I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

Chapter 17 - Danger From the Family

Chapter 17: Danger From the Family

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The family had already given up on Lin Mo and they would not punish those with high positions for him. In this world, strength was the most important. The weak were destined to be bullied.

A sense of danger rose in Lin Mo’s heart. The person behind the scenes had failed this time, but they definitely would not give up easily. He had to increase his strength as soon as possible and prepare for the family competition in three months’ time.

At the same time, he had to avoid his pursuers. After all, their levels were unknown.

Meanwhile, at the Lin family household, a number of respected elders had gathered together. Their gazes landed on the leader’s seat. The second elder sat upright with an imposing manner.

“What are you people doing? I heard that Lin Mo is still alive!”

The other elders looked at each other. They had no idea what was going on either.

“Those robbers that were sent to kill Lin Mo are at the peak of level seven. It shouldn’t be a problem to deal with trash like him.”

To ensure a favorable outcome, they had dispatched experts to deal with Lin Mo. Things should have gone smoothly. Nobody expected it to turn out this way.

“Could it be that Lin Mo had already recovered?”

“That’s impossible. Even if he recovered, he shouldn’t be a match for the robbers. Trash will always be trash.”

Everyone knew that there was a huge gap between levels six and seven. It was obvious who would emerge the victor. Nobody expected Lin Mo’s cultivation to grow at such a terrifying speed.

It was a pity that Scarface and his group were completely annihilated. They did not know what exactly happened.

“I heard that he got lucky and obtained a demonic beast. That must be it.”

Indeed, some people with low strength could subdue powerful demonic beasts through fortuitous encounters. This explanation was much more believable.

“This kid’s luck isn’t bad.”

The second elder had a dark and unfathomable expression on his face. His eyes were cold and cruel.

“He won’t be so lucky next time. I have to get rid of him as soon as possible without anyone’s knowledge.”

“In that case, dispatch a level nine expert. Once we find Lin Mo’s location, we can instantly deal with him.”

Lin Mo had no idea that he was going to face another crisis.

He was in a secret room behind the auction house, cultivating the “Frost Sword Manual”. It was a continuation.

The resources obtained from the second auction were no use to him. Instead of wasting, he saved them for the tier five low-grade inner core of a demonic beast, Bao Hu. They could be used for refinement.

To an ordinary person, it was much more difficult to absorb the inner core of a demonic beast than medicinal herbs and pills. The latter two were more gentle in nature.

On the other hand, demonic beasts tend to have violent temperaments. Their inner cores were contaminated with destructive qi. As a result, it was extremely difficult to absorb. Furthermore, if a person was not careful, their bloodline would expand. Then, it would explode, bringing death to the individual.

However, this was not a problem for Lin Mo. After all, he possessed the god-slaying body. Everything could be swallowed and suppressed. Once he cultivated to the perfection stage, he could kill any god, even Buddha.

The inner core of a small demonic beast was not difficult to absorb. Furthermore, it was only a low-grade tier five demonic beast’s inner core.

Once again, the golden inner core became incomparably dazzling. Countless specks of light surged into Lin Mo’s body. Shortly after, they gradually dissipated.

The inner core became dull. Its originally golden exterior slowly turned gray. The spiritual energy within was swept away and the essence was completely absorbed by Lin Mo.

A layer of gas surged and it rapidly rotated around him. Lin Mo’s entire body was covered. Again, from a distance, he looked like an enormous white cocoon. The spiritual energy within his body was rapidly growing. He had reached level seven in one go!


An invisible substance poured out from within his body. At the same time, the Frost Sword cultivation technique was also circulating through his meridians and various major acupoints.

Lin Mo breathed in and out. There was some sort of rhythm to it. A frosty aura spread out, causing the ground and walls to be covered in a thick layer of ice.

The surrounding temperature was extremely cold. If an ordinary person were to step in without any protection, they would be severely injured. Worst case scenario, their internal organs would be frozen, causing instant death.

The frosty qi continued to assault Lin Mo. At this moment, he had achieved perfection and finished cultivating the “Frost Sword Manual”.

Lin Mo slowly opened his eyes. It was as if a violent snowstorm had swept over the world. However, in a blink of an eye, the ice and snow disappeared. Even the temperature returned to normal.

Everything that had happened earlier almost felt like an illusion.

Lin Mo did not refine the remaining resources. He only tidied up his things in preparation for the upcoming auction. After all, what he would encounter after leaving Chuxin Village was unknown.

“If I encounter a level eight or nine powerhouse, I should be able to fight them.”

Lin Mo was not trying to brag. It was just facts. After mastering the Frost Sword technique and Frost Sword Manual, his combat strength had increased exponentially.

Furthermore, he still had quite a number of resources in his hands such as the tier five top-grade Chao Pill, a tier five low-grade Cross Blade, and more. In the future, he would be able to get even better items from the system.

Additionally, Lin Mo had one hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones. He was very wealthy. This gave him the confidence to venture further and beyond.

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