Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 1448 - 1448 We're Allies!

1448 We’re Allies!

Kang Qingzhi lowered her eyes to look at the registration form and pretended to be uneasy. “Brother, I… I like to make perfumes, but if I can’t advance, I’ll embarrass you and Dad.”

Kang Jichuan smiled gently. “It doesn’t matter. As long as you want to participate, I’ll help you arrange everything. I guarantee that you’ll be able to advance.”

It was good enough that she was happy. As for who he would hurt by secretly manipulating things, Kang Jichuan did not care at all.

Kang Qingzhi was in a dilemma. “Brother, I heard that you have to submit a perfume recipe every week for the perfume competition, but I…”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Since I’ve promised you, I’ll naturally help you solve these problems. Rest well. You just have to make the perfumes during the finals.”

After Kang Jichuan left, Kang Qingzhi immediately made a call. “Yes! I want to participate in the perfume competition. No matter what, you have to help me get rid of Qiao Xi.

“She likes perfumes and will definitely participate in the perfume competition. I have the recipes she left behind back then. Fortunately, she has already lost her memory and can’t remember the recipes from back then.

“Helping me is equivalent to helping yourself. As long as Qiao Xi falls, she won’t be a threat to you. We’re allies!”

At this point, Kang Qingzhi lowered her voice and smiled. “And haven’t you always wanted her blood? Don’t forget how magical her blood is. As long as you capture her, she’ll forever be at your disposal. You don’t have to worry about your secret being exposed.”

The person on the other end of the phone hesitated for a few seconds and said a few words. A moment later, Kang Qingzhi revealed a satisfied smile. “You don’t have to worry about that. Even if the matter is exposed, it won’t be traced back to you. That stupid woman hasn’t recovered her memory. She almost died back then. She naturally won’t be able to escape this time.”

Kang Qingzhi seemed to have convinced the person on the other end of the phone. After hanging up, she leaned against the rocking chair and sunbathed.

As the daughter of the Kang family, she was really blessed! She did not need to do anything as someone would help her arrange everything.

The Kang family clearly already had a favored daughter, so why did her father insist on finding his biological daughter? Could her father not give up on Qiao Xi for her?

Kang Qingzhi’s eyes were filled with viciousness. She wanted everyone to know who was most suitable to be the eldest daughter of the Kang family! She wanted to completely destroy Qiao Xi and let her die in pain!

Longwan Residential.

Gu Zheng knocked on the door of the study and walked in, placing a registration form on the table.

“International Fragrance Competition? No one from Gu Corporation is participating?” Qiao Xi asked.

“A few perfumers have signed up. You should participate too.”

Ever since the perfume exchange, Qiao Xi had not made perfumes. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Gu Zheng. “It’s just a perfume competition. Why do you want me to participate?”

Gu Zheng smiled gently. “The champion of this International Fragrance Competition will get the right to collaborate with the top eight perfume companies in the world. Gu Corporation is among these eight companies. I don’t like working with other perfumers, so I hope you can get first place and collaborate with Gu Corporation.”

With that, he glanced at her meaningfully. “Mrs. Gu, you don’t have to hide it from me. I know your identity very well.”

Qiao Xi’s heart skipped a beat as she lowered her eyes. “Let me think about it.”

She liked perfumes and had been a judge in perfume competitions, but ever since the death of the president of the Fragrance Association, she had never participated in the activities of the Fragrance Association.

Moreover, she was qualified to be a judge. If she participated in the competition, wouldn’t she be bullying others?

Most importantly, she really did not like the new president of the Fragrance Association. The thought of seeing that person made her feel inexplicably resistant, so she was still hesitating about whether to sign up.

She took the registration form and returned to the bedroom. Not long after she lay down, she fell asleep and fell into another dream.

Qiao Xi looked at the scene in her dream and her appearance. She knew that this was Y Nation. It was a piece of memory from when she returned with Kang Jichuan.

Back then, Kang Jichuan’s hypnosis caused her to lose her memory. Now that her memory was recovering bit by bit through her dreams, it was not strange. However, what she did not understand was that every time she recovered her memory, she would usually be stimulated by something. However, nothing major happened today!

At this moment, she was rummaging through the room in her dream. Her eyes were filled with anxiety. She remembered putting the perfume box in the drawer, but it suddenly disappeared.

During that period of time, she suddenly became obsessed with perfumes. Those perfume recipes were written by her on a whim. She even gave up food and sleep to work on them. However, they disappeared without a trace.

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