I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

Chapter 4 - Nothing Good

Chapter 4: Nothing Good

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Lin Mo was unable to calm down for a long time. Even the original host of this body had never heard of a Heavenly Recovery Pill before. The Lin clan was very powerful and the original host was a genius. Since he had never seen this pill, it was enough to show its worth.

Having this pill was equivalent to having a life-saving talisman. No matter what went wrong during cultivation, there would be a way to remedy it.

It was not an exaggeration to say that this pill was the dream item of almost every cultivator. Yet Lin Mo was able to obtain it easily. If word got out, it would infuriate people to death. The gap between Lin Mo and other cultivators had widened in an instant.

After Lin Mo had composed himself, he went to auction off the second item. It was his personal sword. The current situation was different from the past. Other than being slightly sharper and being made using slightly better materials, this sword was rather basic. There was nothing special about it.

In the end, it was auctioned off for one thousand and five hundred low-grade spirit stones.

[ Ding! The host has auctioned off an iron sword. ]

[ 1,000 fold return has been successfully triggered! ]

[ You have obtained a mid-grade tier 7 Ice Soul Silver Light Sword! ]

This did not excite Lin Mo as much as the pill. There was indeed a difference between a thousandfold and ten-thousand fold return. It seemed like his luck had been pretty good at the start.

Of course, this did not mean that the recent item he had obtained was not good. Even the village chief and the two mercenary group leaders’ weapons were far inferior to this sword.

The mid-grade tier seven Ice Soul Silver Light Sword was able to affect the surrounding elements. An elemental weapon was also very rare. Furthermore, the resources here were scarce. Thus, it was difficult to come across a seventh rank weapon. Even in the Lin family, this was not a common sight.

The third article was a body tempering cultivation technique. It was quite ordinary.

Normal people would not be able to use it while cultivators despise it. In short, it was basically useless.

“Everyone, don’t underestimate this cultivation technique. The younger generation must learn it. This is also a cultivation technique that the Lin family doesn’t pass on to outsiders. I’ve only unwillingly brought it out for the sake of this auction…”

As Uncle Wang listened to Lin Mo’s words, he felt that something was not right. Despite that, he had no way of refuting. The same goes for the people who were present.

Lin Mo’s persuasive words were learned from the twenty-first century. Even though he was trying to scam people, he felt that it must be done.

As expected, after his extravagant bragging, the article was bought at the price of one thousand and seven hundred low-grade spirit stones.

[ Ding! The host has auctioned off the body tempering cultivation technique. ]

[ Successfully triggered 500 times return. ]

[ Obtained tier 5 top-grade martial art, Dragon Elephant Fist technique! ]

The rewards from the auction return system could not be recycled. This was done to prevent people from taking advantage of the loophole. Using unlimited returns to obtain unlimited rewards was impossible.

“Lin family’s authentic items? All of them are just trash. You’re only deceiving these country bumpkins who haven’t seen the world. In fact, you’re nothing but a swindler.”

Just as everything was going smoothly, an unpleasant voice could suddenly be heard. The person who said this was a middle-aged man. Judging from his appearance, he should be from a mercenary group. However, it was unknown which mercenary group he belonged to.

As soon as he finished speaking, several people echoed, “That’s right. You’re trying to fool us with rubbish.”

“Aren’t you ashamed of auctioning these items?”

“I advise everyone to disperse as soon as possible. We, the Hungry Wolf mercenary group, have plenty of these things. I can’t believe I purposely came here to take a look. What a waste of time and energy.”

The atmosphere in the auction hall became awkward and silent. These few people caused everyone else’s expressions to turn ugly. Moreover, due to their tyrannical might, no one was able to argue back.

At this moment, Lin Mo suddenly spoke out, “Today is just a warm-up. The next auction will be held in three days. There will be a tier 5 top-grade martial art to be auctioned off.”

These words were like sparks falling into a pot of oil. The gloomy atmosphere was instantly ignited.

“What?! Did I hear wrongly? A tier 5 top-grade martial art! Is it true?”

“Could it be that he’s trying to trick us into coming here again?”

“I don’t think so. After all, if he goes back on his words, his future auctions will be doomed.”

Lin Mo did not say anything else and only added, “This auction house is also willing to pay a higher commission than other auction houses to collect the items.”

Before the crowd could digest what he said, Lin Mo had already thrown out another piece of important news. Then, he turned and left, ignoring everyone’s reactions.

By the time the crowd had dispersed, it was already midnight. Uncle Wang and Lin Mo decided to take a short break after tidying up.

Uncle Wang wanted to say something but he seemed hesitant.

“Young Master Lin Mo, you said earlier that you’re going to auction off a tier 5 top-grade martial art…”

During their earlier chat, Uncle Wang had already found out about the robbery that Lin Mo had encountered. He was a little worried that Lin Mo was spouting empty words due to anger. Integrity was the most important thing for an auctioneer. If Lin Mo was unable to bring out the promised item, then everything would be ruined.

Lin Mo knew that Uncle Wang was just worried about him. So, he comforted the old butler.

“When the time comes, you’ll see for yourself. I’m going to be cultivating for the next few days. Uncle Wang, try your best to collect some items that are 3rd rank and above. Also, make preparations for the upcoming auction.”

After giving his instructions, Lin Mo went to the backyard of the auction house to find a secluded place.

The auction house was lacking in every area, but it was big. Lin Mo was able to find a spot where he would not be disturbed.

Since Uncle Wang would take care of things, Lin Mo could cultivate in peace for the next three days.

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