I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1656 - 1656 Sierra Holy Demon

1656 Sierra Holy Demon

Not long after Chu Yunfan and the others left, Wang Yifan was sitting on a throne in a hall in the East District’s Startling Cloud Peak. A stream of light flew past and landed in his hand. It was a jade slip used for communication.

Wang Yifan used his divine will to probe the jade slip and quickly read the message.

“Chu Yunfan, I don’t believe that Yi Yunyao can protect you forever!” He sneered. “This time, I will kill you.”

Not long after, a few Flying Celestial disciples in moon-white robes strode in.

Wang Yifan commanded, “Collect Chu Yunfan’s head. I want everyone to know the consequences of offending me. If you do well, I will reward you handsomely.”

He had no intentions of attacking personally. Chu Yunfan was an ant that did not qualify for him to attack personally. If not for Yi Yunyao, Chu Yunfan would not even be enough to make him look sideways.

The Flying Celestial disciples revealed happy smiles. They knew that Wang Yifan had always been generous. Even if it wasn’t something very important to him, it was precious to them. As for Chu Yunfan, they had already heard some things. Although he had caused Wang Yifan to back down, Chu Yunfan was only a disciple who had just entered the sect. Without Yi Yunyao’s protection, Chu Yunfan was nothing.

“We will bring back his head, Senior Wang.”

Everyone promised.


An endless strong wind blew and a streak of light flashed in the sky. Upon closer inspection, there was an extremely gorgeous airship.

On the airship, Fan Shixin and the others stood on the bow. Chu Yunfan stood behind them with his eyes closed. He was making full use of his time to cultivate. He had broken through to the Abstract Stage, but such strength was not considered outstanding in the Flying Celestials. The battle between Wang Yifan and Yi Yunyao had shown him the cruel nature of the Flying Celestials. It was a society where the strong preyed on the weak. The beauty on the surface could not hide the cruel competition within.

And a core disciple like Wang Yifan was shouting to kill him. If he didn’t have Yi Yunyao’s support, even if Wang Yifan killed him, who would stand up for him?

Strength. Only with sufficient strength could one stand firm in this world.

Moreover, Tang Siyu was still waiting for him to find her.

Soon, a dark cloud appeared before everyone’s eyes. The strange thing was that this dark cloud sealed the distant world. It was not just hanging on the horizon.

“That’s demonic energy.” Fan Shixin narrowed his eyes.

“That’s right. He really fled to this place.” Huang Ling’er nodded. “There aren’t many places in Grand Xia that have demonic energy. Lone Star was severely injured by Meng Tianren and urgently needed to replenish his demonic energy. Someone saw him hiding in this Sierra Holy Demon.”

Chu Yunfan opened his eyes. Although he had never been here before, he was not unfamiliar with this place. He had read about the Sierra Holy Demon in “The World.” This was an area that was shrouded in endless demonic energy all year round. No one knew how it was formed. In legends passed down by the elders, a great demon was once buried here. It was said that it had a certain relationship with the Holy Demon Cult.

For some unknown reason, the demonic energy here lingered all year round. Grand Xia had attacked this place several times to dispel the demonic energy. After all, although demonic energy was a great tonic for martial artists who cultivated the demonic path, it was harmful to other martial artists and creatures. However, they never succeeded. Grand Xia kept this a secret and did not seem willing to mention it. There was not much record in the official information.

Everyone knew that Sierra Holy Demon was extremely dangerous. It was said that someone had seen the figure of a terrifying creature flying into the depths of Sierra Holy Demon but nobody had been able to verify this.

Grand Xia had set up a barrier here. Because of this, the demonic energy did not spread out and there was no way to remove it. Grand Xia could only choose to ignore it.

“I heard that Sierra Holy Demon is extremely dangerous. There are unknown monsters living there,” Huang Feng said with a frown. He too had read “The World” and was afraid of the Sierra Holy Demon.

“Don’t worry. It’s just rumors. If there really was a monster, the Imperial Court would’ve sent experts to deal with it. Moreover, we’re not going deep inside. Lone Star is heavily injured. He shouldn’t be able to run far.” Fan Shixin looked confident.

“That’s right. We’re not going deep into the mountain range. It’s fine if we just stick to the periphery.” Iron Heart nodded.

Chu Yunfan wasn’t worried. For others, demonic energy was harmful, but to him, it didn’t matter. He knew the Celestial Devouring Art and could refine demonic energy for his own use. He was not afraid of the corrosion of the demonic energy.

The airship quickly sped through the sky and plunged into the demonic energy dark clouds. Chu Yunfan noticed that a golden barrier had risen around the airship. As soon as they entered the range of Sierra Holy Demon, countless demonic energy surged over crazily as if they had intelligence. It looked like they wanted to erode these golden barriers.

“Hold on!” Fan Shixin shouted and turned the airship without warning. It was clear that he was a little distressed about letting the airship fight against the demonic energy.

The arrays and barriers carved on the airship were extremely rare. Without their protection, everyone would succumb to the endless demonic energy covering the sky and earth. Everyone raised their protective energy shields and protected themselves. In the pitch-black darkness, the energy shields made them look like small suns.

Chu Yunfan was the last to act. He pretended to put up an energy shield, but he was secretly using the Celestial Devouring Art to absorb the demonic energy. In this pitch-black environment, no one noticed his strange behavior.

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