I Should Have Just Died

Chapter 47

The value of this iron ore mine was probably better known by Seidrick than the man who sold the mine. This amount was well worth the investment.

Seidrick smiled at the satisfactory resolution after a long time.

It felt like Kendrick and he were finally getting closer to what they had hoped for all this time.

‘I’ll be busier now.’

Seidrick signed the contract with a satisfied face. Finally, the iron ore mine came into his hand. It is also necessary to recruit the planned shipbuilders and recruit the designers of the Celia Empire ships and secretly contact them.

And hire workers to mine iron ore…

His head was running busy. Seidrick took the papers that Pauline would like to see the most. The man looked at the documents that were moving away from his hand with a sad face.

He knew it was outrageous, but the reason he sold this is that he can’t manage it. Seidrick removed the contract from his gaze as if not to leave behind any regrets.

“I’m leaving.”

Seidrick left the building.

Heavy dirt sprung up on the carriage passing through the poorly maintained roads. Nevertheless, the sunlight over his head was warm, and the air around him was cool.

The scent of winter was oozing deeply. Seidrick walked toward the carriage waiting for him.

‘Come to think of it…’

Today was the Cambridge banquet. The patriarch shouldn’t miss it, but this time was an exception. They all knew that Seidrick was busy moving for Cambridge’s sake.

So it doesn’t matter if he attends.

There was one thing that caught his mind slightly.

It was Alyssa who would have been to the banquet hall alone. For the first feast of the family, she was thrown among those filled with hostility toward the royal family.

‘Mother will take good care of you.’

Juliana unknowingly seemed to care for Alyssa, so she would stop it if they did something wrong there.

Suddenly he continued thinking like that.


Seidrick stopped his pace.

That was when he realized he was thinking useless thoughts. He didn’t have to worry about Alyssa’s safety at all. Hasn’t he decided so and left?

Seidrick shook his head.

“Your Excellency?”

Thanks to that, he didn’t even notice that Pauline was opening the door and calling him.

“Your Excellency!”

“Uh, um?”

Seidrick, who came to his senses, raised his head.

“What are you thinking? Are you sure you didn’t get ripped off of all the budget you set up?”


Seidrick shook his head. He just fell into thoughts because there was something that bothered him. He smiled and got into the carriage.

Now, even if Seidrick wanted to, there would be no time to even think about Alyssa. He will clean up his relationship with her.

Seidrick handed the papers to Pauline.

“…It’s the beginning, sir. This will be a small starting point.”

Pauline mumbled in an emotional voice. It seemed that the hardships he had had for a period passed by like a kaleidoscope.


Seidrick also agreed. He thinks it’s fortunate that the hardships in the past haven’t been lost. From now on, it was time to concentrate on the shipbuilding business. And then…

In the future, Cambridge will make a lot of money.

The royal family likes money, so he may be able to get his brother’s remains back with that much-loved money.

That’s what Seidrick was thinking.

It’s shameful and disgraceful, but instead of getting Kendrick’s ashes back, it’s about giving all the money. It may be the easiest and simplest way. If he could get it back, this hardship wasn’t even a hardship.

Seidrick’s eyes dimmed.

She couldn’t come to the garden yesterday because she was doing business for the banquet all day. Alyssa walked quickly.

He said he would only stay for about a week. Besides, she can’t even come every day.

Juliana completely blocked Alyssa and the other relatives from encountering. Juliana advised her that it would be best to stay in her room, and Alyssa followed. Besides, the royal family no longer visited Alyssa. It was because on the last day she visited the royal palace, she had finished preparing for Vanessa’s party.

The servants who became strangely kind to Alyssa these days prepared her meal separately.

She was relatively comfortable with that.

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