinking about it, she could only think of the word “Wanggui”.

Lu Wanggui, who was walking in front, paused. He turned his head and looked at her silently. From his expression… it seemed that he did not have any doubts or antipathy toward the way she addressed him? Perhaps the two of them also called each other by their names in private?

The thought flashed through Xiang Xiaoyuan’s mind. She quickly composed herself and said softly to Lu Wanggui, “Today school finishes early. Do you want to pick up Lu Bei first? I’ll ask the driver to send me home to prepare dinner.”

Xiang Xiaoyuan admitted that her words were very thoughtful. She didn’t think that Lu Wanggui would really come to the parent-teacher conference for her. He probably knew that he had neglected Lu Bei, so he took time out of his busy schedule to attend the parent-teacher conference.

Under such circumstances, she had to be more sensible and give Lu Wanggui and Lu Bei a chance to be alone with each other.

“You and Lu Bei haven’t seen each other for a long time. Take this opportunity to chat. How about that?”

Lu Wanggui hummed in acknowledgment. It was obvious that he had accepted her suggestion. When Xiang Xiaoyuan was about to leave, he suddenly said, “You’ve worked hard. Take care on the road.”

Xiang Xiaoyuan quickly waved her hand. “No, it’s not hard at all. It’s what I should do.”

After waving goodbye to Lu Wanggui, Xiang Xiaoyuan walked forward briskly. Unlike when she was standing next to Lu Wanggui, her entire body was exuding vitality like the rising sun.

As Xiang Xiaoyuan sent a message to the driver, she walked in the direction of the parking lot. She had not thought about the interaction between Lu Wanggui and the original owner. It was not that she did not care, but the servants in the villa did not seem to know much about the original owner. Many people in the villa, including the butler and Nanny Zhang, had not come into contact with the original owner before the wedding.

Even Lu Wanggui’s assistant, Gao Yuan, spoke to her in a strange and formulaic tone. She could feel that Gao Yuan had been adjusting the way he communicated with her. Such a situation would only happen to two unfamiliar people. From this, it could be seen that even Lu Wanggui’s assistant did not know her.

Of course, Xiang Xiaoyuan could not rule out the possibility that Lu Wanggui deliberately hid the existence of the original owner. However, this possibility was very slim. With Lu Wanggui’s busy schedule, he should not have time for an underground relationship, right?

Whatever, why think so much.

Xiang Xiaoyuan could not figure it out, so she decided to go all out. No matter how the original owner got along with Lu Wanggui, now that she was the one occupying this body, she would do it her way. If Lu Wanggui found something wrong, they could just get a divorce.

Lu Wanggui watched Xiang Xiaoyuan leave with a heavy gaze. The driver who had come to pick him up had also arrived. He bent down and got into the car, asking, “Has anything happened at home recently?”

In Grade 2, Class 4, the students excitedly packed their things and waited for their parents to come pick them up.

They didn’t care about the semester exams. They are used to having eight or ten exams every semester. They only cared when it’s over, and they could go out and have fun during the summer vacation!

In the classroom, the students were all talking about where they would go to have fun later. Some wanted to go out and have a big meal, while others said that they had made an appointment with their friends to play games together.

In the midst of all the excitement, only Lu Bei was out of place.

An Yu really couldn’t stand Lu Bei’s silence at this time. She got up from her seat and was about to comfort him, but she didn’t expect Lu Bei to suddenly take a big step and walk out of the classroom.

Through the window, Lu Bei saw the black car parked outside. He pursed his lips. Before he could decide whether to turn around and leave, he saw the car window slowly roll down, revealing his father’s gentle and expressionless face.

Lu Bei had mixed feelings about Lu Wanggui.

He admired his father, but at the same time, he was afraid of him. Just like now, even though his father didn’t say anything and wasn’t even sure if his father had seen him from such a long distance, he still couldn’t help but walk downstairs.

Beside the car, the driver opened the door for him.. Lu Bei had no choice but to get in the car.

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