I Should Have Just Died

Chapter 46

The atmosphere of the banquet hall when Alyssa returned was not very good.

Ophelia, standing behind Juliana, mumbled.

“She is not a bad person.”

“So, do we look like bad people?”

The person who stepped forward was ‘Dania’, Kendrick’s former fiancee. She knew she would marry Kendrick until he was forced to pursue an engagement with Alyssa from the princess of the royal family. Although the adults in the house determined it, she loved and cared for Kendrick with all her heart.


Ophelia shook her head. Dania’s pale, tired face came into her eyes. Dania even collapsed when she had to break her engagement with Kendrick. Nevertheless, she couldn’t pour out any blame for the choice Cambridge made.

Ophelia clenched her lips.

All of the people here were the ones Ophelia had been watching from her childhood. As Dania said, there was no bad guy here. There are only those who endure Kendrick’s death with sad faces. She couldn’t blame them.

“…that’s it for today. Kendrick wouldn’t want us to be so sad for him. It’s a gathering of family members. I want you to have a good time.”

Juliana’s calm words silenced the banquet hall.

She stared at the door of the banquet hall where Alyssa left with a face full of trouble.

She hopes it doesn’t hurt too much…


Alyssa tumbled. Sasha, waiting outside the banquet hall, waiting for her master, came after her.

“What happened inside? Why are you so wet! This is… wine!”

Serving in the banquet hall was handled by those familiar with it, so Sasha could not even go inside. Thanks to her, when she saw Alyssa appearing in a shabby appearance, she felt her heart break. If she were by Alyssa’s side, she wouldn’t have allowed it to be like this… Even with Sasha’s wiping, Alyssa shook her head with her mouth closed.

It means she doesn’t want to talk.

Sasha sighed with tears and sat down in front of Alyssa.

“Please get on my back.”

“No. I’m fine.”

“You don’t have a good face! Besides, you are trembling.”

Sasha cried out in tears. Rather than pointing out her servant’s rudeness, Alyssa was put on her back as if she couldn’t help it.

She doesn’t know what happened to Alyssa, but she thought she knew roughly.

The royal family made the fault, but why is it Alyssa’s job to be insulted? Would it have been less unfair if she had received plenty of love from the royal family when she grew up?

Isn’t it because it’ll be less painful to be frustrated by unfair situations and always be so angry? Sasha moved her pace slowly, carrying Alyssa.

As Alyssa, who the royal family had persecuted since she was young, was small enough for Sasha to carry.

Alyssa burst into tears.


Hot, dripping tears wet Sasha’s neck, but she pretended not to know.

It was because Sasha was also crying quietly.

She just can’t fix her master, shivering on her back and crying.

It was an anxious and painful day.


Meanwhile, Seidrick was meeting the person who put the mine on auction.

The mines’ beneficial owners were local, but they were the grandchildren of aristocrats who were all dying. He did not doubt that this would be the family’s last chance, and he was anxious to get a lot of money somehow.

“Are you saying that you can make this much money?”


Seidrick nodded his head.

Unlike when Kendrick was there, everything was hard. Some laughed at Seidrick, who had just taken over, and others were anxious about the fall of Cambridge.

Since Kendrick died, it was not unreasonable to think so because Cambridge stood at the center of the issue, decorating weekly magazines every day. However, Cambridge is Cambridge. It is not a family that will barely collapse by this kind of thing.

Even in all limited circumstances, some supported Cambridge’s hand so that Seidrick could attract investment like this.

“…good. It would be too much to be greedy anymore.”

Said the man.

In fact, among those who would like to trade, Seidrick was currently the highest bidder. Others said they couldn’t put up more than that, so he was best off selling this to Seidrick and taking the money.

He doesn’t know.

“Thank you.”

Seidrick exhaled a breath of relief.

That amount was Pauline’s lowest offer. Pauline, who received large investments from investors, advised talking by slowly increasing the amount from a smaller amount. And, fortunately, the man accepted the amount Seidrick first offered.

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