I Have Infinite Systems In The Immortal World

Chapter 269 Finale

” Haah, Young Master, I thought you would go to the battlefield, killing the enemies, relishing the blood and war.” Xiao’er chuckled as she gently massaged Long Ming’s shoulders.

” Am I such a person in your eyes?” Long Ming chuckled. ” Hey, I am such an elegant and refined scholar. How can I go to kill people.”

Xiao’er became speechless when she heard that. If she hadn’t known Long Ming, she might have believed him.

” Unfortunately, I know you so well…Young Master.”

Long Ming smiled faintly when he heard Xiao’er’s accusations.

‘ Haah, But it’s true that I should stay away from the war and killing. As long as my enemies die, does it matter if I personally kill them or not?’

Long Ming used the Sky Eye which floated around the battlefield, watching the smallest detail that was happening there.

He knew the North Gate would get breached first. So, He moved the Thousand Illusory Demon Formation there. He also tweaked it in such a way that only Harmonization Realm cultivators would be trapped by it.

He did it because he didn’t want the main disciples of Four Seasons Valley to grow like sheltered flowers.

Eliminating the variables like the elders and core disciples who reached the Harmonization Realm, he created an equal battlefield for Four Seasons Valley and their opponent.

” Well, It was good that none of them were harmed. And your healing wine really did the miracle, making them easily heal from their injuries and recover their energy.” Xiao’er praised Long Ming’s decision.

” Of course, there are some side effects.” Long Ming smiled ruefully. ” After a few cups, the intoxication of that wine would be too much for them to handle. So, they need to kill their enemies without getting drunk.”

One day ago, a tremendous aura erupted from the deepest valley of the Four Seasons Valley. Long Ming and others were elated when they saw Bai He for the first time, in her middle aged woman’s form.

She thanked Jia Hao profusely, as his wine gave increased her lifespan. And, she had already reached Half step of the Dao Refining Realm.

To reach the Dao Refining Realm, she still needs to prepare various things. However, in such a short amount of time, it was impossible to do so.

However, Bai He told everyone to rest assured because she already reached the peak of the Perfection stage of her Royal Body, the Great Forest Spirit Physique.

With that, she could easily fight against a genuine Dao Refining Realm old ancestor…Or at least stall time till his longevity runs out.

After all, in the higher realm, many times, the remaining true blood and longevity matter more than power itself. What’s the point of winning if you die in the next second?

The next step in his plan was using the Imperial Weapons. Long Ming asked everyone to use Imperial Weapons without any hesitation. He had already gotten a few from the Black Pearl City and a few from the Azure Sun Secret Realm.

Therefore, in a decisive battle like this, one needs to pour all of their strength and kill as many enemies as possible.

‘ The opponent probably thought that we would use the Imperial Weapons in the end as a means of desperation. But Master and Big Sister Meng, Grand Elder Wu used it from the start, delivering a surprise attack and killing a lot of elders of Sky Martial Tower.’ Follow current ɴᴏᴠᴇʟs on NovᴇlFirᴇ.ɴet

After that, He sent Mu Qinglian to deal with the elders trapped inside the Thousand Illusory Demon Formation. Because, Why not?

Mu Qinglian needs to push her Imperial Physique to the Perfection stage. And for that, Long Ming prepared a suitable stage for her.

” Sister Mu is truly so powerful. She single handedly wiped out all the elders trapped inside the formation.” Xiao’er sighed. ” I wonder when I would be this powerful?”

” Dual cultivate with me three times a day. Your cultivation would skyrocket.” Long Ming replied with a serious tone.

” Bah! Young Master, How can you reply so…shamelessly!”

Xiao’er couldn’t help but blush when she heard Long Ming. Even during such time, Long Ming remained as cheeky as ever.

” Hey, I didn’t say anything wrong. You know I am telling the truth, don’t you?” Long Ming put on an innocent expression.

” However, To think Blissful Heaven Temple and Sky Martial Tower hiding such old monsters. And the Imperial Treasures are too fearsome.” Xiao’er shuddered when she thought about it.

Today, Long Ming got 5000 pieces of Golden Canopy Talismans. Therefore, he stuffed thousands of talismans in a single jade piece, allowing to trigger all talismans at once if the user is harmed.

And thankfully, that’s what saved Xia Yuqing and Wu Liang from the sudden attack of that old hag Li.

Although Long Ming expected such a thing to happen, seeing the class of Imperial Weapons was something outside his expectations. Just a little remnant of the Heavenly Emperor can wreak such havoc.

He couldn’t even imagine how powerful a true Heavenly Emperor would be.

‘ No wonder despite the decline of Four Seasons Valley, no one dared to attack it. The fear of Heavenly Emperors is not a trifling matter.’

Using the Sky Eye, Long Ming kept watching till he saw Xu Fuguo using the Sky Thrusting Spear to attack Elder Bai He.

Thankfully, he already asked Ancestor Huang to stay on standby, holding the True Imperial Weapon of Crimson Sky Empress.

” Actually, Ancestor Huang’s longevity is almost similar to Xu Fuguo. However, Ancestor Huang has more experience and remained sealed in an auspicious fengshui location to seal the Pale Mountain Abyss Monster.” Long Ming replied. ” Therefore, he could easily rival Xu Fuguo.”

” But, I guess this Xu Fuguo is a tough nut to crack. He is using the spear very well, fighting toe to toe against Ancestor Huang.”

Long Ming frowned when he saw that scene. If the battle elongates, it would be disadvantageous for the Four Seasons Valley.

Therefore, He felt like he need to do something, to finish this battle as fast as possible.

‘ However, What I can do?’ Long Ming smiled wryly. ‘ Even if I muster every ounce of my strength and treasures, just the aftershocks of Imperial Weapons are enough to kill me.’

‘ They are equally matching. So, All Ancestor Huang needs an opening. As long as he find it, he would be able to kill Xu Fuguo instantly.’

‘ But how can I create it? I am just a small cultivator, an ant before them.’

‘ Haah, What a bad luck… Wait!’

Long Ming realized something as he thought about an item he just got recently. It was none other than the Coins of Fortune and Misfortune.

He wondered what would happen if he use the Coin of Misfortune on Xu Fuguo?

Excited by the propects, Long Ming recalled the Sky Eye and loaded it with the black colored coin. Just looking at it and the black smoke oozing out, Long Ming felt a strange feeling in his heart.

” Here goes nothing.”





Xu Fuguo felt something hitting him. But it only last for a moment before vanishing. Suddenly, his expression changed as his hands trembled.

” Damn it! This spear! Why is it drawing out my true blood!?”

He was surprised and horrified when he found that. It was like his own energy was becoming insufficient, making it draw out true blood from his body.

And without true blood, Xu Fuguo is good as dead.

That moment of flinch gave Ancestor Huang a chance. His saber streaked across the air, melting the space itself. The strike landed on the body of Xu Fuguo, making him crash on a mountain.

Coughing out a mouthful of blood, Xu Fuguos used the spear to block the attack. Alas, he couldn’t fully block the attack.

‘ Fuck! I need to escape!’ Xu Fuguo thought inwardly as he pulled out a black colored talisman.

However, just before he could tear it, the sky rumbled with black clouds, with white lightning flashing like serpents.

” Im-Impossible! Has my tribulation arrived? How is this possible!”

Xu Fuguo thought inwardly. However, the next moment, he regretted it.


Ancestor Huang soared to the sky like a divine being ascending. The saber flashed, threatening to cleave the heaven and earth with its might.

Suddenly, it shone with a blazing brilliance as Ancestor Huang’s body became one with the saber, turning it into a gigantic figure.

The saber fell, making the world silent for a moment. However, the next moment, an arc of molten flame descended, surrounding Xu Fuguo along with the entire mountain.

The entire area was engulfed with flames, destroying anything that touched it. With a scream, an illusory figure of Xu Fuguo darted out. It was none other than his primordial spirit.

However, With a flick, Ancestor Huang severed it with his saber.

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