Long Live the Mad Wife!

Chapter 247 - Chapter 247: The Reward of the College (1)

Chapter 247: The Reward of the College (1)

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In another courtyard of the Cloud Sky Academy, Yan Qing was lying on the ground in a distracted manner.

She had never thought that her plan yesterday would fail completely.

Not only did they fail, but they even lost six elites of the clan’s zombie army!

Thinking of this, Yan Qing was filled with anger.

” Senior Sister Yan Qing is also angry. Feng Chu Ge was so heavily injured yesterday. Even if he was rescued, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to survive…” a green-robed man said from the side.


This person was Feng Yuanhang!

When Yan Qing heard Feng Yuanhang’s words, his expression relaxed slightly.

That’s right, she knew how powerful the zombie army was.

Yesterday, Feng Chu Ge had been saved when he was close to death. In that case, the possibility of him surviving was not high.


Thinking of that strange golden light yesterday, Yan Qing gritted his teeth in resentment.

Who was it that saved Feng Chuge under such circumstances?

Seeing that Feng Chu Ge was about to die in her hands, she did not expect that there would be another change. How could she be willing to accept this!

At this moment, Yan Qing’s personal maid suddenly rushed over.

“Miss, something bad has happened. Someone saw Feng Chu Ge walking back to her courtyard this morning!”

“Pa!” With a crisp sound, the teacup in Yan Qing’s hand fell to the ground.

She jumped up from the rattan chair.” How is this possible?!”

” Someone really saw it with their own eyes. Moreover, it’s completely intact-”

Yan Qing was so angry that her face turned pale.

Completely intact?

Didn’t that mean that all her efforts were in vain?

Feng Yuanhang sat at the side, his face filled with shock.

He thought that with Feng Chuge’s injuries from yesterday, even if he did not die, he would need at least two to three months to recover. He did not expect that he would recover in an instant.

He narrowed his eyes and looked around. He had to find someone to find out what kind of mysterious power was behind Feng Chu Ge. Otherwise, how could he suddenly become a different person after being chased out of the family six years ago? From a useless person to a genius in an instant. Moreover, after suffering such a serious injury, he had recovered in such a short period of time…

Feng Chuge’s appearance in the afternoon class had undoubtedly caused a great sensation.

When the entire Class 7 saw Feng Chu Ge, they were surprised and pleasantly surprised. One by one, they surrounded him.

Looking at the happy faces beside him, Feng Chu Ge felt warmth in his heart.

Just as everyone was pleasantly surprised, Elder Yang appeared outside.

Seeing Elder Yang arrive, everyone quieted down.

“I heard about what happened yesterday. Your class seven actually defeated class five. This performance is really unexpected!”Elder Yang scanned the entire class and said.

The gloomy atmosphere in Class Seven was replaced by excitement.

“It’s all thanks to Little Junior Sister. If it weren’t for Little Junior Sister, there wouldn’t be the current Class Seven!”Su Ande’s voice was very loud.

Everyone in the class agreed.

Hearing this, Elder Yang’s face was filled with pride.

As expected…His disciple had given him too much face!

“Elder Yang, why have you come this time?”Someone saw that Elder Yang’s beard had already curled up, and his mind was wandering around the world. He spoke out to pull Elder Yang back from his thoughts.

Elder Yang coughed lightly.” It’s like this. In view of your outstanding performance this time, the academy has specially sent you a better teacher!”

“Better? Will he be better than Senior Brother Yun?” someone asked.

Elder Yang narrowed his eyes and his tone was filled with mystery.” You’ll know when you see it…”

After saying that, he looked outside.” You can come in now..”

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