I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

Chapter 13 - Uninvited Guests

Chapter 13: Uninvited Guests

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A golden blade appeared on the stage. The pressure emitted was enough to convince people that it was extraordinary.

Li Yunfei’s expression instantly changed. He looked like a wolf that had just smelled blood after a long time. A determined glint flashed across his eyes.

“That blade is basically tailor-made for me.”

Li Yunfei was known for his blade techniques. Recently, he had been struggling to find a suitable weapon. It caused him a lot of distress.

A fitting weapon was needed for good performance. The gold thread big ring blade was a must for Li Yunfei.

“8,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

The moment Li Yunfei opened his mouth, everyone stopped in their tracks. They knew that Li Yunfei specialized in using blades and did not want to compete with him. Besides, the price was soaring sky-high.

In the end, Li Yunfei successfully bought the gold thread big ring blade.

[ Ding! The host has successfully auctioned a tier 4 high-grade gold thread big ring blade. ]

[ Successfully triggered 100 times return! ]

[ Obtained a tier 5 low-grade weapon, Cross Blade! ]

Although only two items had been auctioned, the atmosphere was very lively. It was essentially a mini climax. After all, the auctioned items were not common. Furthermore, there were a lot of powerful people present.

Those who did not manage to buy anything had their horizons broadened. This trip was not a waste. The patrons were discussing so enthusiastically with each other that no one noticed a group of uninvited guests arriving at the entrance.

Only Lin Mo’s sharp eyes spotted them.

“These people…”

He furrowed his brows. There was a lingering feeling that he had seen them somewhere before.

Although these people were dressed in ordinary clothes, the aura they emitted could not fool anyone. Their viciousness and malevolence indicated that they had come with ill intentions, especially the scar-faced man in the lead.

‘It’s them!

‘Aren’t they the robbers who had killed the original soul of this body? They’re the reason that I’ve transmigrated to this world.’

Uncle Wang noticed Lin Mo’s strange behavior and asked, “Young master, what’s wrong?”

“Those people are the crooks who had robbed me back then.”

Upon hearing that, Uncle Wang’s expression changed drastically.

“I’m sure they did not come with good intentions. Should we…”

Although the group of robbers had tried to restrain their aura, it still occasionally flowed out of their bodies. This was an indication of their strength. It was not low. Most of the people in the auction house were just ordinary folks.

Even if there were quite a number of experts present, this situation had nothing to do with them. There was no need for them to get into any conflict.

“Don’t worry, these people are nothing to be afraid of.”

Lin Mo had an indifferent look on his face. Based on his current level, this bunch of robbers was nothing but clowns.

His words calmed Uncle Wang. The old butler believed in his young master.

Lin Mo gazed at the group of robbers as if it was piercing through them. It seemed like new and old grudges would be settled at the same time.

The group of robbers did not expect to be recognized so quickly. They casually found a place to sit, not knowing that all their movements were being tracked.

Soon, the third item for auction made its appearance.

“The third auction item is a tier 4 low-grade martial art, Ring Blade technique. Starting price is 6,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

Li Yunfei stood up excitedly.

Since he had obtained the gold thread big ring blade earlier, this technique would certainly complement it. Without a doubt, his power would increase greatly.

However, before he could speak, someone had already made the first bid.

“60,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

Li Yunfei could not help but be taken aback. From six thousand to sixty thousand, was the bidder insane? It was not some top-grade cultivation technique, so it was clearly not worth this price. Either this person had too much money to spend or there was something wrong with his head.

The crowd did not expect to hear such a price either and the entire place fell silent. Everyone turned their heads to look at the bidder.

It was none other than the scar-face man. He looked back at the crowd with a proud expression.

“Aren’t they a group of robbers? Why are they here?”

Most people immediately recognized their identities. It filled them with fear and despair. The scar-face leader was especially memorable. Obviously, he was hard to forget with such a distinct feature.

The scar-faced robber was infamous in this vicinity. He and his group had robbed plenty of houses and committed all sorts of crimes. As long as they were paid well, they would accept any mission. They had no morals at all.

Furthermore, this group of robbers was not afraid of death. They would fearlessly fight against the mercenary groups. Ordinary mercenary groups had suffered a lot under their hands, so even they would try to avoid them.

The auction house fell into a deathly silence.

“Such a high price. Does he actually have that amount of spirit stones? After all, he only knows how to rob others.”

Someone spoke with dissatisfaction. His companion beside him was completely on edge.

“Shhh! Keep your voice down! Don’t you want to live?”

Just as he finished speaking, Scarface’s sinister gaze landed on him. The leader of the robbers made a cutting-throat gesture. His threat was self-evident.

The two people were so frightened that they quickly lowered their heads, not daring to make another sound.

As for the rest of the crowd, they did not utter a single word either. This group of robbers was deliberately looking for trouble. They raised the price to such an extent so no one else could participate.

Wu Jin also understood the situation, so he did not continue with the usual procedure.

“I’m willing to pay the highest price. Hurry up and give me the item.”

The scar-face man urged Wu Jin. At the same time, he deliberately provoked him, “Do you even know how an auction works?”

Although he said that, the leader of the robbers did not take out any spirit stones. Evidently, he was trying to get something for nothing. Wu Jin was caught in a dilemma and looked at Lin Mo.

“Give it to him.”

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