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Chapter 5 - The Miraculous Effects of the Heavenly Recovery Pill

Chapter 5: The Miraculous Effects of the Heavenly Recovery Pill

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With a thought, the Heavenly Recovery Pill appeared in Lin Mo’s palm. The air was immediately filled with a rich medicinal fragrance, refreshing one’s heart and mind.

The white pill was very round and nine circle patterns encircled it. As expected of a top-grade pill. Just by looking at it, Lin Mo felt that his exhausted spiritual energy was replenished. It was as if some unknown power had entered his body.

Without any hesitation, Lin Mo swallowed the pill and it slid down his throat. Suddenly, he felt as if there was a small sun in his abdomen. His body became warmer and warmer.

Lin Mo tried to use his spiritual energy to release this lump of heat source. He could feel the various elements in the air begin to pulsate. Countless amounts of spiritual energy were drawn into his body.

Originally, his spiritual power was so little that it was almost empty. With the sudden influx of so much spiritual power that traveled at lightning speed flowing through his meridians and blood, it felt like they were attacking major acupoints in his body.

Each impact would bring waves of intense pain. Lin Mo felt as if he was going to drown.

If this happened to an ordinary person, they would have already started bleeding from their seven orifices. Their meridians would also have exploded. Fortunately, Lin Mo had a god-slaying body. Thus, his face only turned slightly pale.

Nonetheless, it felt as if all of his bones and tendons were being crushed. Lin Mo could even faintly hear the sound of his joints cracking. His forehead was completely covered in sweat. He was unsure how long he would last.

The pill’s heaven-revolving spiritual energy continued to flow throughout Lin Mo’s body. His meridians, which had been stagnant for a long time, had finally expanded.


It felt like something was pouring down. Previously, Lin Mo’s meridians were only the size of a finger. Now, they were comparable to a waterfall.

The speed at which the spiritual energy flowed was getting faster and faster. At the same time, the amount of spiritual energy absorbed was also increasing. The spiritual energy around was being guided and they continuously flowed towards this place.

Countless black impurities were expelled out of Lin Mo’s body. At this moment, an unprecedented sense of comfort enveloped his body. He had removed the shackles of his mortal body as if he had been enlightened.

Lin Mo felt like he was soaking in a hot spring. Every pore on his body had opened up. He was breathing spiritual energy in and out. The spiritual energy had been refined to a purer state.

If someone were to see this dream-like scene right now, they would definitely be shocked.

Countless specks of spiritual energy crowded around Lin Mo. The spiritual energy even turned into a white mist. Eventually, they formed into a huge cocoon. Lin Mo was within it. A divine light flickered. It made him look like a God.

The light was soon extinguished, but the spiritual energy was getting more and more abundant.

After an unknown amount of time, Lin Mo slowly opened his eyes. It was as if a clear divine light was surrounding him. In this state, people may not dare look at him directly. Lin Mo let out a long breath. He could not help but sigh.

“As expected of the Heavenly Recovery Pill.”

His entire body had been transformed by the pill. Lin Mo felt like he had been reborn. There was no way an ordinary person’s body could contain so much spiritual energy. Their bodies would have exploded and they would have died long ago. This was the crucial difference.

The auction return system was like a cheat tool. With this system, Lin Mo would no longer have to worry about cultivation resources!

As long as he had good luck, all the top resources in this world would be within his grasp!

Additionally, with his god-slaying body, Lin Mo’s absorption speed was much faster than an average person’s. After consuming a tier nine medicinal pill, those with a low cultivation base would take months to absorb it. On the other hand, he was able to absorb all the medicinal effects in a short period of time.

Furthermore, Lin Mo had also recovered his peak of fifth rank strength.

His base cultivation was essentially done. Lin Mo circulated his spiritual force once more before starting to cultivate the “Dragon Elephant Fist technique”. By the time he opened his eyes, two days had passed. However, he felt as if only a few hours had gone by.

If Uncle Wang did not wake him up, Lin Mo would probably continue to meditate.

Seeing Lin Mo once again, Uncle Wang felt that he was a little different. Despite that, he could not exactly pinpoint the difference other than the aura around him was more extraordinary.

“Young Master Lin Mo, I’ve already spread the news. All the experts in this vicinity have heard that Chuxin Village’s auction house is about to auction off a tier 5 top-grade cultivation technique. From the looks of it, they’re all determined to obtain it.”

Lin Mo nodded. He was satisfied with Uncle Wang’s efficiency.

“Thank you, Uncle Wang. You’ve worked hard these past few days.”

Uncle Wang was slightly overwhelmed by the praise.

“This is my job. Young Master Lin Mo is too courteous. By the way, where are we supposed to get a tier 5 top-grade cultivation technique? Those people were so enthusiastic. If you could not present the article, they would probably tear down the place. Literally.”

Lin Mo had the auction return system in his hands, so there was nothing to worry about. There was only one issue on his mind.

The resources he obtained were all reserved for his own use to satisfy the god-slaying body. As for the weapons, he would keep the ones that were handy. The rest would be auctioned off. It was the same for martial arts. He would first cultivate them, then auction them off.

Although there was a rule that the system’s rewards could not be commerced back to it, Lin Mo could still use them to earn spirit stones or other items. Otherwise, he would not be able to obtain other rewards. In short, no matter what, it was a profitable business.

“Also, while the young master was cultivating, I’ve used the Lin family’s reputation along with the news of the upcoming auction to purchase quite a few items that were above 3rd rank. There are also a number of people who are willing to send their items over to be auctioned off. Young Master Lin Mo, I hope that you will not deduct their profits when the time comes.”

Uncle Wang was meticulous in his calculations. It did not matter if the initial stage of the auction earned them only a little money. The most important thing was to make a name for the young master. Lin Mo had the same thought.

“Uncle Wang, don’t worry. I will only take 10% of their profits.”

In an ordinary auction house, if people wanted to auction off their items, they would have to pay at least thirty to fifty percent of their profits as handling fees. Yet, Lin Mo only planned to take ten percent. This was practically charity.

Lin Mo’s goals were not tied to his profits. The most important thing was the auction return system. As long as an item was auctioned, there would be a return.

Uncle Wang was slightly moved by Lin Mo’s actions.

“Young master, are you trying to use this method to build up the reputation for our auction house so we’ll receive better items in the future?”

Unexpectedly, Lin Mo shook his head and said mysteriously, “I have my own agendas. Furthermore, there’s really a tier 5 top-grade cultivation technique that’ll be auctioned off.”

Upon hearing those words, Uncle Wang became curious. However, since Lin Mo did not elaborate, he did not pester further either.

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