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Chapter 1584 - Chapter 1584: Can’t afford it anymore

Chapter 1584: Can’t afford it anymore

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“Surprisingly, it’s facing upwards, what a pity.”

“What’s there to pity? That rich second generation chose the correct side, so he has the chance to buy it. This is a great opportunity.”

“But that kid would be humiliated since he tried to compete for the chance to buy it but actually can’t afford it at all. If he had the purchasing power, just think how interesting this would be.”

After being reminded by this person, others in the crowd also understood what he was saying.

This streamer could not afford such a car. If he won the right to buy it, things would be interesting.

“Brother, why don’t you give up the right to buy it? Let’s see if he can afford it, haha…”

“Right, right, right. Let’s watch the show too.”

Hearing the commotion below, Dong Hanyu smiled.

“I also think that this is quite interesting, but I really don’t want to waste time on him.”

After saying that, Dong Hanyu looked at Du Quan. “It’s time to end this farce. Go and prepare the contract. I’ll pay later.”

“Sir, the unveiling hasn’t started yet. Aren’t you going to look at the car?”

“There’s no need. I’ve been interested in this car for a long time. I came all the way here just to get it, so no matter what, 1’11 buy it,” Dong Hanyu said.

“Besides, it’s such a good car. 1 don’t want a loser like him to look at it. It’ll dirty my car.”

Du Quan wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. The words of these rich second-generation heirs nowadays were really unpleasant.

“Since you don’t want to hold the unveiling ceremony, I’ll announce the price. This is a necessary part of the process.”

“Alright, prepare the contract in the meantime.”

“No problem.”

Du Quan smiled and replied. He looked at the beautiful host and said, “Let’s not hold the unveiling ceremony. Announce the price.”


The beautiful host turned around and said to the audience,

“Now, the exciting moment has arrived. Please, count down with me. The final price of this car will finally be revealed to everyone!”

“Don’t keep us in suspense. We all know the price is 48 million.”

“Your EQis too low. Since the beauty has already spoken, you have to give her some face. Come, come, let’s count down.”

Previously, Dong Hanyu had already exposed the price, so now, everyone was no longer interested in this meticulously prepared segment.

However, for the sake of the beautiful host, they still counted down together.

“Three, two, one…”

When the countdown ended, a string of numbers appeared on the big screen of the booth.

At first, no one paid much attention to it, but when the final price was announced, they were all stunned.

“Didn’t he say that this car is going for 48 million? Why is it selling for 63 million?!”

If it was only one or two million yuan, it was still acceptable. After all, it was only an estimated price.

But now, the true fee had exceeded this figure by 15 million!

This was not a small sum!

This much money was enough to buy another supercar!

“Oh my god, as expected of the high-end modified version of the Veneno. It’s so expensive!”

“No matter what, this is still Veneno. It represents the highest level of craftsmanship by Lamborghini. Moreover, there’s only one in all of Terra. It’s well-deserving of being sold at this price.”

“Although it’s 15 million yuan more, his net worth is more than 90 billion yuan. Such a small amount of money probably won’t even make him blink.”

“At his level, buying a car for tens of millions is like buying cabbages. It’s very easy.”

The fluctuations in price didn’t have much impact.

It’s just an increase of over 10 million, which is definitely not a problem for wealthy individuals at their level.

However, the expression on Dong Hanyu’s face didn’t look so good.

Before coming, he estimated the price of the car to be 48 million, and after discussing it with his father for a long time, he decided to come with 50 million.

Initially, he thought that he was rich enough to buy this car with this amount. He did not expect it to be insufficient!

If he asked the Guan family for money again, not to mention his father, even his mother would not agree.

50 million was already his limit!

What should he do now?

“Sir, I’ve prepared the contract. We can go through the payment procedure now,” Du Quan said politely.


Dong Hanyu was embarrassed and uneasy. He could not think of a way to explain this matter.

“I suddenly feel that this car doesn’t suit me. 1 don’t want to buy it anymore.”

“You’re not buying it anymore?!”

Just as everyone thought that the show was about to end, they realized that there was still more to it.

“Sir, didn’t you just say that you would buy this car no matter what? Why are you backing out now?” Du Quan asked.

“I can pull back the curtain and let you see the car’s appearance. There have been significant adjustments in both design and performance. After seeing it, you won’t say such things anymore.”

Du Quan gestured to other staff members to lower the curtain surrounding the car.

The high-end customized version of the car, which had been partially covered, was finally revealed to everyone.


“This car is so beautiful.”

“It’s perfect. It’s so much better looking than the poison from before. It’s simply a divine car.”

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Du Quan smiled.

“Sir, I reckon that the spy photos you saw online before were definitely not as attractive as the real deal. You shouldn’t have any more worries, right?”

Standing still, Dong Hanyu was so embarrassed that he could use his feet to create a huge wall.

‘It’s not that I don’t like the car!

‘It’s that I don’t have that much money!’

“I like the shape of the car, but the color isn’t too good, so I’m not going to take it.”

“So that’s the reason.” Du Quan said with relief.

“We provide lacquering services. 100% according to your wishes. That’s not a big problem.”

Dong Hanyu,”…”

“Actually, it’s not just the paint. The problem is the appearance. I’m not satisfied with it. You can’t change that, so I won’t buy it.”

“But you just said that you’re quite satisfied with the appearance. Why are you now saying that you have a problem with the appearance?”

“Huh? Did I say that?”

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask the people below.”

The onlookers nodded in unison.

“How could that be? You must have misheard.” Dong Hanyu pretended to be calm and said.

“Anyway, I don’t like this car very much, so I won’t buy it for now. I’ll give it to him.”

“You’re the one who can’t afford it. Why are you now saying that you’re giving it to me?”

Lin Yi smiled and said, “Your ability to shift the blame is perfect.”

“I’m worth more than 90 billion. Do you think 1 can’t afford this car?”

“Then you can buy it. I won’t fight with you over this.”

“How dare you, are you going to help him force a sale?” Dong Hanyu sneered.

“You, someone who seeks attention, dare to criticize me here? Wait until you can afford this car before you start making comments.”

Lin Yi chuckled and took out his bank card. “I’ll take this car. The PIN is 00000.

Swipe it..”

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