I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 307 - Who Did You Give the Gift To?

Chapter 307: Who Did You Give the Gift To?

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Song Yujin thought to himself, ‘She’s being extra clingy. Isn’t she supposed to be an adult?’

Song Yujin’s face became slightly red from all the caressing. He pushed Song Ci away and said softly, “I’m going back to my room.”

“Why are you going back?”

Song Ci hugged him tightly and refused to let go.

Song Yujin said in a serious tone, “I haven’t finished my homework yet.”

Winter vacation had just started, but Song Yujin was already trying to complete his homework.

Regardless, Song Ci nodded and put him on the ground.

“Alright. Go and do your homework. Lu Gan had already contacted a designer to construct a study room for you.”

Song Yujin was pleasantly surprised.


Song Ci patted Song Yujin’s head.

“Yujin, what else do you want? I haven’t given you anything for a job well done in your final exam.”

“It’s not necessary.”

Song Yujin felt that he did not require anything else.

Song Ci thought for a moment and said, “Would you like to visit a museum?”


Song Ci had guessed that Song Yujin would prefer to visit such a place.

The next day, Lu Suo was doing his homework with Song Yujin in the latter’s room.

Suddenly, Lu Suo noticed that Song Yujin’s notebook was missing. He asked in a puzzled tone, “Where’s your book?”

“I gave it to someone.”

Song Yujin did not even raise his head when replying.

Lu Suo was in disbelief.

“You gave it to someone? Who? It should’ve been me!”

Lu Suo felt wronged.


“That’s a prize for coming first. How could you just give it away? If you wanted to give it away, you should’ve given it to me. Who is more important than me? I’m not doing my homework anymore!”

Lu Suo was furious. He pushed away his homework.

Song Yujin could not understand Lu Suo’s thought process at all.

‘How did this kid get the eighth place? Are my classmates actually stupid?’

Lu Suo stared at Song Yujin. All of a sudden, he remembered something.

‘Wait. He didn’t go anywhere yesterday…’

With that thought in mind, Lu Suo asked softly, “Did you give it to your sister?”

“Who else?”

Song Yujin’s eyes were filled with disdain.

“You should’ve mentioned that from the start.”

Lu Suo could not be angry if it was Song Ci.

Song Yujin could not help but pinch Lu Suo’s face.


“I just didn’t think things through.”

“You’re stupid and overbearing.”

Lu Suo slapped Song Yujin’s hand away.

“I’m not stupid.”

Of course, Lu Suo could not deny that he was overbearing.

Song Yujin retracted his hand and looked at Lu Suo’s red face.

“You want the book?”

Lu Suo nodded sincerely.

“Next time I win another, I’ll give it to you.”

Lu Suo was happy.

“Little uncle, you’re so nice.”

“The notebook will help you in your studies.”

Upon hearing that, Lu Suo did not want the book anymore. His expression turned pitiful.

Song Yujin did not fall into his trap.

“Do you still want it?”

Lu Suo gritted his teeth.



Song Yujin nodded.

“You should decrease the number of my corrections.”

Song Yujin gave Lu Suo a cold stare.

Lu Suo’s head immediately drooped down!

Song Yujin was amused. Subsequently, he said in a calm tone, “Are you going to continue with your homework?”

Lu Suo quickly picked up his pen again and said obediently, “I’ll work on it now.”

Song Yujin was satisfied. He continued to read.

It was almost time for dinner.

Lu Suo had done a good portion of his homework.

Out of nowhere, Song Yujin asked, “What movie do you want to watch?”

Lu Suo looked at him with a confused expression.


Lu Suo promptly replied, “I want to watch Nezha!”


Lu Suo asked with anticipation, “Are we going to watch that with mom and dad?”

Song Yujin stayed silent.

Nonetheless, Lu Suo could not help but cheer.

“Little uncle, you’re too kind.”

Song Yujin still had a cold look on his face.

Lu Suo did not mind. After all, Song Yujin would often indulge him.

“Little uncle, give me a hug.”

As usual, Lu Suo acted coquettishly.

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