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Chapter 43: Illusion magic formation

Chapter 43: Illusion magic formation

Following the incantation of Ren Tian You, suddenly just like before, a yellow colored special transparent magic formation appeared above the stone bed. This illusionary magic formation was filled with the aura of nothingness.

“Myriad nothingness birth, void illusion, activate!” Following the completion of incantation, a transparent light rose from the magic formation and completely surrounded the body of Ren Tian You. And still sitting on the stone bed, Ren Tian You suddenly felt that his field of vision was blurred for a period of time. When his field of vision recovered, the scene before his eyes made his pupil contract and was greatly taken a back.

He found himself surrounded by a vast expanse of whiteness of clouds, he was floating and when he looked under his foot, he only saw a bottomless void. Ren Tian You had arrived in the middle of this bottomless void in a blink of an eye, form his stone chamber.

“Sharingan!” Suddenly his eyes changed into blood red in color, then 3 tomoe inside it started to rotate and change into spiral shape.

“So that’s how it is.” After opening Mangekyo Sharingan, and carefully observing this illusion, Ren Tian You released the sigh of relief. Now he got the clear understanding about this illusion magic formation.

As a matter of fact, this illusion magic formation was created by the joint effort of high level alchemist and high level illusionist. And because of their combined effort, this magic formation could successfully transfer the mind of the other to this illusion world created by the illusion magic formation. The principle of this magic formation is actually similar to his doujutsu, Tsukuyomi. But compared to Tsukuyomi, this illusion magic formation has 2 shortcomings. First, this magic formation do not have any lethality, and could only confuse or mislead the enemy. Second, time inside the illusion world and the reality was same. Compared to this, 3 days inside the world of Tsukuyomi is equal to an instant in reality. Nevertheless, this illusion magic formation still have good points, as this was created with the idea for training combat skills, it provides special environments which helps to train many special combat techniques. Because some of the special combat techniques requires exceptional environments in order to successfully practice, such as some requires volcano region, some requires deep inside the ice zone, and some requires myriad lightning baptism and so on. As a result, this illusion magic formation is extremely significant to all cultivator, after all, all the important and powerful elemental types warrior skills requires such environment.

“Oh, that’s right, if that is the case, then………….” He though the effect of this illusion magic formation, then an idea suddenly appeared in his mind. Then he immediately though about something in his mind, then the bottomless void around him gradually distort. When the space around him returned back to normal state, a huge sound of falling water was transmitted to his ears. Before him, a huge waterfall had appeared out of nowhere. A powerful current of flowing water was falling down from the towering cliff. This reminded him that sentence verse of Li Bai [T.L: famous Tang Dynasty poet], “Water falling straight to 3000 chi [T.L: 1/3 of meter], doubt the Milky Way falls from the highest heaven.” [T.L: don’t mind about the last sentence. It is the verse of poem, so it is just a literal translation.]

“As expected, not bad. This illusion magic formation is indeed useful. This way I can cultivate nature change of Wind attribute chakra.” Looking at the waterfall before him, he was feeling quite happy inside his heart. Although this waterfall before him was just an illusion, nevertheless cultivating nature change of wind attribute in this circumstance would not have any problem. Wind attribute is one of the strongest attribute for attacking, and able to cut through anything. But it was quite important to master nature change of wind attribute, and only after doing so he would have the strongest cutting ability of wind. Ren Tian You had admired Futon—Rasenshuriken (Wind Style—Rasen Shuriken), this super ninjutsu of Naruto for a long period of time. But this ninjutsu needed mastery of both ‘form change’ and ‘nature change’ of wind attribute chakra, can’t do without either. Just like the Chidori of Kakashi, where he first utilize the form change of the chakra in his hand and then gather the lightning attribute chakra, after that using the nature change of lightning attributed chakra to discharge. Only after that it forms the powerful ninjutsu, Chidori. And the Rasen Shuriken is also based on same principle, first utilize the form change of wind attribute in your hand, then gather wind attributed chakra. After that, compress to take the form of spiral ball, then add ‘nature change’ of wind attributed chakra, thus taking the form of S-ranked ninjutsu, Futon—Rasenshuriken! (Wind Style—Rasen Shuriken!)

After he had mastered the ‘nature change’ of lightning attributed chakra, thanks to various environmental constraints, and in addition to that he had just entered the Supreme light academy, he never got any chance to train in the ‘nature change’ of wind attribute chakra. But now within this illusion magic formation, it was lot easier to train, as he could instantly change the terrain according to his needs.

“Now……….” He again started to thought, at the side of the pool below the waterfall, out of nowhere several evergreen towering trees started to grow. All the branches of these tress were filled with numerous leaves.

“Whew…….” A gust of wind blew and many leaves in the branches of the tree swayed and fell down.

“Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (Shadow Clone Jutsu!)” He made the required hand seal with his both hand, then along with the ‘peng, peng’ sound, several smoke appeared. After the smoke disappeared, 8 Ren Tian You appeared in that place.

“You all pick up the leaves, then try to cut them in half by using chakra only. Remember, be sure to finely control the amount of chakra.” He looked at his shadow clones and then issued the commands.




After the order from him, all the shadow clones started to pick the leaves and placed it in their right hand. Then gradually gathered the chakra in that hand and tried to cut the leaves. Seeing the actions of his clones, he himself also joined in and start practicing together.

This was the approach Naruto had taken to practice the nature change of wind attributed chakra. First finely control the chakra and change into a thin blade like shape, then try to cut the leaves into half from the middle and then cutting the waterfall into half.

And also using shadow clones to save the time, as shadow clones not only possess real physical body, but also when the shadow clones are removed, all the experiences are transferred back to original. In Naruto world, Naruto, this cockroach, had used Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu) to create innumerable clones to practice this nature change of wind attribute chakra. Although Ren Tian You couldn’t create numerous shadow clones like host of 9 tailed beast Naruto, but he could create 7-8 shadow clone without any problem.


Only after starting to truly practice the nature change of wind attribute, did he clearly understood the difficulty level of mastering it. No wonder Naruto had taken such a long period of time to master this, even after he had use numerous shadow clones.

Ren Tian You was trying to cut the leaf in his hand by using the finely controlled chakra which was changed into thin blade like shape. But, when the amount of chakra was low, there was not any effect on leaf and if the amount of chakra was high, the leaf was directly destroyed. As a result he knew that it was very difficult to clear this phase for mastering nature change. But in order to become stronger, he could only persist and pass through this.

This training of nature change of wind attribute was in fact helping Ren Tian You to increase his chakra control too. Also as long as the chakra control ability is highly skilled, it was far easier to master the nature change of wind attribute chakra.

This is also one of the important reason to ninjas for learning chakra control form the very beginning. If their chakra control is highly skilled, it could become good foundation later to master nature change.

After exerting the great effort in practicing for a while, he finally managed to cut a little bit on the leaf…………..

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