I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1126 - 1126 Infinite Demon Mountain’s Heritage — A Core Stage Expert

1126 Infinite Demon Mountain’s Heritage — A Core Stage Expert

Flood Dragon King’s head that had been sent flying had an expression of disbelief on its face. He was clearly just one step away from escaping.

However, at this critical moment, Chu Yunfan’s sword cut off his head and killed him.

A terrifying aura spread out. Just the aura alone was enough to make the Federation’s Army stop in their tracks.

“I never thought that a day would come when weak humans would fight their way here!”

In the depths of Infinite Demon Mountain, a figure slowly walked out. Every step he took shook the earth.

The crowd finally saw that it was a hunched old man. His hair and beard were extremely sparse as if he would die of old age in front of everyone in the next moment.

However, unlike his appearance, his steps were extremely firm. Each step was sonorous and powerful and his voice was like a great bell. His body was filled with an unimaginably terrifying aura. He alone was enough to suppress the experts of the Federation who were fighting.

“The Core Stage!”

Chu Yunfan’s pupils contracted. This man was actually a Core.

But Chu Yunfan wasn’t surprised. With the foundation of Infinite Demon Mountain, it wasn’t strange for them to have a Core Stage expert.

Suddenly, Chu Yunfan remembered a record from the Federation. Hundreds of years ago, when the Federation had just entered the Kunlun Realm, they were attacked by Infinite Demon Mountain and were almost wiped out.

At that time, there was a demon-like existence who single=handedly defeated the millions of Federation soldiers.

At that time, the Federation did not have any martial arts experts. There were only a few Innate experts. The development of science and technology could not be compared to the present. At that time, they almost had no power to fight back.

Under those circumstances, the Federation had no choice but to use a large number of nuclear bombs to kill the other party. From start to finish, that existence alone had caused hundreds of millions of deaths and injuries.

The other party also seemed to be very arrogant and did not seriously protect themselves, so they were destroyed by the nuclear bomb.

Chu Yunfan recalled the figure recorded in the document. It was very similar to the old man in front of him. People grew old, but their energy would not be different.

Chu Yunfan quickly recognized that this old man was the terrifying demonic god who almost annihilated the Federation. Counting the time, he was indeed in his prime hundreds of years ago.

According to the records of the Federation at that time, one person had defeated an army of millions, directly and indirectly causing hundreds of millions of casualties. Even the current Chu Yunfan couldn’t do this, so the only possibility was that he was a Core.

And if there was no one else, then this should be the expert from back then.

Looking at the intertwining life and death energy in the Core’s body, Chu Yunfan immediately made a judgment. This was indeed the same person from back then. The Federation thought that they had destroyed the other party with nuclear bombs, but in fact, the other party did not die.

However, it was obvious that the nuclear bomb back then did not let him off easily. In fact, even if it was a nuclear bomb from hundreds of years ago, a Core would have been seriously injured or even killed if he was not prepared.

The old man in the Core Stage was clearly severely injured, and it was possible that he had been left with inerasable injuries. This was why the Federation had not seen him for so many years. In the official records, it was recorded that he was dead.

“Old Flood Dragon King! It’s Old Flood Dragon King!” an expert from Infinite Demon Mountain cried out in surprise. Many demons felt their spirits lift. They had not expected Old Flood Dragon King would still be alive in this world after the three great kings had died at Chu Yunfan’s hands.

After the battle hundreds of years ago, Old Flood Dragon King had returned with serious injuries. Not long after that, the Hallowed Wyrm Kingdom announced to the public that Old Flood Dragon King had perished. Since then, the current Flood Dragon King had taken over the throne of the Hallowed Wyrm Kingdom.

For hundreds of years, no one knew that Old Flood Dragon King was still alive. But now, there was no doubt that this was a huge trump card.

With such an expert, they had the hope of turning the tables and killing the elites of the Federation. If they could do it, the destruction of the Federation would only be a matter of time.

In this battle, both sides were staking everything on one throw.

“You didn’t expect that the weak humans could kill their way here. We also didn’t expect that the Core Stage expert we should have killed hundreds of years ago is still alive,” Chu Yunfan said nonchalantly.

“That’s right. I didn’t expect that with the lifespan of humans and your age, you would know the secret of hundreds of years ago.” Old Flood Dragon King sneered at Chu Yunfan.

“This isn’t a secret, but I’m curious. It’s been hundreds of years. How much of your original strength can you still use?” Chu Yunfan said with a sneer.

If Old Flood Dragon King was in the Core Stage at his peak, Chu Yunfan would have no choice but to fight with his life on the line. However, Old Flood Dragon King was different. Although he was also in the Core Stage, it was obvious that he was no longer in his peak condition.

He was old and weak, and he had suffered a fatal injury before. Not much of his power was left.

Chu Yunfan was even a little excited. It was rare to have the experience of fighting with a Core, especially before fighting that God. This was undoubtedly a valuable experience.

“It’s enough to kill you!” Old Flood Dragon King’s divine will had already covered the entire battlefield, and he could see the entire situation clearly. The one who was in real danger was Chu Yunfan’s group. The other groups were being held back by many experts, and only Chu Yunfan’s group was advancing by leaps and bounds, and no one could stop them.

Even the three great kings had been killed by Chu Yunfan. As long as Chu Yunfan was stopped, the offense of the Federation Army would be contained.


Old Flood Dragon King let out a long roar and spat out an astonishing saber light from his mouth. It tore a huge crack in the sky and then slashed toward Chu Yunfan.

Although it was just a simple attack, it had great power. Whether it was the monsters or the Federation’s mecha army, they were all suppressed and were unable to move. It was as if someone was suppressing them on a spiritual level.

Everyone knew that this was all because of Old Flood Dragon King.

But just as the saber light was about to land on Chu Yunfan’s body, he suddenly took a step forward and broke through Old Flood Dragon King’s pressure.

His entire body was glowing, and countless streams of sword qi gushed out from his body. They turned into a terrifying sword light in the air, and slashed down toward the saber light.

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