I Stack Attributes in the Apocalypse

Chapter 393 - Chapter 393: Nothing Is Unsolvable

Chapter 393: Nothing Is Unsolvable

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Black light instantly erupted from Lu Ming’s eyes and precisely landed on the two-form Hunter.

In the next moment, it was as if space and time had frozen, and everything in the surroundings seemed to have been dimly dyed into a chaotic gray!

Everyone could clearly see that the excited and roaring two-form Hunter was motionless like a stone statue, frozen in a roaring posture without taking the next step.

To put it nicely, it was called a downtime.

To put it bluntly, it ran out of battery.

This was because its “battery” and “operating system” had already been precisely disintegrated by Lu Ming!

The killing intent shock wave that assaulted his face instantly disappeared like smoke, leaving only Lu Ming looking at the immobilized two-form Hunter, the corners of his mouth slowly curled up.

“It works indeed.”

“I knew it. There’s definitely no unsolvable ability or unsolvable characteristic in this world.”

“My Void Realm is the most effective against you Star Spirits and your flashy tricks!”

Then, he looked at the Hunter.

Only Lu Ming could see a blurry humanoid shadow being drawn out of the Hunter’s body by the power of the Void Realm and slowly landed in front of him.

Only Lu Ming could see that at this moment, this strange entity named Rael was faintly emitting panic and helplessness.

“What have you done!?”

A message with energy fluctuations came as Rael loudly questioned Lu Ming in this manner.

Lu Ming just smiled gently.

“I’m just sending you to cool off a bit.”

As soon as he finished speaking, before Rael could react, the blurry shadow had already been sucked into Lu Ming’s right eye with a whoosh.

Simple and easy.

The entire process was almost without any twists and turns, exactly as Lu Ming had anticipated.

It was even easier than Lu Ming had expected—because these Star Spirits simply had no ability or method to resist the Void Realm at all.

Their resistance to the Void Realm was equivalent to a negative number.

The light in his hand flashed again, but it was Bai Zhe who had been “taken out” of the Boshi Tower by Lu Ming.

“I’ll leave the rest to you.”

As soon as Lu Ming said this, he sat cross-legged and connected his consciousness to the Void Space, vaguely seeing Rael collapsing and shouting in the Void Realm.

At this moment, five seconds had passed in real-time. This meant that Rael had already been trapped in the void space for five days.

Five days was neither long nor short.

At this moment, Rael’s emotions were on the verge of collapse, enough to prove that his state of mind was really not great…

“So you guys aren’t that impressive after all.”

Lu Ming muttered to himself and glanced at the two-form Hunter that was already lying down in the distance.

“Star Spirits don’t have physical bodies.”

“Their means of combat, aside from the instinctive soul snatching, is only the possession of biological weapons.”

In other words, they were somewhat similar to the pilots in the Star Wars novels. Their main bodies were not strong, and the main force of their combat power was in the “mecha,” which was the possessed shell.

This characteristic caused the Void Realm to suppress them and even crush them!

Because the effect of the Void Realm completely ignored physical strength and directly affected the soul level.

Originally, Lu Ming thought that the Star Spirits had powerful soul strength, so their resistance to the Void Realm should be relatively high.

However, in a brief encounter, Lu Ming discovered that they seemed to have never seen a method like the Void Realm. Therefore, they were completely powerless against the Void Realm and could not guard against it.

A brief contemplation took Lu Ming about ten seconds.

This was a full ten days in the Void Realm.

Including the previous five seconds, Rael had been trapped for a total of fifteen days.

Although he would not be hungry or thirsty, 15 days of confinement was indeed enough to erode all of Rael’s resistance.

At this moment, Rael was completely flat.

He lay on the pure white ground, his eyes staring at the sky listlessly like a dead fish. Only his slightly undulating chest could show that this thing was alive and not a corpse.

“Training is almost done.”

“Cough, cough.”

Lu Ming cleared his throat slightly and said, “Do you want to live or die?”

A grand voice, like a deity, resounded explosively within the Void Space.

In the past fifteen days, this was the only sound that Rael could sense.

Like a life-saving straw for a drowning person, the moment he heard this voice, Rael’s eyes suddenly lit up, regaining focus.

“I want to live! I want to live!”

He sprang up from the ground like a carp, then knelt on both knees without shame and said humbly, “Sir, 1 was blind to have offended you. 1 was wrong.” “Just treat me like a fart. What do you think?”

At this moment, Rael’s blurry face was filled with a strong desire to survive and a fawning smile.

It also made Lu Ming have the same thought as Bai Zhe…

“Is this the behind-the-scenes manipulator, is this all?”

He was a little disappointed that these so-called Star Spirits, the behind-the-scenes big boss, were really just ordinary.

He was also a little glad that if the Star Spirit Race was the big boss behind the Black Mist Zone, then the situation of everyone would be much better.

Lu Ming did not reveal what he was thinking but just calmly said, “Releasing you is possible.”

“But 1 need to find out some things from you. I’ll ask and you’ll answer. If you satisfy me, I’ll naturally give you a way out.”

Rael’s desire to survive was simply off the charts, “Ask me, ask me. I’ll definitely tell you everything I know.”

“First, tell me where you Star Spirits come from and what secrets and schemes you have in this Source Essence Layer.”

“Oh right, by the way, tell me about the surface layer and the Dead Sea layer…

In short, just tell me whatever you think of, tell me everything, whether it’s useful or useless.”

There were too many things Lu Ming and the others did not know.

Now that he had caught Rael, Lu Ming wanted to ask too many questions.

Even for Lu Ming, it was a bit confusing for a moment, not knowing where to start asking. He decided to let Rael speak freely.

In the Void Space, Rael took a moment to organize his thoughts and soon took a deep breath..

“We, the Star Spirits, come from beyond the boundaries, which is outside of XXXX.”

Lu Ming frowned, “Wait, what’s XXXX?”

Rael looked puzzled, “It’s XXXX…”

Lu Ming could see Rael’s lips moving, and he had indeed said something.

However, after the voice was spat out, it turned into a language completely incomprehensible to Lu Ming. To his ears, it sounded like a bunch of garbled code, making it impossible for him to understand.

But Rael was oblivious to this.

He continued, “We’re not from this realm, we invaded from beyond many, many years ago. At that time, the King told us XXXXXXXX…”

Lu Ming could understand and make sense of the first half of Rael’s words.

However, when he mentioned the “king”, everything turned into that strange noise again.

As he continued speaking, Rael suddenly fell silent.

He lowered his head, and like Lu Ming, he looked at his own chest.

One could see a faint glow suddenly flickering on his chest.

In the next second, Rael opened his mouth, and with a “bang,” he exploded entirely, turning into dust that quickly disappeared within the Void Realm

“I see…”

Looking at the spot where Rael had disappeared, Lu Ming squinted his eyes and murmured softly..

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