Leveling Endlessly with the Strongest System!

Chapter 40

Deep within the massive grassland was a small flower field. The smell in the air of this place was good enough to calm down a panicked and depressed person. There was even a bench in it. It was 100% a picnic place.

『You have detected a safe zone.』

『No monster can enter this place.』

『Only the trial takers may be granted entry.』

Someone found it.

『You have entered the safe zone of the troglodyte Grassland.』

The serenity of this peaceful place was disturbed as an unsightly figure stepped in.

That, someone, was covered in blood.

Some might belong to him, but the rest was of those he slew.

It was none other than Roy.

He looked around, realizing that he had wrongfully judged this place as a dungeon.

A dungeon wouldn’t have a safe area where humans could come and rest.

This wasn’t a dungeon but a trial ground.

Trial grounds were created by experts by terraforming terrains and using magic. It was created to pass down their treasures, knowledge, and items to someone worthy. This place mimicked a dungeon closely. That was why Roy was fooled into believing it was not a trial ground.

He sat down on the bench, his breathing patterns changing to that of the Stamina Recovery Manual. He has finally found a haven in hell. Rest was what he needed the most.




His stamina started recovering rapidly.

『You’re feeling hungry. Please eat something, or hunger will affect your performance in battle.』

Moments later, his stomach grumbled.

“I should really eat something….”

There was monster meat in his bag that smelled nasty.

He wasn’t desperate enough to eat shit, so he could be seen taking out the riped fruit of light from his subspace.

The Tree of Day & Night had given birth to many fruits of two types before getting destroyed. The fruits of Darkness were beneficial for mages, allowing them to break through multiple ranks at a ridiculous speed. The fruits of light were beneficial to people with an inner world. He had plenty of these fruits in his subspace. They were all, sadly, not ripped. The riped one in his hand, however, was enough to make him feel delighted. It would help him reach higher heights.


A wave of dense energy of creation puffed out of the fruit and assaulted his face, causing his cheeks to flush red instantly.

Grand changes took place in his inner field as this sun-colored wave was sucked inside his nostril.

His inner world didn’t only stabilize but also showed signs of expansion.

Roy was shocked to see that.


Roy breathed in the magical air; his mouth opened wide because of shock and greed.

Even wasting the fart of this fruit wasn’t something a mortal like him dared to do.

Roy hadn’t awakened a class, but his inner world was opened.

He was at a stage where he could accumulate enough Aura to start using it in techniques and attacks.

So far, he hadn’t had a good technique until he got his hand on the Third Song of Ninam. It was an offensive inner energy technique, also called the Aura technique. He needed 10000 Aura for a single shot. Sadly, His inner world was only big enough to store around 1200 units of Aura.

This fruit would, however, change all that!

Although he knew what it was, He inspected it just to be safe.

『The Fruit of Light effect is to help stabilize and expand one’s inner field and fill it with Pure Aura. It’s a fruit extremely abundant in energy. It would be ill-advised to eat any other magic fruit with such an abundance of energy for a trainee, but not this one. It contains the energy of creation whose property is to heal. You wouldn’t explode from devouring it.』

With a thoughtful look on his face, Roy said, “It’s just what I needed.”

“Thank you for the meal.” Roy bit into it.

Roy found its flesh hard and chewy like raw meat but also crusty like a toasted sandwich.

The first bite pleasured him immensely but failed to satisfy him. His greed was also aroused.

He took another bite of this fruit and then the second one, followed by a third and a fourth bite.

It disappeared from his hand in an instant.

The juices of this fruit exploded in his fully stuffed mouth, making him feel like a lava of custard was flowing down his throat.

He had never felt such an intense feeling in his life.

A roar of extreme pleasure came out of his mouth. Following that was a shout of extreme pain.

His bones rattled as if they were about to shatter. A grand pressure was acting on them. Roy’s expression twisted. The pain was similar to a thousand horses stomping down on his body. He yelled like an abused banshee.

“Fucking hell….”

The system had told him he wouldn’t explode.

But it said nothing about a gain free of pain!

The energy flowed into the inner world of Roy. As that happened, his bones stopped aching.

Suddenly, a loud sound came from his body.


Wind gushed out with him as the center, uprooting all the flowers in the field and destroying the bench on which he sat.

『Ding! Congratulation. Your inner world has expanded to the size of an intermediate Weapon Master. The energy of the Fruit has filled it with Thirty-three thousand three hundred thirty-three units of Aura, healed your injuries, and relieved you of exhaustion.』

『Some of the energy of the fruit is still left. It is stored in your body. It would heal you when you’re damaged.』

The pain died down. Roy came back to his senses, only to discover that his inner world had… skipped levels.

“This is… unbelievable.” Roy’s reddened eyes were full of shock. His inner world was smaller than a beginner-level Weapon Master before he ate the fruit. But after eating it, it had grown to a size comparable to an intermediate-level Weapon Master. In just a minute, he broke through multiple boundaries. This was the most shocking thing he had experienced since his transmigration. If there were someone to witness it, they would’ve killed him out of jealousy.

With no flowers to cover it, the grand magic symbol was revealed.

“Uh… well, what is this?”

Roy inspected it.

『Ding! Congratulation. You have discovered the teleportation array to the second level. You may activate it to reach the second testing ground.』

The creator of this place liked to play tricks on noobs. If he hadn’t made a break through in this place, Roy would’ve never realized that there was a teleportation array below his butt.

There were six holes in it. Their depth was equal to the harpoon he had collected. He had 63 harpoons. One by one, he filled the holes with them.

Immediately after, the magic symbol lit up in a golden light.


A golden beam shot up to the sky. Thousands of pairs of eyes turned towards it. Most belonged to monsters. But two belonged to humans.

It was too bright. Roy, who was too close to it, had to close his eyes.

The light died down after.

Opening his eyes, he found that a portal had opened up before him.

“Let’s do this….” Roy said, cracking his knuckles.

Without hesitation, he jumped into it.

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