I See the Aura of the Great Emperor in All My Disciples

Chapter 203 - Chapter 203: Accepting Shi Sheng As A Disciple

Chapter 203: Accepting Shi Sheng As A Disciple

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In the admissions square where Shi Sheng was the center of attention.

Even though his talent was not good and his physique was a little poor, he used his willpower to prove that even if his talent was not high, he could remain standing at the end.

Ye Qiubai’s face was filled with admiration when he looked at Shi Sheng.

He could rely on his willpower to last so long in his Grandmaster Sword Domain.

It was very commendable.


Ye Qiubai walked closer to Shi Sheng and patted his shoulder with a smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll mention you to Master. But Master rarely takes in disciples. You have to be mentally prepared.”

Shi Sheng smiled honestly and scratched his head. “It’s fine. 1 didn’t expect Senior Lu to take a fancy to my talent.”

He had only come here to join the Hidden Dao Academy and to obtain the inheritance of the orthodox cultivation path after all.

Before this, he had no resources and no one to teach him.

He was a cultivator who had relied on his own cultivation to reach this point.

The elders saw that Shi Sheng’s talent was not very good, so no one was interested in him.

Ye Qiubai smiled and said, “It’s fine. Even if Master doesn’t accept you, Dean

Qin will still accept you as his personal disciple. You can still cultivate here.”

Shi Sheng smiled and nodded. Being able to be taken in as Dean Qin’s disciple was already beyond his expectations. He would be really satisfied.

Everyone looked at Shi Sheng enviously.

To be recognized by the eldest disciple of the Cottage, even if he did not join the Cottage, his future was bright.

One had to know Ye Qiubai’s talent was obvious to all.

He had done countless things that no one dared to think about.

In the future, as long as he did not die midway, he would definitely be able to step onto the peak of this mainland!

When a man attains the Dao, even the chickens and dogs he rears ascend to the heavens.

After obtaining Ye Qiubai’s recognition, Shi Sheng’s future would not be too bad.

At this moment, a white-robed man appeared in the admissions square.

Everyone looked over and were shocked.

Wh o is this person?

They actually did not sense the aura of this man at all!

Ye Qiubai’s next words shocked everyone!

“Master? Why are you here?”

It was Lu Changsheng!

After everyone learned of the white-robed man’s identity, a hint of fanaticism flashed across their eyes!

This person was the owner of the Cottage, Lu Changsheng!

He had nurtured monstrous disciples like Ye Qiubai, Hong Ying, and Ning Chenxin.

The elders were also stunned.

Why is this kid willing to come out?

Qin Tiannan also came to Lu Changsheng’s side and said with a smile, “Have you finished improving the array formation?”

Lu Changsheng ignored Qin Tiannan and Ye Qiubai.

Instead, he shouted, “Who is Shi Sheng? Is he still here?”

Hearing Lu Changsheng’s words…

Everyone was stunned again.

He is here to look for Shi Sheng? But how did Lu Changsheng know about Shi Sheng? Why is such a mighty figure looking for Shi Sheng?

When Shi Sheng heard this, he was also stunned. He hurriedly stood up and said, “Senior Lu, I’m here.”

Lu Changsheng followed the voice and looked at it. After sizing it up, he walked forward and said, “Are you willing to be my disciple?”

The admissions square was silent for a few breaths.

Everyone’s faces were filled with shock.


What did Senior Lu say?

He wanted to take Shi Sheng as his disciple?

Chen Mingzhi also looked at Shi Sheng with a complicated expression.

However, he could only smile bitterly, his eyes filled with envy.

Shi Sheng was actually appreciated by Lu Changsheng.

He wanted to take him in as a disciple!

Qin Tiannan was also quite depressed. He said, “I say, you brat, it’s not easy for me to find a seedling who can inherit my mantle, and you’re going to snatch it away?”

Huang Yuan:”???”

As the only disciple of the Dean, Huang Yuan was naturally present.

He could not help but be stunned hearing his master’s words.

He began to doubt his life.

It’s not easy for me to find a seedling who can inherit my mantle? What about me? Should 1 leave?

Lu Changsheng smiled and said, “Uncle Qin, it’s not easy for me to take in a disciple. Are you giving him to me?”

Qin Tiannan also had a helpless expression.

He could only say helplessly, “Since you’re willing to accept him, that’s for the best.”

“Even though you’re lazy, 1 have to say that you’re a good teacher.”

Lu Changsheng said, “Well… you don’t have to say the last sentence on purpose.”

“Did I say something wrong?”

Ye Qiubai was also amused when he heard their conversation.

Even though Lu Changsheng’s strength was unfathomable, he was still like a junior in front of Dean Qin.

That was normal.

When Lu Changsheng first came to this world, these two people treated him the best.

The first was the old man from the Cottage, who was also the former leader of the Cottage.

Even though he didn’t know where he went now, and he didn’t leave any messages, the second was Dean Qin Tiannan.

After the old man left, Dean Qin took good care of Lu Changsheng.

When the elders all said that they wanted to abolish the Cottage to avoid wasting the academy’s resources,

It was also because Qin Tiannan had resisted the pressure and never agreed.

Shi Sheng, who was at the side, was also stunned.

He pointed at himself, his voice filled with disbelief.

“That… that… Senior Lu… is talking about me?”

Ye Qiubai smiled brightly and patted Shi Sheng’s shoulder. “It’s you. As long as you agree, you’ll be Master’s disciple and my junior brother.”

Ye Qiubai was overjoyed! He could finally find someone to cook on behalf of him, as he looked at Shi Sheng’s honest appearance.

Even though Blackie was quite obedient, Ye Qiubai gave up after teaching him a few times.

The resultant black substance, according to Lu Changsheng, was like an old jar of pickled vegetables…

Yes, even though they did not understand, it was definitely not a compliment.

Lu Changsheng smiled and nodded. “It’s you. Are you willing?”

After receiving Lu Changsheng’s confirmation, Shi Sheng hurriedly nodded.

He revealed a simple and honest smile.

“Yes, I’m willing!”

Then, he knelt on the ground and bowed. “Master, accept my kowtow!”

Lu Changsheng nodded with a smile.

The others looked at Shi Sheng enviously.

From then on, Shi Sheng’s fate would change.

Even though his talent was not enough, they also believed that in the hands of this Cottage Master, he would definitely be able to break out of his cocoon and become a butterfly!

The four disciples of the Cottage Master were all extremely outstanding and ruthless people who could fight above their level after all.

Lu Changsheng nodded and said, “In that case, follow me to the Cottage.”

Then, he brought Shi Sheng and Ye Qiubai back to the Cottage in no time!

The soup wouldn’t be hot anymore if he didn’t go back now!

Qin Tiannan shook his head helplessly as he watched Lu Changsheng leave.

Then, he looked at the people in the admissions square and said, “As you can see, you can choose to join the four halls or become disciples of the elders.”

“You can leave if you don’t want to.”

With that said, some proud people left.

Their purpose in coming here was to join the Cottage.

However, Chen Mingzhi did not leave.

Even if he could not join, there were endless benefits to being able to have a relationship with the Cottage..

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